Devoted 96-Yr-Old Dad Gets Heartwarming Justice for Speeding

Though we’re all too familiar with the frustrations of speeding tickets, the recent case of a 96-year-old father appearing in court for a school zone violation has turned into a truly heartwarming tale.

Judge Francesco “Frank” Caprio is the chief municipal judge of Providence, Rhode Island. He is probably most recognized from his television show, “Caught in Providence,” which showcases everyday court cases over which he presides.  Caprio is most known for his practical judgments and unyielding kindness. While not every defendant’s story, nor their ending, is a happy one, Judge Caprio has a true desire to see the best in people and help the defendants he believes deserving. In the aforementioned speeding case, he was able to do just that.

The defendant, identified as Victor Coella, appeared before the court charged with exceeding the speed limit in a school zone. Mr. Coella responded to this charge with “I don’t drive that fast judge. I’m 96 years old and I drive slowly and I only drive when I have to.” Judge Caprio appeared curious as to the reason he “had to” drive. Mr. Coella explains his son is disabled, and he must take him for blood work every two weeks because he also has cancer.

The judge’s response to this information encapsulates both the spirit of Mr. Coella and the attitude of Judge Caprio. He says simply, “You are a good man.”

Judge Caprio is a family man himself, with his brother as his show’s director and 3 other family members acting as producers, he inquires as to Mr. Coella’s son’s age. Mr. Coella replies his son is 63, and the judge, 82, in honor of the lifelong bond of fatherhood says, “Daddy’s still taking care of him, right?” He then gestures off to his left, and, unexpectedly, introduces his own son, sitting proudly beside a camera.

At the end of a heartfelt case, displaying on all sides the love a father has for their child, Judge Caprio still must make a ruling. He wishes Mr. Caprio and his son all the best, he wishes him good health and then dismisses the case.

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The Rock Surprises Navy Vet by Giving Him His Personal Custom Truck

No one knows how to give back to the people more than Dwayne Johnson. The guy just loves being cool to the fans, whether it’s surprising a tour bus of them in his hood, or GIVING HIS CAR to one. Yup, The Rock, who used to call himself “The People’s Champion”, actually gave his own personal custom truck to a fan.

He gifted it to Navy veteran Oscar Rodriguez once he heard about the fan’s story. He invited him to a private screening of his new movie, Red Notice, which is blowing up on Netflix. And then he wanted to gift him the car from the movie. Porsche said no, so he decided to “do one better.”

“I’ll give away my personal custom truck as the gift. My baby,” he wrote.

He said he chose Oscar because the fan “exemplifies being nice and kind to his core.”

Johnson said he takes care of his elderly mom, he’s a personal trainer, is a leader in his church, supports and provides meals for domestic abuse victims, and is just a good, all-around caring human being.

The fan was incredibly moved. As you would be if the biggest star in Hollywood GAVE YOU HIS CAR.


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The Rock said “it’s the little things like this, that I get the greatest joy out of. But most importantly, I have the global platform to illuminate good, solid grateful human beings like Oscar. The kind we could always use more of.”

Good on The Rock for encouraging that, and there would definitely be a LOT more good in this world if people knew they might GET THE ROCK’S CAR for doing so. But the point of him picking Oscar was his desire to reward someone who was good for good’s sake, not because there was something else attached to it.

The Rock said Oscar said to him “it’s all love, that’s what it’s all about” and Johnson wrote that Oscar “deserves a helluva lot more than just me giving him my personal truck.”

I think Oscar is more than happy with his reward. And it’s a very cool move for Johnson to, once again, put more positivity into the social media world.

Harold Ramis’s Daughter Loved How ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Honored His Memory

One of the biggest impediments to a new Ghostbusters movie was the death of Harold Ramis, who played the beloved Egon Spengler. Ramis was a legendary writer and director, and his passing in 2014 hit fans hard. When the long awaited Ghostbusters: Afterlife was announced, how they handled his legacy was always going to be the big question. And Ramis’s daughter was thrilled with how director Jason Reitman pulled it off.

We aren’t big into spoilers here, so we won’t ruin anything, but the movie was always going to have to address it. Reitman decided to form the narrative around Egon’s family, and have his grandkids at the center of the plot. And the way they integrate his story with the reunion of the other three original Ghostbusters has the late actor’s family pleased.

Violet Ramis Stiel told The Hollywood Reporter Reitman pulled it off. She said Reitman, son of the director of the originals, obviously,  may have been the only person who could’ve done it too.

“He was so careful to get it right, to really honor the early films and everyone who was in them, but also to make something for now and the future,” she said. “Maybe he is the only person who could do that, he is the physical bridge.”

Ghostbusters: Afterlife was a box office hit and the stars of the original said it’s the first film to recapture the spirit of the early days. And the way they handle Egon and his legacy was especially emotional to Violet.

“Ultimately, it leaves us with that feeling: The people we love are always with us,” she said. “They don’t go away.”

J.J. Watt Offers To Pay Funeral Expenses For Waukesha Victims

When tragedy strikes, it’s easy to get caught up in blame, politics, and anger. But there are also plenty of opportunities for kindness and empathy and support. As Mister Rogers once suggested, looking for the helpers can be more constructive.

Future NFL Hall of Famer JJ Watt has long been one of those helpers, often stepping up and using his money to help people in need, and to contribute to charitable causes he believes in. As a former Wisconsin Badger, he is especially attuned to the tragedy that happened at the Christmas parade in Waukesha recently.

Once again the longtime Houston Texan and current Arizona Cardinal, is doing what he can, offering to pay funeral expenses for the six people who died in the tragedy.

This isn’t the first time Watt has been the kind of example and role model today’s kids could use more of, especially when it comes to the world of professional athletics. He’s covered funeral expenses for those involved in a Sante Fe school shooting, and helped raise $37 million to rebuild more than 1000 homes in Houston after Hurricane Harvey.

He was also named the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year award, which rewards charitable efforts, in 2017. It wouldn’t be a shock if he won again.

Dwayne Johnson Said It Was Ryan Reynolds Who Helped Him Through Dad’s Death

Dwayne Johnson suffered the loss of his dad last year and it was Ryan Reynolds who helped him through it. The Rock’s Red Notice co-star helped him process the loss of his father, who passed away on the first day of filming.

Johnson told People magazine Reynolds was there for him the first day he was back on set.

“The moment I walked in the door, Ryan gave me a big hug and said, ‘I got you, man’” he said. “The love, brotherhood and bond is there.”

Red Notice was an enormous hit for Netflix, as it was the biggest movie opening in the streamer’s history. It has since gone on to become No.1 globally and the biggest movie of all time for Netflix.

Johnson and Reynolds are obviously a pretty big reason why. And the two go way back, like wayyyy back. So far back, they actually met an MTV Spring Break. Anyone who can even remember those has to be in their 30s (or a really cool 20-year-old). Johnson was there promoting his first movie, The Scorpion King, and Reynolds was promoting Van Wilder. The two hit it off and have been friends since.

“I have not known any actor in Hollywood longer than I’ve known Ryan Reynolds, we started our careers together,” Johnson said to Entertainment Tonight. He compared their relationship to an old couple who bickers but also loves and respects each other.

He said his other co-star, Gal Gadot, was also a huge help in getting him through that rough period.

“Gal is always taking care of the people around her and has the most positive presence,” he said.

The co-stars have a real connection, and it comes across on screen in the success of their movie for Netflix.

MacGruber Is Back With Hilariously NSFW Jailhouse Interview and a New Mission

The jailhouse interview is ripe for satire, and the first look at the new MacGruber series nails it perfectly. Peacock is bringing the character back in a series for the streaming service and it’s supposed to pick up 10 years after the events of the original movie. Will Forte was hilarious in the original, although it didn’t quite find the audience they were hoping for.

The teaser from Peacock is VERY funny and serves as a catch-up for where the character is now. MacGruber is currently serving a prison sentence for killing Val Kilmer’s character. “I literally saved an entire American city and then they throw me in jail for killing one dude,” he said.

The teaser takes us through the hero’s trailer and what his life has been like since. It also shows Kristen Wiig’s Vicki St. Elmo has been in touch with MacGruber throughout that time.

Prison hasn’t been very good to MacGruber, but he’s also not there forever. He even knows that, saying, “You think they’re gonna keep me in here forever? One day something’s going to happen to America and they’re gonna need me and they’re gonna come here and they’re gonna beg for me to come out.”

That is the exact plot summary for the 8-episode miniseries. The “uber patriot” must take down a mysterious villain, Enos Queeth. MacGruber has to get his old team back together to defeat the forces of evil.

MacGruber was a very underrated movie, and the miniseries is a fun way to jump back into the character’s world. All eight episodes drop on Peacock on December 18th.

Vincent: Little Finger

“Vincent (@vvalerian), former Lieutenant in the United States Army, now enjoys his days parenting our two little ones in our forever home.

Thinking he was a ‘boy dad’ through and through, his world got rocked in April 2021 when our daughter was born! As you can tell, she already has him wrapped around her little finger.

I’m so thankful that my kids get to have this man as their father, as he is more attentive, affectionate, caring, and loving than I ever thought possible.

A good man, a great husband, and the best dad. We love you!”

– Alexa Valerian

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A College Athlete Used His Own Money To Buy Thanksgiving Meals for Those in Need

A college football player used his own money to buy turkeys for people in need in his community. Thanksgiving is a time of giving, and you always see stories about millionaire professional athletes giving back. Those are cool and important, but it means, even more, when it’s a college kid forking over his own cash to help people in need.

University of Michigan running back Blake Corum teamed with some local charities to help give out Thanksgiving turkeys in Ypsilanti, Michigan. This is the first season college athletes could make sponsorship money off of their likeness, and Corum decided to use his to buy turkeys.

“I’ve always invested in giving back to my community and trying to get the next generation to live out their dreams,” he told a local news outlet. “I told my dad, I’m going to buy 100 turkeys.”

The running back was able to put together a “Giving Back 2 Give Thanks” event to give out his turkeys. His coach helped connect him to some other charities, and they were able to double the number of turkeys and meals they gave out. His teammate Nihai Hill-Green also took part in the give-back event.

Corum has been a standout on the field for the Wolverines, but it’s plays like this off the field that make a player a legend for a college program. A lot of college athletes might spend their first real money differently, so major props to one who gave it away to help people who are struggling to have a nice holiday.

“It’s an important holiday. Everyone deserves to have a nice little meal,” he said.

All-you-Can-eat Buffet Bans Man With Unstoppable Appetite

The all-you-can-eat buffet is one of those modern innovations that our ancestors never could’ve dreamed of. The goal when you start the night is always the same, it’s your own personal Man v. Food. You pile those plates high, but you always hit a wall after a few trips. But one man has surpassed all others, and his enormous appetite was unmatched. The unstoppable dinner met the immovable stomach, and for the first time in history, it was the restaurant that flinched.

The customer was BANNED from the restaurant.

The crazy story happened in China. The Handadi Seafood BBQ Buffet was forced to ban the customer, who identified himself as Mr. Kang, after his eating binges were literally affecting the store’s bottom line.

“I can eat a lot, is that a fault?” the sad man said to a local TV station. He didn’t waste the food, he ate everything. Like, literally everything. Instead of taking a few pork trotters, the dude would just take the entire tray. And polish it off.

The owner said every time the guy came in, he lost a decent amount of money. He would put away bottles and bottles of drinks. Trays of food instead of plates. He just could not be stopped. When you can eat more than 8 pounds of prawns and 4 pounds of pigs’ feet in a single sitting, yeah, there’s no slowing down.

And so now, the “all-you-can eat buffet” isn’t quite ALL you can eat. We know there’s a ceiling, it’s just that so few of us have the physical ability to ever reach it.

13-Year-Old Selflessly Uses His “Make-a-Wish” Request To Feed the Homeless

Each year, Make-A-Wish makes over 15,000 dreams come true for kids across America. The most common request kids make is to visit some sort of theme park, enjoying special perks and days of carefree fun with their loved ones. For kids with qualifying conditions, having a wish granted boosts their morale. It gives kids struggling with medical conditions something to look forward to and allows them to temporarily forget about their daily stressors. Though many kids understandably use their wish to improve their own lives, 13-year-old Abraham Olagbegi dreamt of improving the lives of others.

Last year, Abraham was diagnosed with a rare and congenital blood disorder called aplastic anemia. Due to his condition, the 13-year-old underwent a bone marrow transplant, which was fortunately successful. Abraham met the qualifications to receive a wish through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and after considering a trip to Disney World or perhaps a new gaming system, the teen knew exactly what he wanted: Abraham wanted to feed the homeless.

“A PlayStation would be nice,” Abraham told NBC News, “but to me, I just feel like it wouldn’t do it justice, all the pain and stuff that I went through. So I felt like it just would have been right to feed the homeless, just to give back.”

With the help of Make-A-Wish, Abraham organized his first day of food distribution in Jackson, Mississippi. The September event was a success, feeding roughly 80 people who otherwise would’ve gone without food. The people helped by Abraham’s wish expressed immense gratitude, confirming to the generous teen that his decision was the right one.

For several years, feeding the hungry with his family has instilled in Abraham the importance of giving back. Now, thanks to the teen’s generosity, Make-A-Wish will help Abraham organize the distribution of over 700 meals through August 2022.

“Most of the homeless people, you know, they had good childhoods,” Abraham explains. “And you just don’t know, one day you could be homeless. Before you put your nose in somebody else’s business, put your heart in their place first.”