Bandit’s Best Dad Moments in ‘Bluey’ Season 2

After months of waiting, Bluey Season 2 is now on Disney+!  It has been pretty nice to be able to finally watch some new content, after watching the first season in its entirety 7200 times.  My family and I went ballistic, binge-watching the 50+ new episodes in a weekend.  It’s top-notch stuff and once again, Bluey’s dad Bandit is a standout character.  The writers for this show just get dad life and I can appreciate that.  It makes me wonder if I’m the one watching Bluey with my kids or if they’re the ones watching it with me.

There are plenty of hilarious moments with this new season, but there are also a surprising amount of emotional story beats as well.  The kids laughed, my wife and I almost cried a few times.  It was awesome.  I’d be writing all day about Bluey if I didn’t restrain myself, so we’re only going to be talking about a select few episodes.

Here are some of my absolute favorite Bandit dad moments from Bluey Season 2.

Dance Mode

Bluey Dance Mode Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

When Bandit unintentionally eats Bingo’s last chip at a restaurant, he makes it up to her by giving her the power of “Dance Mode”.  This gives her the ability to make her family members burst into dance at any place or time.  She only has 4 chances to use it, so she wants to pick the right moment.  Bingo wants them to dance in the middle of a crowded plaza, but Bandit and Chilli are hesitant.  Bandit bribes her with money but it’s not what she wants.  Ultimately, they finally give in and end up back at the plaza.  Bandit shouts “Attention everyone!  I’m doing this for my kids!” and The Heeler family bust a move in front of everyone.  Whatever it takes to make your kid happy right?

Sleepy Time

Bluey Sleepy Time Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

Sharing a bed with your child always seems nice in principle, but you’ll quickly find yourself fighting for the blanket… and space… and your entire bed.  The same goes for The Heeler’s.  At bedtime, Bingo is determined to sleep for the whole night in her own bed.  After reading a story about outer space, Bingo is propelled into an intergalactic dreamscape.  While this is happening, Bluey asks her mom for a glass of water to help her fall asleep.  When Chilli returns, Bluey is sleeping in her spot.  Chilli has to sleep in Bluey’s bed and somehow Bingo finds herself in bed with Bandit and Bluey.  Sharing a bed with their dad, Bluey and Bingo believe they’re running through space when in reality they’re kicking the absolute crap out of their father.  After enduring the beatdown, he finds himself sleeping on the floor using a slipper as a pillow and his underpants as a blanket.  Can’t say I’ve used my underpants as a blanket, but I’ve come close.

Rug Island

Bluey Rug Island Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

In this episode, Bandit learns how to be a kid again.  This is something we should all try to do, especially when we have kids of our own.  Bluey and Bingo set up the imaginative “Rug Island” in the backyard, repurposing their play mat and felt-tip pens, pretending they’re bananas or a campfire.  While adults are not typically allowed on the island, Bandit (who should be off to work) suddenly finds himself in this imaginative world with the girls. He is tempted to stay and rediscover his inner child, as he learns about the routines and customs of the land.  Bandit ends up, unfortunately, having to leave Rug Island to go to work, but Bingo gives him a “present” which is just a yellow pen.  In their imaginary world though, it could be so much more.  When Chilli asks what Bingo gave him, Bandit replies with “Everything.”


Bluey Cafe Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

As a parent, it can always feel pretty awkward when meeting other parents.  When your children start to play with other children, you almost feel obliged to talk to their parents.  In the case of this episode, Bluey makes a new friend at the park.  Bluey immediately wants to invite Winnie and her dad Fido over for breakfast, but Bandit wants to take things slow.  That’s the thing with kids, they’ll just make new friends right away and they’re best friends for life and they want to hang out every day.  As you get older, you make friends at your own pace.  After multiple hangouts at the park, Bluey and Bandit are excited to see Winnie and Fido, but they aren’t there.  Bandit and Bluey are a little bummed out because they were looking forward to hanging out with them, so they decide to leave, but Winnie and Fido were running late and they bump into each other on the way out.  So excited to see one another, Bandit decides to go outside of his comfort zone for his daughter and invites Fido and Winnie over to their house for breakfast.

Bin Night

Bluey Bin Night Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

This episode is light-on story, but it is extremely relatable.  Each garbage night, Bandit, Bluey, & Bingo take the bins to the curb.  Bandit is able to catch up on daily events with his daughters, and he even encourages them to help out their neighbor with her bins too.  It’s just a wholesome dad episode.  I always ask my kids to help me take out the trash, and just like Bandit and his girls, I get to catch up on all the latest happenings in the world of TikTok.

Burger Shop

Bluey Burger Shop Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

After reading a parenting book, Bandit decides to allow his children to make their own decisions.  It’s a fun and absolutely terrible idea.  Bluey and Bingo want to play Burger Shop while in the bathtub, and he gently encourages them to finish their game and go to bed.  Ultimately, Bandit realizes that a more authoritarian approach sometimes is required to make the children listen.  You can’t be the fun dad all the time.

Duck Cake

Bluey Duck Cake Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

Trying to get my kids to clean up is a nightmare.  If I’m feeling a little too relaxed and want to burn myself out and feel exhausted, I just ask my kids to clean.  It stresses me out every time.  In “Duck Cake”, Bandit sets out to prepare a famous duck cake for Bingo’s birthday, which proves to be more difficult than he anticipated.  Concurrently, he implores Bluey to clean up her toys, but she struggles to find the motivation to do so. When she sees her father become dispirited while baking, Bluey begins to understand the value of assisting others.  It actually works so well, that Bluey cleans up her mess and Bingo’s mess.  She also proceeds to go on a cleaning spree.  Nice one Dad.  I wish it was that easy with my kids.


Bluey Octopus Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

This episode is all about inspiring other dads to try something and make it their own.  Chloe is exhilarated while playing a game called “Octopus” at Bluey’s house.  She tries to replicate the experience at home with her own father but becomes disheartened when her father struggles to play the game with the same zest as Bluey’s father.  This leads Chloe’s father to research the octopus, which helps the duo to improvise and reinvent the activity in their own way.  Instead of bringing each other down, we can inspire other dads with our actions.  Bandit has definitely made an impression on me after watching the show.


Bluey Grandad Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

Okay, this last one is more geared towards Chilli and her relationship with her father.  Bandit isn’t in this episode, but the reason I’m putting it here is that it’s just a great dad-centric episode.  I have a daughter and this hit real hard.  Chili, Bluey & Bingo are off to visit their Grandpa, but he’s just had heart surgery and should be recovering.  Instead, they arrive at his house and he’s trying to shovel a tree stump out of the ground.  Grandpa and the girls run off and Chilli chases after them, saying he needs to rest.  Dads can be pretty stubborn.  In the end, Chilli finally catches up to them and relaxes on the dock while the girls swim in the lake.  Chilli talks about how they used to swim in the lake together.  Chili says it was forever ago, but her father says it feels like yesterday and a time-lapse takes them back to where she is just a little girl sitting beside her dad on the dock.

It’s the Year 2021 and Doom Is Now Playable on Twitter

At this point, we’ve seen Doom played on everything from pregnancy tests to a calculator powered by 200 potatoes.  Is it any surprise that it’s now playable on a social media platform?

Over on Twitter, someone has created a Tweet2Doom bot account, which now means you can attempt to complete the original Doom on Twitter by using various commands in Twitter replies to this specific account.

Now, it’s not exactly like you’re literally playing the game.  Think of it like a turn-based RPG or a strategy game.  Gameplay essentially boils down to you using a combination of letters and numbers to input commands to the game and then figuring out the number of frames that you’d like the action you’ve just input to be performed for.  After you’ve input your desired commands, it plays back a video in-game of what you’re doing.  It’s kind of like when Twitch played Dark Souls and Pokemon.  At first, it might sound impossible to actually accomplish anything (and it usually starts with you constantly running into walls), but there are playthroughs where people are literally getting through levels and fighting off demons.  It’s pretty spectacular.

If you’re interested in giving it a shot yourself, there’s a full set of rules on how to play pinned on Tweet2Doom’s Twitter account.  There are even speedruns currently happening as we speak if you really want to get crazy.  Seriously, I’m not joking.  You read that correctly.  There are actual speedruns for the Twitter version of Doom.  The human race is a wild bunch.

Any guesses as to what Doom will show up on next?  A Fisher-Price tablet powered by dirty diapers?  Maybe instead of a calculator powered by 200 potatoes, a potato powered by 200 calculators?  It sounds crazy, but at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Indiana Jones 5 and MCU Movies Delayed Until 2023

It’s starting to seem like the universe doesn’t want another Indiana Jones movie.

Indy 5, which was delayed by the pandemic and was then delayed after star Harrison Ford got hurt on set, much like he did during the Force Awakens shoot – it’s almost like he’s too old for this shit! – and now those production delays have forced the release of the movie to get pushed back another year, to 2023.

The movie, which is being directed by James Mangold (Logan) and co-stars Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Mads Mikkelson, is purported to have a time-travel element – and some recent photos from the set showing old-fashioned ships and what look like Roman soldiers – seem to bear that theory out. As does the fact that the franchise is pretty iconic and valuable, and the studio may be seeking a way to extend it beyond its star’s ability to continue swashbuckling.

Perhaps the time travel element will bring a younger Indy on board, or an alternate Indy. We’ll see, just not for a few more years.

We’ll also have to wait a bit longer for some of the highly anticipated MCU movies. Stick with me here: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness got pushed from March to May, taking Thor: Love and Thunder’s spot and pushing the Norse god’s fourth flick to July, which forces Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to move to November, when The Marvels, the Captain Marvel sequel was meant to premiere. Now that will hit theaters in February 2023 and will bump the next Ant-Man, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania to late July 2023.

The multiverse works in mysterious ways.

The good news is all of those movies are still happening. The bad news is, that includes Indiana Jones 5.

Netflix’s “Ozark” Ready To Start Finishing the Series With a Bang

It’s the beginning of the end for Netflix’s Ozark, as the Jason Bateman-starring family drama has an official premiere date for its fourth and final season. Netflix announced this week the addicting thriller will debut Part 1 on January 21st. The fourth season will be broken into two parts of seven episodes each.

We got more than a date, though, as we also got the first teaser trailer for the critically-acclaimed show.

“Money is, at its essence, that measure of a man’s choices,” says Marty in the beginning of the teaser. The Byrde family has a lot on the line as they expand their footprint in the Ozarks, and have made more than a few enemies along the way.

As Bateman’s wife in the show, Wendy Byrde (played by the excellent Laura Linney) says later in the trailer: “Sometimes, if you don’t move forward, you die.”

And now, Ozark is doing both! It is moving forward with the first part of season 4, but we know some major resolution is on the horizon, as it will be tidily wrapped up in 14 more episodes.

There’s always a ton of pressure for a beloved show to stick the landing right. Sometimes, it all plays out as well as it can (Breaking Bad). Other times, it completely undercuts everything the show has been building to for years and leaves fans feeling betrayed (cough *Game of Thrones season 8*). And then there are some that are so ambiguous it leaves fans confused for decades (*The Sopranos*).

The teaser trailer is pretty great, and Bateman has said previously to the media that the supersized season will bring supersized problems for the Byrde family. He also said he’s excited to “end with a bang” so you can be sure season 4 won’t be about a harmonious end to the family’s involvement with a Mexican drug cartel.

Michael J. Fox Will Receive Honorary AARP Award for Parkinson’s Advocacy

In the midst of enjoying his massive Back to the Future success, Michael J. Fox’s world was turned upside-down. At just 29 years old, in 1991, the talented actor was diagnosed with young-onset Parkinson’s disease. For nearly a decade, Fox kept his condition under wraps. He coped privately, figuring out what his life would look like under his new and difficult circumstances.

In 1998, Fox spoke publicly for the first time about Parkinson’s. Rather than focusing on his own life, however, Fox chose to turn his attention to Parkinson’s as a whole. In 2000, he founded The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, dedicating his time and energy to both advocacy and his ultimate goal: finding a cure for Parkinson’s.

In a virtual ceremony on December 15, Michael J. Fox will receive an honorary AARP Purpose Prize award for his extensive work in Parkinson’s advocacy and research.

“AARP is honored to celebrate these extraordinary older adults, who have dedicated their lives to serving others in creative and innovative ways,” AARP CEO Jo Ann Jenkins said on AARP’s website. “During these trying times in our country and globally, we are inspired to see people use their life experiences to build a better future for us all.”

Fox undoubtedly goes above and beyond to improve the lives of those living with Parkinson’s disease. The Michael J. Fox Foundation raised over $700 million for Parkinson’s research so far, and with every passing year, the foundation continues to grow. AARP wants to honor Fox’s commitment to the cause, and in addition to the award itself, they will contribute $50,000 to his foundation.

“The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s single, urgent goal is to eliminate Parkinson’s disease,” the foundation’s website states. “Even in the face of tremendous challenges, our promise to push Parkinson’s research forward remains steadfast. We’re problem-solvers and we’re optimistic.”

Grateful Dead T-Shirt Auctioned by Sotheby’s Fetches $17k

Last week, a painting by notorious guerilla street artist Bansky was auctioned off for a record-breaking amount. The amount was noteworthy for many reasons, not least of which is the fact that the painting was half-shredded! But it isn’t the only half-shredded piece of art that’s worth something.

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of vintage t-shirts, and by vintage I mean “older than my kids and also my marriage.” Most of mine are band and/or concert-related, and until today, I thought their only value was sentimental. And then I learned that a vintage Grateful Dead t-shirt was auctioned off for thousands of dollars!

$17,460 was the high bid according to Defunkd a resource for authentic vintage t-shirts. But after factoring in Sotheby’s fees and uncle Sam’s cut the final price tag was actually $19,315.80.

The shirt’s value is not merely due to the design and its excellent condition after 60 years, or the fact that it was designed by a Hells Angel, but is also due to the fact that it comes from the collection of Dan Healy, an audio engineer with a working relationship with the legendary jam band. It may also be the first Grateful Dead t-shirt ever made, or so says Bo Bushnell, the man who bought it and a collector of 1960s motorcycle club artifacts.

“It was the first t-shirt that the Dead released,” Bo Bushnell told Defunkd after he won the auction.

Grateful Dead t-shirt
(Credit: Sotheby’s)

The auction site described the shirt:

“Designed by the Hells Angel, Merry Prankster, and graphic artist Allan “Gut” Terk, a key figure in California counterculture in the 1960s. Friends with Ken Kesey, he was the painter of the Pranksters’ “Further” bus in 1964 and designed the Acid Test Graduation posters. By 1967, through his work for the Dead, he was acclaimed in the Bay Area music scene for his t-shirt and poster art.”

Obviously, there are some special circumstances surrounding this shirt, and not many bands have as devoted a fan base as the Dead, so I wouldn’t expect any of your beloved band shirts to fetch quite as much on the auction market.

But I’m gonna go look through my collection just in case…

Netflix Creates Chadwick Boseman Memorial Scholarship at Howard University

Before Chadwick Boseman was T’Challa, before he earned the professional success that most actors only dream of, Boseman was a student at Howard University. Boseman initially planned on pursuing directing, but his program required students to take acting classes as well. Under the guidance of Cosby Show star Phylicia Rashad, Boseman thrived.

The talented student soon set his sights on acting, and in a quiet act of generosity, Denzel Washington paid for Boseman’s acting course at Oxford – a program he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. In memory of the late actor, Netflix is establishing a $5.4 million scholarship to allow other students a similar opportunity.

The Chadwick A. Boseman Memorial Scholarship will fund four years of tuition at Howard University for recipients. This year, four students (one in each class year) will receive the memorial scholarship. Starting next year and continuing annually, one incoming freshman will be awarded the life-changing scholarship.

“It is with immense pleasure and deep gratitude that we announce the creation of an endowed scholarship in honor of alumnus Chadwick Boseman, whose life and contributions to the arts continue to inspire,” Dr. Wayne A. I. Frederick, president of Howard University said in a statement shared by CNN.

“This scholarship embodies Chadwick’s love for Howard, his passion for storytelling, and his willingness to support future generations of Howard students,” Dr. Frederick continues. “I am thankful for the continuous support and partnership of Chadwick’s wife, Mrs. Simone Ledward-Boseman, and to Netflix for this important gift.”

Students who receive The Chadwick A. Boseman Memorial Scholarship will display qualities that are important both inside and outside of the classroom. The school explains that while leadership and passion are important, so are things like respect and empathy. Boseman, filled with passion and drive, had his trajectory shaped by the generosity of a stranger. Now, even posthumously, he’s doing the same for others.

Teen Helps Pets Regain Mobility by Building Wheelchairs for Animals in Need

Wheelchairs can mean the difference between life and death for animals with mobility issues. Dogs and cats unable to use their back legs are forced to drag them, causing injuries and infections that could quickly turn deadly. But for animals (and humans, for that matter), wheelchairs are costly. The drastic size difference from one dog to another means that mobility devices must be custom-made – the process is complicated and expensive, but an animal-loving teen from Minnesota is working to change that.

When a high school student named Shaine Kilyun realized how life-changing wheelchairs are to animals who need them, she learned to build them herself. Animal wheelchairs can cost well over $1,000, and as pets grow and require different levels of support, they may need multiple over time. The cost is prohibitive, and some pet owners are unable to give their four-legged friends the support they need.

Shaine watched YouTube videos, practiced the building process, and eventually mastered the art of animal wheelchairs. Last year, she changed the life of a blind 7-month-old Great Dane named Cypress. Cypress’s legs curved and varied in length, so she struggled to walk. After Cypress’s owner connected with Shaine, the teen built a wheelchair that changed the pup’s life. Cypress can now run and play like any other pup, and her human-only paid for the cost of the materials.

“So many dogs get put down because people just don’t think they have a life because they’re disabled,” Shaine told Fox News.

A year after learning the unique skill, the ambitious teen completed 10 custom wheelchairs. Some for dogs, some for cats, one for a hedgehog, and even one for a duck. Shaine plans to continue creating wheelchairs for shelter animals in particular – due to the high cost of wheelchairs, some dogs struggling with mobility are sadly euthanized. With Shaine’s help, several animals have gotten a second chance at life.

To find out more, check out Shaine’s Instagram page. To make a donation, you can do so through Zelle (​​[email protected]).

Ryan Reynolds Announces a ‘Sabbatical’ to Focus On His Role as a Dad

Ryan Reynolds is taking a break from acting. The Deadpool and Free Guy star announced it on Instagram this weekend as he wrapped filming on his new movie with Will Ferrell. He’s taking a break from being a movie star to focus on another role he loves: dad.

He announced his sabbatical with a series of snaps from the filming of his new movie, saying “Not sure I’d have been ready to say yes to a film this challenging even three years ago.”

“Singing, dancing and playing in the sandbox with Will Ferrell made a whole lotta dreams come true.”

Reynolds followed it up by saying “perfect time for a little sabbatical from movie making. I’m gonna miss every second working with this obscenely gifted group of creators and artists.

“These days, kindness matters as much as talent,” he finished. “I’ve been lucky to work with folks who are flush with both.”

He later clarified that his sabbatical wasn’t going to last too long, as he does have a Free Guy sequel to film eventually and a Deadpool movie in the MCU supposedly. He also clarified that he’d be spending the sabbatical working as a parent, not learning a new language or traveling the globe.

And his wife was the first to troll him in the replies to his post, as Blake Lively wrote “Michael Caine did it first,” referencing the recent rumors of the elderly actor’s retirement last week. The pitch-perfect comment received 15,000 likes.

Of course, just because the girl-dad is stepping away from movies does not mean he is going to stop trolling his Hollywood frienemy, Hugh Jackman, either.

@vancityreynoldsSocks to be Hugh.♬ A Million Dreams – Ziv Zaifman & Hugh Jackman & Michelle Williams

Nokia Re-Releasing Classic “Brick” Phone For 20th Anniversary

I was one of the last of my friends to get a cellphone. I don’t remember exactly when it was, but it was the early aughts and while everyone I knew had one, I didn’t feel the need. And then my car broke down on the Mass Pike and I had to flag down a flatbed tow-truck – somehow one was going by – to get home. I got a cellphone after that. A Nokia.

Then, on Marathon Monday, I spiked it into the pavement on Boylston Street when I realized it somehow hadn’t saved the number of the girl I’d spent the afternoon with at the Copley Square Pizzeria Uno. I’m not bitter.

It was a memorable day. Today, we celebrate the 20th anniversary. Not of that day (although we probably should), but of the UK release of the Nokia phone I smashed, which is lovingly referred to as the “brick” phone.

The brick phone, otherwise known as the Nokia 6310, was released in 2001. Key features included a battery that would last weeks, a durable frame (couldn’t withstand a sidewalk spike, tho), and that old Snake game that I actually played quite a bit. It was nothing like today’s smartphones. It had barebones internet access, texting was a huge pain, and the photo quality was a joke. It was basically just a phone, but we LOVED it! To celebrate the anniversary, Nokia is re-releasing a new version in the UK that is built just as durably, with that legendary long battery (which probably lasted because no one was using it to scroll Instagram and Twitter all day long), along with a few updates.

‘That yearning for nostalgia makes the new Nokia 6310 the perfect tonic,’ a Nokia spokesperson said, explaining that the phone has been ‘refreshed and reinvented,’ for 2021, with that larger screen and bigger buttons. ‘With the Nokia 6310, it is all fun and games…you can listen to your favourite news channels, sports games, or music stations on the go with reliable connectivity or play an intense game of Snake!’

‘They don’t make them like they used to is a phrase we’ve disowned,’ said Adam Ferguson, Head of Product Marketing at HMD Global. ‘We recently launched the new Nokia XR20, a life-proof smartphone that in my eyes, is a modern day Nokia 3310 in a smartphone. And now the Nokia 6310 is back and better than ever.’

Okay, but can they bring back that girl’s number? I gotta see if she’s still single.