Here’s Some Trivia About Alcohol To Raise Your Spirits

alcohol trivia

You’re vaxxed. Your friends are vaxxed. You made it through Mother’s Day. It’s officially patio season and this one might just shape up to be the best one yet. With patio season comes friends, delicious barbecues, and buzzed afternoons. Quarantine summer is in the past and this one holds the promise of some fun, again… even if only outside and in small groups.

While you’re heating up the grill, cracking open a cold one, and making sure your adorable little heathens don’t break anything on the trampoline. After a year of no socializing, you might be looking for some conversation starters. After all, we don’t know about you but we sort of feel like we’ve forgotten how to interact with others. And, literally, no one cares about your sourdough starter anymore. So, what do you talk about while standing command over the grill, IPA in hand? A little alcohol trivia can go a long way!

alcohol trivia

Beer And Cocktail Facts

  1. Take your beer-drinking seriously? Perhaps you’re a master of zythology or the study of beer.
  2. Ever notice cocktail glasses are thicker and heavier at the bottom? It’s to enable the safe in-glass muddling of fruit and herbs for mixed drinks.
  3. Beer bottles are brown to keep out UV rays, which can ruin the flavor of your beer.
  4. There was once a law, the Code of Hammurabi, that stated that bartenders who watered down beer should be executed.
  5. Orson Welles introduced the Negroni to many Americans. He was working in Rome at the time and wrote about it for an Ohio newspaper.
  6. James Bond takes his gin and tonic with an entire lime’s worth of juice.
  7. Speaking of Bond, the reason he has to give such specific martini instructions is because, simply put, he’s ordering wrong. Martinis are stirred. A shaken drink with the same ingredients is actually called a Bradford.
  8. Think your state is the drunkest state? The top five states with the highest beer consumption are New Hampshire, Montana, Vermont, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
  9. You know what a speakeasy is (a Prohibition-era secret bar), but do you know how speakeasies got their name? It came from the concept of speaking easy, or quietly, so as not to be caught.
  10. The Paloma is the most popular cocktail in Mexico, not the margarita.
  11. America’s biggest day for beer sales? Independence Day!
  12. Beer helped in the discovery of oxygen. (Before then, we all held our breaths.)
  13. You probably already know Ernest Hemingway was lush (to put it mildly), but did you know he invented a cocktail? It was a mix of Absinthe and Champagne called, “Death In The Afternoon.”

Whiskey Facts

  1. Frank Sinatra was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Talk about doing things, “My Way.”
  2. “Whiskey” refers to most Irish- or American-made whiskey. Scotch is “whisky,” and will never have an e.
  3. Scotland boasts to have stored, at any given time, nearly four casks of whisky per Scottish resident.
  4. “Whiskey” has Gaelic roots and translates to, “water of life.”
  5. Kentucky Derby attendees consume 7,800 liters of bourbon in mint julep during race weekend every year.
  6. There are more bourbon barrels in Kentucky than there are people.
  7. At one time, George Washington was America’s biggest whiskey distiller.
  8. At the 12-year mark, whiskey has lost 25 percent of its volume to evaporation. It’s called the angels’ share.
  9. Scotland exports one billion bottles of whisky each year.
  10. Did you know Jack Daniels was a real person? Legend has it that he learned how to make whiskey when he was only six years old. A Lutheran minister taught him.
  11. The earliest recorded production of whiskey is in 1494.
  12. When you think of whiskey, do you think of Kentucky or Tennessee? How about Alabama, where it’s the state beverage.
  13. Ever notice the Glenfiddich bottle’s triangular shape? It represents the three pillars of whiskey making: air, barley, and water.
  14. According to the French Federation of Spirits, whiskey sales make up 47.2 percent of all spirit sales in France.

Rum Facts

  1. In the 18th century, rum was used as currency.
  2. Daiquiris became popular during WWII because vodka and whiskey were hard to acquire but it was still easy to get rum.
  3. The Spanish nickname for rum is Aguardiente, which translates to “fire water.”
  4. What’s in a name? Spiced rum might be seasoned with anything from cinnamon or rosemary to absinthe and anise.
  5. The name mai tai comes from the Tahitian Mai tai roa ae, which translates to “out of this world — the best!”
  6. At one point the Royal Navy actually gave daily rum rations to sailors because it was believed to prevent scurvy.
  7. Our first president truly enjoyed all liquor, it seems. George Washington apparently demanded that a barrel of rum be available for his 1789 inauguration.
  8. Rum is believed to be the first spirit distilled purely for enjoyment, as opposed to medical purposes.
  9. The oldest brand of rum still in existence is Mountain Gay, which has a deed dating back to 1703.
  10. Puerto Rico is home to 80 percent of all resources used in rum production.
  11. Need an excuse to drink? August is National rum month.
  12. While rum is now produced all over the world, the majority of rum is still produced in the Caribbean and Latin America.
  13. Many believe America’s first cocktail was the rum sling. Ingredients: Rum, lemon juice, sugar, and water.
  14. A slightly similar rum drink popular with pirates was called Bumbo. It was made with rum, sugar, water, and nutmeg.

Vodka Trivia

  1. About 25 percent of all alcohol consumed worldwide is vodka or contains vodka.
  2. Think vodka is made from potatoes? Think, again! While vodka can be made from potatoes, it can also be made from basically any sugar source.
  3. Looking for the most “bang” without spending a ton of calories? Vodka is only about 90 calories a shot.
  4. In the alcohol world, many drinks pride themselves on being “aged.” Not vodka, though. In theory, if an unopened bottle is stored properly, it can last indefinitely. But who stores things properly? Once vodka’s color or clearness starts to change, it’s time to toss it out. And once a bottle has been opened, it’s best to finish it within twelve months.
  5. Vodka comes from the Slovak word for water, which is voda.
  6. Most people believe vodka comes from Russia. That might not be true, however. In Eastern Europe, it’s a hotly contested “fact” as to whether vodka was “born” in Russia or Poland.
  7. Vodka has been proven beneficial in helping with poison ivy and in disinfecting (and thus subduing) toothaches.
  8. Of course, vodka is also a solid surface cleaning option. It’s all-natural, disinfects, and is particularly good at cleaning stainless steel.
  9. Because of vodka’s excellent disinfecting qualities, you can also use it on your face! Vodka can be used when mixing DIY aftershave. You can also dilute it with water and pat it on your face to help cleanse away bacteria.
  10. Looking to drink (relatively) hangover free? Vodka might be the answer. The darker your liquor, the more toxins or congeners, you’ll find. It’s those added toxins that can cause or worsen a hangover. A clear liquid like vodka lacks those toxins, so it’s less likely to cause a wicked headache.

Ryan Reynolds Makes LeVar Burton the New Aviation Gin “Spokesperson”

LeVar Burton Ryan Reynolds
(YouTube/Ryan Reynolds)

LeVar Burton rode a massive wave of fan support to an online campaign that secured his dream job of hosting Jeopardy! And now, he’s ALREADY starting to cash in on his new title, even before he’s taped a single episode. His first new lucrative endorsement? Promoting Ryan Reynolds Aviation Gin.

Ryan Reynolds is a true delight. The guy has done an astounding amount of charity work, even more so in the last year during the pandemic. His feud with Hugh Jackman is legendary, and also benefitted charity. He’s hilarious and his movies rule. And he’s great at making hilarious ads from his companies, especially when he’s doing stuff like this or pulling Rick Moranis out of retirement.

A good businessman capitalizes on the zeitgeist, and that’s just what Reynolds does here. He starts by saying “Everybody’s been saying how great LeVar Burton is, so I decided to have him step in for me as spokesperson for Aviation Gin.”

Then it cuts to Burton by a pool giving his pitch, saying “The smooth refreshing taste of Aviation American gin for an out of this world gin and tonic.”

And Reynolds addresses his standing, saying “Now that man is a god damn national treasure, and he’s probably too good for this.” Which, unfortunately, Burton confirms later, saying “This isn’t going to work out.”

But it was a great run for Burton and Reynolds, and they got to go out on top, after a very successful (from my standpoint) partnership in the gin game.

Funny ads aside, Reynolds isn’t just looking to capture views here, he is a BIG supporter of Burton as Jeopardy! host. As is pretty much anyone sensible, to be honest. Reynolds shared the news of Burton getting a guest host role, and said: “this needs to be a permanent gig.”

So, chalk up yet another correct viewpoint for Ryan Reynolds. In an age where it’s never been easier to say the wrong thing and mess up, Reynolds keeps crushing it, which is all the more impressive.

Woman Buys Her Old Family Home and Finds Hidden Note and Whiskey From Dad

Hidden Whiskey
(TikTok/Craig Harrigan)

A few decades after her family moved out, a woman purchased the home she grew up in. And when a contractor was working on her kitchen renovation, he found a message and a bottle of whiskey left by her dad years earlier.

The contractor, Craig Harrigan, revealed the discovery on a video he shared on Tik Tok. It was a few simple lines, and a bottle of whiskey. “Jack and May lived here – three kids and a dog. Kitchen done up during April-May 2001. All the best. Have a drink on us.”

@hooserice88Carrying out essential work! Great find. Not sure I would drink it tbh. ##fyp ##drink ##whisky ##scotland ##scottish ##wrenkitchen ##VideoSnapChallenge♬ original sound – Craig Harrigann

He told the Today Show they thought the bottle was garbage until they saw the note, and then they called the client. He said she was taken aback when she saw it and mentioned she was one of the three kids.

Her parents had sold the house a few months after leaving the note and whiskey, and his client (the daughter) had purchased it nearly two decades later. Harrigan, a dad himself, knew exactly what to do.

“After she told me it was her father that wrote the note, I cut the section of the floor out for her to keep along with the bottle.”

There is no one who will treasure this discovery more than his daughter. And the lesson here is to turn every home improvement project into a mini time capsule, as a way to leave your mark on the world. And who knows, you may just be leaving your kid a drink (at a time when they can legally enjoy it).

Ryan Reynolds, Diddy, and Beckham Make $1 Million Donation and Worst Drink Ever

Reynolds, Diddy, Beckham, New Drink
(YouTube/Ryan Reynolds)

Ryan Reynolds, Diddy, and David Beckham walk into a bar. And they try to make a drink. They combine each of their three liquors. Reynolds adds his Aviation American Gin, Diddy contributes his DeLeon tequila, and Beckham adds his Haig whisky.

The result? It is utterly disgusting. Maybe worse than it sounds, and the trio has the spit takes to prove it.

It started as an idea for a cocktail for the Super Bowl and ending with a string of expletives and bleeps from all three, before acknowledging the importance of a good mixologist. Reynolds looked like he was going to vomit, Diddy said the combination tasted like “ass feet” (how does he know what that even tastes like??) and Beckham said it wasn’t going to work.

And so the trio announced they would be combining to donate $1 million to bartenders. The video was a bit (for the last person who still didn’t get the joke), but also a chance to give some money to people that need it and promote a few charities. The money will be split up between Another Round, Another Rally, which is a nonprofit for the hospitality industry in the good ‘ol USA, the Bartender’s Benevolent fund, which is like the same thing but in Canada, and Drinks Trust UK, an organization that provides support to drinks industry workers overseas.

Reynolds again coming up big for people during the pandemic. He had his “feud” with Hugh Jackman, that benefited children’s charities, and now he teams up with some other famous friends with their own liquor companies to help an industry that has been totally ravaged by the pandemic.

And, as always, the man knows good content, and how to get people to pay attention, so it’s especially heartwarming that he uses those powers for good.

The Rock Releases Holiday Line of Boozy Ice Cream to Get You Through 2020

The Rock's Boozy Ice Cream

We may be spending more of the holiday season at home than we’re used to, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the flavors of the season. The Rock is helping us through the lockdown holidays, with the release of new flavors of his boozy ice cream. This product has all the stuff we like; booze, ice cream, and The Rock’s endorsement.

Dwayne Johnson, part-time XFL owner, part-time Dwanta Claus, broke the news on Instagram, where gives an in-depth breakdown of each new flavor. The special line was created by Salt and Straw, of which Johnson is a part-owner. The crown jewel is  Dwanta’s Teremana Spiked Eggnog ice cream, which is made with his own tequila.


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A post shared by therock (@therock)


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A post shared by therock (@therock)

The spiked eggnog ice cream is available on its own or as part of the “Dwanta Claus Naughty and Nice and Spiked” pint five-pack. The other flavors include double fold vanilla and chocolate brownie, a decadent chocolate chip cookie dough, caramel fudge, and whiskey combo, and a brownie, raspberry jam, and red glace cherry combo.

“Dwanta Claus is back to spread delicious holiday cheer with my friends at Salt & Straw and it’s getting boozy,” Johnson said in the press release. “We had some fun creating the new tequila infused flavor and we are honored to support the incredible work done at the World Central Kitchen.”

They are donating money from each spiked eggnog pint to the foundation working to end hunger and poverty. So you get boozy ice cream and you get to feel good about making a difference with your desserts.

“May your cheat meals be merry, spiked and bright this holiday season,” he said. I think cheat meals are what we call “meals” because the whole holiday season is one giant cheat meal.

You can buy the entire line here, and put some dang joy into your 2020 Christmas.

Couple Finds Century-Old Bootleg Whiskey in Walls During Home Renovation

Bootlegged Whiskey Found During Reno

Being stuck at home for too long always leads to finding more things you want to fix up. With most of the country under some form of quarantine slash social distancing, people have taken to home improvement even more than usual. And that can lead to some fun discoveries, like finding caches of century-old bootlegged whiskey hidden throughout your house. OK, so that scenario is extremely unlikely, but that’s the reality for one couple that started renovating their home.

Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker moved into an old home that neighbors said was built by a bootlegger. When they finally got to fixing the place up earlier this month, they were in for the surprise of a lifetime; they found old packages of bootlegged whiskey in secret walls and hiding places throughout the house.

Everything pairs better with booze, even, apparently, home improvements. But Bakker and Drummond got a lot more than they bargained for when they started fixing up their old house. Drummond started an Instagram account, “bootleggerbungalow”, to follow the home rehab, without expecting to find the actual proof of the home’s origins.

He told NBC he was removing trim outside when a package fell out of the wall.

“When I saw the edge of another package it hit me, like holy crap, this is bootleg booze,” he said. “The thing is, it wasn’t just one, then it wasn’t just two, it was the entire wall.”


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This is too cool! It looks like these all date to the 1920s! #bootleggerbungalow #secretcompartment #hiddentreasures #historicpreservation

A post shared by Nick Drummond (@bootleggerbungalow) on

They’ve found dozens of bottles of the bootleg whiskey so far, dating back to around 1923, during Prohibition in the state. The couple said they want to try at least one bottle of the whiskey and aren’t quite sure what to do with the rest of the discovery. They are contemplating leaving some of the packages there and putting in a glass panel on the floor, so you can see the hidden whiskey.

If you want to learn more about the house, and their quest to learn more about the history of the bootlegger who built it (and what happened to him), you can follow along @bootleggerbungalow@bootleggerbungalow.

Taco Bell Made Their Own Wine To Pair With Chalupas

Taco Bell Wine

Not many duos have the rich history of pairings that wine and cheese do. There may be splashier combos, like peanut butter and jelly, beer and pizza, but the wine and cheese have them whipped by centuries. So it’s not surprising to see a giant in the cheese game dip their toe into the grape alcohol industry. OK, maybe it is a little surprising to see Taco Bell create their own wine, but given you can get married at Taco bell, anything is possible these days.

The fast-food giant is debuting a custom wine, Jalapeno Noir, to pair with the toasted cheesy chalupa. Granted, this one may be a bit out there for some people. When it comes to food innovation, it doesn’t have quite the inevitability of Lucky Charms selling bags of their marshmallows or Cinnamon Toast Crunch selling their magic Cinnadust. But who hasn’t wanted to enjoy a Chalupa like a gentleman, with the perfectly paired wine?

Here’s the catch (there’s always a catch and it always comes midway through awesome news), you can only get it in Canada. It’s being sold on the Taco Bell Canada website and at some locations in Ontario. The cost for a bottle of Jalapeno Noir is $25 Canadian (about $19 in real money).

Taco Bell gave the combo the hard sell in their press release, calling the duo irresistible.

“The rich taste and crunchy texture of the beloved Toasted Cheesy Chalupa complements notes of wild strawberry, cherry and beetroot in this silky limited-editing red wine.”

While this is a fun, new idea for a brand, it’s still great to see them force as many buzz words as they can into a statement to class up the news even further. A spokesman for the brand said:

“Wine and cheese are simply meant to be together, so launching a new wine to go with the craveable, cheddary Toasted Cheesy Chalupa made perfect sense. At Taco Bell Canada, we love to raise our glass to big, bold ideas that elevate our menu items, and pairing our Toasted Cheesy Chalupa with this Jalapeño Noir is no exception.”

Here’s to big ideas indeed, and to one that many of us discovered on our own, Taco Bell pairs well with booze.

Ryan Reynolds Releases Aviation Gin Home School Edition, for E-Learning Support

Ryan Reynolds Aviation Home School Gin

So uh, how’s virtual learning going? You know what, don’t answer that. Father of three and big-hearted goofball Ryan Reynolds feels your pain, and he’s here to help. Aside from his passions for acting and philanthropizing (just go with it), Reynolds takes his gin very seriously.

After acquiring a stake in Aviation Gin in 2018, Reynolds has become the face and the smartass behind the popular gin company. Reynolds is one of the rare celebrities who uses both his money and influence for good, and unsurprisingly, he’s doing the same with Aviation Gin. He donated 30% of his gin proceeds for over a month to bartenders suffering income loss due to COVID, and now, he’s got a little something for the parents.

Reynolds announced that Aviation Gin would be releasing a new product to give parents a little – uh – boost, while helping guide their kids through virtual learning.

“Aviation Home School edition. Official sponsor of Parent-Gin conferences,” Reynolds’s posted on Twitter, along with the special-edition gin’s commercial.

The commercial opens with Reynolds seated at a desk, staring at the camera with the powerful intensity of a dad who was just asked “what’s for dinner?” right after he threw a steak on the grill.

“It’s back to school time, which this year, has a whole new meaning,” Reynolds begins. “That’s why today, I’m introducing Aviation American Gin-” he says, slamming a huge freaking bottle down on his mahogany desk, “-Home School edition. It’s just like the classic delicious Aviation Gin that you love, but with more ounces.” Nearly 60 ounces, which should last, you know – a little while.

“It can help with a variety of subjects,” Reynolds continues, “Fourth-grade geography, whatever the f*** new math is. And revisiting your own long-forgotten middle school traumas.”

The commercial concludes with the hauntingly-familiar sound of a school bell, as Reynolds voices what we’re all thinking – “Middle school is the f****** worst.”

Sitting down with your kids to help them through virtual learning can leave you feeling like Billy Madison but without the cool hat. School was tough enough the first time through, but at least this time we can legally drink. Just, you know, save it for after class.

Dietary Committee Recommends That Men Only Have One Drink a Day

Aluminum beer can shortage

2020 has not been a normal year. Sometime around late February/early March, things got dark, and suddenly we were in the middle of a global pandemic that is still raging. Many of us were forced to quarantine inside our homes, away from our jobs and coworkers, families and friends, avoiding restaurants and movies and concerts and sporting events (that were canceled anyway). We’ve spent spring and summer in a bizarre situation that we’re yet to fully emerge from, even as the school year is beginning the start. To make matters worse, the supply of beer has already been threatened and so have the aluminum cans that beer comes in.

Needless to say, the COVID-19 outbreak and all its attendant complications have caused an inordinate amount of stress, and no one is immune to that. Which is why many of us have been drinking a bit more than normal. We’ve been drinking to lessen the stress, and we’ve been drinking to fill the time because frankly there isn’t all that much else to do. And it’s easy to crack another beer or pour another glass of wine as Netflix barrels through to the next episode. It’s understandable and even helpful in some ways.

But it can be detrimental too. And according to a new study, it’s starting to take its toll.

Back in April, the Wall Street Journal published an article about increasing drinking during the pandemic, amid a 20-year rise in Americans’ drinking. Now, a federal committee is recommending we cut back.

According to NBC News, later this year the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans are being updated for the first time in five years, and they are now recommending no more than one drink a day for men. Since 1990, two drinks a day had been the suggestion, but as Americans drink more, that portion has been halved. And no, this doesn’t mean that skipping a few days means you can then add those drinks to your Friday night regimen!

“As a nation, our collective health would be better if people generally drank less,” said Dr. Timothy Naimi, an alcohol researcher at Boston University who is on the committee making these recommendations, and to whom we say “duh!” But I’m not so sure that includes our mental health, especially during a pandemic.

These are extraordinary times, and honestly, it seems like bad timing for a report suggesting we drink less. But too much of anything is a bad thing, physically and mentally, and while it may be difficult to adhere to one drink a day guidelines during these unprecedented times, we probably should be paying attention to how much we’re drinking. Because eventually these unprecedented times will end, and when they do, it won’t be the best look to leave quarantine with an enormous beer belly.

This Star Wars Cantina-Themed Bar Is the Ultimate Nerd Palace

Star Wars Cantina Bar

We all need something to look forward to. Especially now. Even as some states start reopening at reduced capacity, there are plenty of cities that are still on total lockdown. And let me tell you, when your city is on total lockdown and you discover that there is a Star Wars Cantina-themed bar within walking distance of your home, time starts moving very, very slowly.


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Have you ever danced with a droid in the pale cantina light? . . #scumandvillainycantina #scifisafehouse

A post shared by Scum & Villainy Cantina (@scumandvillainycantina) on

This LA establishment is called Scum and Villainy Cantina (of course) and it is a self-proclaimed “friendly neighborhood geek bar.” Before you start having kittens because you clicked on the website and saw a guy gesturing at you to ‘live long and prosper,’ know that this bar caters to all geeks, not just the Star Wars variety. That’s right, this is a place where Trekkies, Star Wars fans, Battlestar Galactica fans, and every fan of niche nerdom can come together and live (and drink) in harmony. Vulkans can rub shoulders with Jawas and Cylons can shoot pool with Dr. Who. You are encouraged to dress up and they even host geek-themed tournaments for a variety of properties:

Some of their cocktails include The Mind Trick, Gold Bourbonkini, The Starbuck, Witness Me, Furiosa, I Aim to Misbehave, and the Dumbledore Special. Wondering what blue milk tasks like? This place has got you covered—and they’re even doing curbside pickup for those of us who can’t wait until the quarantine is over:

Just listen to how they describe themselves on their website:

Scum and Villainy Cantina is an intergalactic bar nestled deep within the wretched hive of Hollywood, CA. Inspired by the best drinking establishments from your favorite sci-fi and fantasy movies, Scum and Villainy is the geek bar you’ve been looking for.

Costumed bartenders join in the debate while mixing cocktails from a themed menu. Our laid-back atmosphere and strict “no bullying” mission creates a #ScifiSafeHouse not just for casual and mega-fans alike, but for anyone looking for a change of pace from the typical bar scene. Flying solo? Searching for your tribe? We definitely serve your kind here!

I will wait for you Scum and Villainy Cantina. I will wait for you as long as it takes.

Some Dude DIY’d a Jack Daniels Waterfall

Jack Daniels Waterfall
(Facebook/Dave Tonks)

Ingenuity is bred largely from necessity. Thomas Edison needed a light. The Wright Brothers were really late for something. Alexander Graham Bell feared his tone was being misinterpreted over the telegraph.

And then, other times, genius just sort of happens for no discernible reason.

(Facebook / Dave Tonks)

“It was a nice day and I was pretty drunk and just knocked it all together.”

That’s Dave Tonks, the 53-year-old pest control technician who, with his partner Lisa, cobbled together this astounding Jack Daniels whiskey fountain. This staggering beauty is composed mostly of things they found lying around the garden, minus the liquor bottles, which Dave had been saving to repurpose as candles.

“It was my partner’s idea to make a water feature out of them,” Dave said in an interview with LAD Bible. “She did most of the design, to be fair.

(Facebook / Dave Tonks)

Now, before you get up under there like some eager baby bird or unruly teenager sampling Slurpee flavors, it should be noted the “whiskey” here is merely really weak coffee. “I would love to try it with real JD and Coke, but it would cost a fortune,” Dave sighed.

You can watch the spirit fountain in action, in all its smoke-machiney, LED-lit goodness, right here:

Get Great Expert-Picked Wines Delivered to Your Door for 40% Off


After this crazy year, we’re ready for the warmer weather, backyard BBQs and fire pit hangouts to make up for all of 2020. And there’s one thing we’re going to need to make all of those things more fun: wine. If perusing wine aisles and rolling the dice on whether you or your partner will like a random bottle of red or white isn’t your favorite pastime, why not let the professionals handle it?

Winc Wine Delivery makes the process of getting great bottles of wine beyond simple. Not only do they figure out what kind of wine you’ll like, but they also deliver it right to your door. How’s that for convenience? So even when you don’t have time for a lengthy BevMo or local liquor store trip, you’ll still be able to keep the wine flowing during your date night or backyard hang. Right now, $155 of credit for 12 bottles of wine with Winc is available for just $93.99 for a limited time.

Instead of blindly picking wines by their cool name or the picture on the bottle, Winc creates and curates a hundred different wines that they’ll select for you after you take a Palate Profile Quiz. This quiz gives them the info they need to pick the right wines for your taste buds. After completing it, you’ll receive personalized bottle recommendations that are expertly curated and delivered right to your door. And with glowing recs from outlets like Forbes and Huffington Post, you know these wines are going to be fancy and delicious.

Happy Winc customers rate this service highly. Customer David C. explained why he’d be recommending it to his loved ones, sharing: “This was a great price and the quality of the product is quite good. The ordering process was very easy and the shipment arrived early and intact with no damage.” And Sam B. noted, “Delivered quickly and beautifully. I love the variety and the book that comes with it to describe the bottles.”

Make sure you’ve got the right wines stocked at home. Get $155 Credit for 12 Bottles from Wine Winc Delivery for just $93.99 today. 
Prices subject to change. 

Just a heads up, if you buy stuff using the provided links, The Dad may collect a small commission.

Move Over, Ice Cream: We Have Frozen Cocktail Trucks Now

Booze Ice Cream Truck
(Facebook/Bovine & Barley)

As more and more places shutter their doors, some businesses are shifting production while others are shifting gears. One restaurant, the Bovine & Barley in downtown Houston, has taken to the streets in a grownup ice cream truck of sorts, delivering frozen cocktails right to their customers’ doorsteps.

(Facebook/Bovine & Barley)

The badass employees of this bar are masked up and fully equipped to assist folks from Midtown to The Heights in making the most of the gorgeous Texas springtime.

(Facebook/Bovine & Barley)

Whether you’re in the mood for a margarita, Moscow mule, daiquiri, mojito, michelada, or maybe just a good ol’ fashion pina colada, Bovine & Barley’s got the cure for what ails ya.

You can even score chips for just a buck.

(Facebook/Bovine & Barley)

Sadly, Bovine & Barley can only deliver to the good people of Houston, so it’s on us to safely circulate petitions within our respective communities that demand Frozen Cocktail Trucks become a thing of normalcy when we all get through this. Call your city councilperson.

Click here to follow Bovine & Barley on Facebook. Cheers, Houston!