Here’s Some Trivia About Alcohol To Raise Your Spirits

You’re vaxxed. Your friends are vaxxed. You made it through Mother’s Day. It’s officially patio season and this one might just shape up to be the best one yet. With patio season comes friends, delicious barbecues, and buzzed afternoons. Quarantine summer is in the past and this one holds the promise of some fun, again… even if only outside and in small groups.

While you’re heating up the grill, cracking open a cold one, and making sure your adorable little heathens don’t break anything on the trampoline. After a year of no socializing, you might be looking for some conversation starters. After all, we don’t know about you but we sort of feel like we’ve forgotten how to interact with others. And, literally, no one cares about your sourdough starter anymore. So, what do you talk about while standing command over the grill, IPA in hand? A little alcohol trivia can go a long way!

alcohol trivia

Beer And Cocktail Facts

  1. Take your beer-drinking seriously? Perhaps you’re a master of zythology or the study of beer.
  2. Ever notice cocktail glasses are thicker and heavier at the bottom? It’s to enable the safe in-glass muddling of fruit and herbs for mixed drinks.
  3. Beer bottles are brown to keep out UV rays, which can ruin the flavor of your beer.
  4. There was once a law, the Code of Hammurabi, that stated that bartenders who watered down beer should be executed.
  5. Orson Welles introduced the Negroni to many Americans. He was working in Rome at the time and wrote about it for an Ohio newspaper.
  6. James Bond takes his gin and tonic with an entire lime’s worth of juice.
  7. Speaking of Bond, the reason he has to give such specific martini instructions is because, simply put, he’s ordering wrong. Martinis are stirred. A shaken drink with the same ingredients is actually called a Bradford.
  8. Think your state is the drunkest state? The top five states with the highest beer consumption are New Hampshire, Montana, Vermont, North Dakota, and South Dakota.
  9. You know what a speakeasy is (a Prohibition-era secret bar), but do you know how speakeasies got their name? It came from the concept of speaking easy, or quietly, so as not to be caught.
  10. The Paloma is the most popular cocktail in Mexico, not the margarita.
  11. America’s biggest day for beer sales? Independence Day!
  12. Beer helped in the discovery of oxygen. (Before then, we all held our breaths.)
  13. You probably already know Ernest Hemingway was lush (to put it mildly), but did you know he invented a cocktail? It was a mix of Absinthe and Champagne called, “Death In The Afternoon.”

Whiskey Facts

  1. Frank Sinatra was buried with a bottle of Jack Daniels. Talk about doing things, “My Way.”
  2. “Whiskey” refers to most Irish- or American-made whiskey. Scotch is “whisky,” and will never have an e.
  3. Scotland boasts to have stored, at any given time, nearly four casks of whisky per Scottish resident.
  4. “Whiskey” has Gaelic roots and translates to, “water of life.”
  5. Kentucky Derby attendees consume 7,800 liters of bourbon in mint julep during race weekend every year.
  6. There are more bourbon barrels in Kentucky than there are people.
  7. At one time, George Washington was America’s biggest whiskey distiller.
  8. At the 12-year mark, whiskey has lost 25 percent of its volume to evaporation. It’s called the angels’ share.
  9. Scotland exports one billion bottles of whisky each year.
  10. Did you know Jack Daniels was a real person? Legend has it that he learned how to make whiskey when he was only six years old. A Lutheran minister taught him.
  11. The earliest recorded production of whiskey is in 1494.
  12. When you think of whiskey, do you think of Kentucky or Tennessee? How about Alabama, where it’s the state beverage.
  13. Ever notice the Glenfiddich bottle’s triangular shape? It represents the three pillars of whiskey making: air, barley, and water.
  14. According to the French Federation of Spirits, whiskey sales make up 47.2 percent of all spirit sales in France.

Rum Facts

  1. In the 18th century, rum was used as currency.
  2. Daiquiris became popular during WWII because vodka and whiskey were hard to acquire but it was still easy to get rum.
  3. The Spanish nickname for rum is Aguardiente, which translates to “fire water.”
  4. What’s in a name? Spiced rum might be seasoned with anything from cinnamon or rosemary to absinthe and anise.
  5. The name mai tai comes from the Tahitian Mai tai roa ae, which translates to “out of this world — the best!”
  6. At one point the Royal Navy actually gave daily rum rations to sailors because it was believed to prevent scurvy.
  7. Our first president truly enjoyed all liquor, it seems. George Washington apparently demanded that a barrel of rum be available for his 1789 inauguration.
  8. Rum is believed to be the first spirit distilled purely for enjoyment, as opposed to medical purposes.
  9. The oldest brand of rum still in existence is Mountain Gay, which has a deed dating back to 1703.
  10. Puerto Rico is home to 80 percent of all resources used in rum production.
  11. Need an excuse to drink? August is National rum month.
  12. While rum is now produced all over the world, the majority of rum is still produced in the Caribbean and Latin America.
  13. Many believe America’s first cocktail was the rum sling. Ingredients: Rum, lemon juice, sugar, and water.
  14. A slightly similar rum drink popular with pirates was called Bumbo. It was made with rum, sugar, water, and nutmeg.
  15. Nicknames for rum include Nelson’s blood, kill-devil, demon water, pirate’s drink, navy neaters, Barbados water, grog, and rumbullion!
  16. Even George Washington enjoyed rum. He was known for his Mount Vernon eggnog, which he made with dark Jamaican rum.

Vodka Trivia

  1. About 25 percent of all alcohol consumed worldwide is vodka or contains vodka.
  2. Think vodka is made from potatoes? Think, again! While vodka can be made from potatoes, it can also be made from basically any sugar source.
  3. Looking for the most “bang” without spending a ton of calories? Vodka is only about 90 calories a shot.
  4. In the alcohol world, many drinks pride themselves on being “aged.” Not vodka, though. In theory, if an unopened bottle is stored properly, it can last indefinitely. But who stores things properly? Once vodka’s color or clearness starts to change, it’s time to toss it out. And once a bottle has been opened, it’s best to finish it within twelve months.
  5. Vodka comes from the Slovak word for water, which is voda.
  6. Most people believe vodka comes from Russia. That might not be true, however. In Eastern Europe, it’s a hotly contested “fact” as to whether vodka was “born” in Russia or Poland.
  7. Vodka has been proven beneficial in helping with poison ivy and in disinfecting (and thus subduing) toothaches.
  8. Of course, vodka is also a solid surface cleaning option. It’s all-natural, disinfects, and is particularly good at cleaning stainless steel.
  9. Because of vodka’s excellent disinfecting qualities, you can also use it on your face! Vodka can be used when mixing DIY aftershave. You can also dilute it with water and pat it on your face to help cleanse away bacteria.
  10. Looking to drink (relatively) hangover free? Vodka might be the answer. The darker your liquor, the more toxins or congeners, you’ll find. It’s those added toxins that can cause or worsen a hangover. A clear liquid like vodka lacks those toxins, so it’s less likely to cause a wicked headache.

Got the Eye of the Tiger? Then You Already Know These Memorable Rocky Quotes

There’s no debating it: Rocky is the single greatest movie of all time. While our love for Sylvester Stallone may not come close to our adoration for Keanu Reeves, it’s pretty damn close. And it ought to be. Stallone literally created the Rocky Balboa character and movie concepts. Guys. Don’t let his deep voice and boxer’s build fool you. He’s not a dumb jock. He actually wrote the script for Rocky, as well. And, where would we be without the likes of Rocky, Mickey, and Apollo Creed? One thing is certain: We’d be without the “Eye of the Tiger.” And we’d have no idea how important it is to run up those iconic steps at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Nope. Rocky changed our lives and, thus, so did Stallone.

When we say he wrote the movie, it’s important to remember that includes all the amazingly uplifting and truly hilarious dialogue, too. Rocky had some real zingers. Yes, we all yell “ADRIANNNNNN!” in that iconic Stallone mumble, but do you remember these other zingers from across the franchise as well?

Quotes From the One and Only Rocky Balboa

  1. “Life’s not about how hard of a hit you can give… it’s about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.”
  2. “How ’bout I stay here and you fight?”
  3. “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.”
  4. “Do you like having a good time? Then you need a good watch!”
  5. “Remember, the mind is your best muscle. Big arms can move rocks, but big words can move mountains.”
  7. “Time takes everybody out. Time is undefeated.”
  8. “Nobody owes nobody nothing.”
  9. “You know I couldn’t have done nothing without you… Yo Adrian we did it.”
  10. “Yeah yeah, the Bill of Rights. Don’t it say something about going after what makes you happy?”
  11. “You gotta be a moron… you gotta be a moron to wanna be a fighter.”
  12. “Let me tell you something you already know. The world ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. It’s a very mean and nasty place and I don’t care how tough you are it will beat you to your knees and keep you there permanently if you let it.”
  13. “I am not the richest, smartest, or most talented person in the world. But I succeed because I keep going and going and going.”
  14. “Cut me, Mick!”
  15. “I stopped thinking the way other people think a long time ago. You gotta think like you think.”
  16. “If I can change and you can change, everybody can change.”
  17. “There’s a beast inside me.”
  18. “I believe there’s an inner power that makes winners or losers. And the winners are the ones who really listen to the truth of their hearts.”
  19. “Until you start believing in yourself, you ain’t gonna have a life.”
  20. “Success is usually the culmination of controlling failure.”
  21. “Ya know, they always say if you live in one place long enough, you are that place.”
  22. “You can’t learn anything when you’re talking. That’s a fact of life. As long as you’re talking, you’re not listening.”
  23. “Going in one more round when you don’t think you can. That’s what makes all the difference in your life.”
  24. “I think you try harder when you’re scared.”
  25. “Now, if you know what you’re worth, then go out and get what you’re worth. But you gotta be willing to take the hits, and not pointing fingers saying you ain’t where you wanna be because of him, or her, or anybody. Cowards do that and that ain’t you. You’re better than that!”
  26. “Yo, Adrian!”
  27. “You see, fear is a fighter’s best friend. You know, but it ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. See, fear keeps you sharp, it keeps you awake, you know, it makes you want to survive. You know what I mean? But the thing is, you gotta learn how to control it. All right? ‘Cause fear is like this fire, all right? And it’s burning deep inside.”

Rocky Quotes from Apollo Creed

  1. “Stay in school and use your brain. Be a doctor, be a lawyer, carry a leather briefcase. Forget about sports as a profession. Sports make ya grunt and smell. See, be a thinker, not a stinker.”
  2. “You thought I was tough? This chump will kill you!”
  3. “You’d better stop this fight! You ain’t nothin’ but a bum!”
  4. “There is no tomorrow! There is no tomorrow! There is no tomorrow!”
  5. “Just stay outta my face, chump.”
  6. “You know, Stallion. It’s too bad we gotta get old.”
  7. “Look. It’s the name man…The Italian Stallion. The media will eat it up. Now, who discovered America? An Italian, right. What would be better than to get it on with one of its descendants?”
  8. “Man, I won. But, I didn’t beat him.”
  9. “I predict the champ’s gonna take this one.”
  10. “Apollo Creed vs. the Italian Stallion. Sounds like a damn monster movie.”
  11. “That means, if he can’t fight, I’ll bet he can cook.”

Amazing Rocky Quotes from Everyone Else

  1. “I’m gonna eat lightning and you’re gonna crap thunder.” — Mickey
  2. “Your nose is broken. [Rocky: “How’s it look?”] It’s an improvement.” — Mickey
  3. “Stay down!” — Mickey
  4. “Go for the ribs! Don’t let that bastard breathe!” — Mickey
  5. “Why do you wear that sweating old thing? [Rocky: “It brings me luck.”] It brings you flies.” — Mickey
  6. “He doesn’t know it’s a damn show. He thinks it’s a damn fight!” — Apollo’s trainer
  7. “What do I owe you, Paulie? What do I owe you? I treat you good! I cook for you! I cleaned for you! I pick up your dirty clothes! I take care of ya, Paulie! I don’t owe you nothin’! And you made me feel like a loser! I’m not a loser!” —  Adrian
  8. “Einstein flunked out of school, twice. [Paulie: “Is that so?”] Yeah. Beethoven was deaf. Helen Keller was blind. I think Rocky’s got a good chance.” — Adrian

We Have Our First Look at Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne in Flash Movie

What’s old is new again, it’s the surest thing about culture. This also applies to our Batmen, as one of the most iconic Bruce Waynes ever is back as the billionaire vigilante for the upcoming Flash movie. And now, we have our first glimpse of Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne for the first time in nearly three decades.

“The Flash” is currently filming in London and stars Ezra Miller. And they have the same Batman too, as Ben Affleck will be returning as the caped crusader. But one thing we’ll learn about the Flash is he’s fast enough to run to parallel realities, which is why we have Michael Keaton also reprising the Batman role. He’ll be playing an older version of Batman in an alternate universe.

Big Screen Leaks shared the photo of the older Bruce Wayne on Twitter, and fans were having it.

The director of the movie, which is coming in the fall of next year, also teased Keaton’s Batman appearance by sharing a pic of his iconic Batman suit on Instagram last month. There’s no context, and just a small droplet or two of blood, which is an interesting choice! But just the logo alone was enough to get fans fired up for Keaton’s return.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Andy Muschietti (@andy_muschietti)

Tim Burton’s Batman movies relaunched the interest in the fabled comic book character and were ahead of their time when it comes to great comic book movies for adults. Keaton is a terrific actor and his take on Batman was badass, so it will be even more interesting to see it again 30 years later, as an older Bruce Wayne.

“The Flash” is set to hit theaters (remember those?) in November of 2022.

The Most Awesome Prime Day 2021 Deals All in One Place — You’re Welcome

You’ve seen the Amazon Prime Day ads everywhere. It’s one of the biggest sale events of the year, and it’s completely online. You just get to sit back, relax, add some good, discounted stuff to your cart, check out, and wait for that sweet, sweet 2-day shipping to deliver your bounty to your door. Except that Prime Day can be chaotic — deals change by the hour, there are probably thousands (millions? We didn’t do the math, sorry) of products on sale, and we want you to get the very best deals. Because we’re looking out for you (and we’re shopping Prime Day ourselves, so we might as well help out; we’re thoughtful like that).

So, take a browse. We’ve organized the deals by category so your head doesn’t explode. Prime Day has everything from TK to TK, and we’ll be updating this page all day long.

Best Tech Deals

Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WHCH710N, $76 (61% off)

Sony’s noise-canceling headphones have reached cult status for a reason: They are godly effective, their battery life is 35 hours, and they really do cancel out the rest of the world. Also, they’re rarely on sale, so get ’em while you can.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, $176 (35% off) 

If you’re looking for a watch that’s, well, a watch, but also has fitness options, like a heart rate and sleep monitor, built-in coaching, and more. It seamlessly connects with your Android, making it easy to use, too.

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Acer Chromebook Spin 311 Convertible Laptop, $225 (55% off)


This highly-rated and versatile Chromebook with a Google operating system is fast, functional, and sleek. It comes with built-storage for easy offline access and comes with an extra 100GB of Google Drive space.

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Apple AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, $150 (25% off)

If you wanna jump on the AirPod bandwagon, we don’t blame you. With powerful noise-cancelling capabilities, wireless convenience, long battery power, and the ability to easily pair of Apple products, these are popular for a reason. Now’s the time to get them 25% off.

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Nintendo Switch Lite – Blue with SanDisk 128GB microSDXC-Card, $200 (14% off)

Ideal for your handheld gaming purposes, AND you get a 128GB SD card. The speed is what stands out here, so you won’t be sorry for upgrading.

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Samsung 34 inch S65UA Ultra WQHD (3440×1440) Curved Monitor, $479.99 (29% off)

If you need a premium gaming monitor, Samsung’s 24-inch monitor is on sale. Known for its superior picture quality and its ergonomic design, it’s what you need to level up.

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Other noteworthy deals:

Smart home devices starting at $8.99

Garmin smartwatches starting at $49.99

Data storage starting at $44.99

Best Kitchen & Home Deals

Calphalon BVCLECMP1 Temp iQ Espresso Machine with Steam Wand, $170.29 (57% off)

Want to impress the heck out of your dinner guests with an espresso drink? Sure you do. And you don’t have to spend your mortgage payment on an espresso machine — this highly-rated and high-quality Calphalon espresso machine is perfect for at-home use, and makes delicious, coffee shop-worthy drinks.

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Ninja FD401 Foodi 8-Quart 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker, $141.54 (43% off)


This is the creme de la creme of pressure cookers, so if you haven’t gotten one yet, or want to upgrade, the Ninja GF401 8-quart pressure cooker allows you to air fry, steam, slow cook, sear, saute, crisp, bake, roast, broil, dehydrate, and make yogurt. You can pretty much just throw away the rest of your kitchen and use this bad boy.

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BISSELL PowerGlide Pet Slim Corded Vacuum, $126 (30% 0ff)

If you have pets, then you know you can easily spend all day every day vacuuming, and you’d still end up with fur in your food, your clothes — you get the idea. With this powerful Bissell pet slim corded vacuum, you can clean up with a lot more ease.

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Up to 45% off on Shark Robotic and Upright Vacuums and Steam Mop

Up to 32% off Kitchen Essentials from Chefman, Hamilton Beach, Stasher, and more

Up to 50% off Cuisinart Kitchen Products

Best Sports Deals

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill, $468 (28% off)

nordic track

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Sporzon! Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell in Pairs or Singles, $35 (21% off)

Still working on your WFH gym game? Upgrade with these solid cast dumbbells  made with solid metal chrome finish. They’re comfortable and durable, and no-frills.

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Silverback In-Ground Basketball Hoop, $480 (40% off)

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WhiteFang Deluxe XL Pop Up Beach Tent, $56 (38% off)

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Other noteworthy deals:

Up to 50% off on all Under Armour deals

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Up to 40% off Adidas footwear, apparel, and accessories 

Pioneering Hospital Opens $200 Billion “Sleep Injuries” Wing for Dads

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—The Scottsdale Hospital broke ground today on a $10 million wing focused entirely on treating injuries fathers sustain while fast asleep.

Officials say the Chuck Haggerty Memorial Center for The Treatment and Study of Dad Sleep Injuries will give specialized treatment to those sleep injuries that only Dads seem to sustain.

“Every day, thousands of Dads manage to injure their necks, legs, shoulders, ankles and ribs, all while lying down motionless and unconscious,” said Dr. Kevin Williamson, chief of Dad Radiology at the hospital. “We want to know why, and we want it to stop.”

In addition to treating Dad patients, the new wing will also house sizable research labs. Hospital officials say they hope to become the first researchers to identify the mysterious, nocturnal force that is tweaking Dads’ shoulders.

The facility is named for Chuck Haggerty, a father of two who tragically woke up with a sore wrist in 2012 but is otherwise alive and healthy.

Despite being completely plausible to parents, THIS JUST IN is satire and intended for entertainment purposes only. For more stories like this one click here.

Hero Dad Who Jumped off Bridge To Save Baby Honored With Air Force Flight

It was one of the most remarkable stories we’ve seen this year. A dad involved in a five-vehicle car accident on a bridge leapt into action, literally, when a baby was ejected from a vehicle into the bay below. Jonathan Bauer heroically jumped 30-feet from the bridge to save the baby in the water below.

And sometimes, awesome things happen to awesome people, so the Air Force Thunderbirds recognized his heroism and took him on an incredible flight as their “hometown hero” in the Ocean City Air Show.

When Bauer spoke about the incident, he said he did what he had to do. His daughter said seeing her dad jump off the bridge was the scariest moment of her life.

The Air Force Thunderbirds shared footage from Bauer’s flight and a pic of the hero dad, saying ‘his selfless act shows the best America has to offer, and we’re proud to have honored him with a flight today.’

So now you all know the way to score a once-in-a-lifetime ride with the Air Force in the back of an F-16, you just have to respond with incredible heroism in the face of enormous challenges. But if it was easy, the skies would be full of hometown heroes, instead of the select few who have earned the unique reward.

Alex Trebek’s Daughter Remembers Dad on First Father’s Day Without Him

Father’s Day is the greatest holiday of the year, clearly. A day for Dads, what more can you ask? But for families going through their first Father’s Day without Dad, the day takes a different tone. Legendary game show host Alex Trebek passed away in the fall, and his daughter paid tribute to the lesser-known side of the icon, as a dad.

Trebek’s oldest daughter, Nicky, shared a picture on Instagram of a touching family moment of her famous dad with all three of his children (Nicky is 55, Matthew is 31 and Emily is 28).

“Seems like a minute ago,” she wrote, along with the hashtags “missingyou”, “trebekgang”, and “dadlove”.


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Nicky Trebek (@nickytrebek)

Trebek loved being a dad to Nicky (who he adopted in 1981) and Matthew and Emily (who he had with his second wife). His kids have said previously he was a great dad who was generous to everyone and persistent in fighting challenges.


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A post shared by Nicky Trebek (@nickytrebek)

His ‘Never Give Up’ spirit was on display during his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer, as he continued to film new episodes of Jeopardy during treatment.

It’s definitely a hard first Father’s Day for the Trebek gang without him, but they won’t be the only ones who never forget him.

Father Figures: He’s a Natural

“My husband is a natural – even if he’s not my son’s natural father.’

5 1/2 years ago I found out I was pregnant with my then-boyfriend’s child. He decided to not be a part of our lives from then forward, which at the time seemed devastating but ended up being the best thing possible.

My son was born in July and I raised him as a single mother always hoping for more for him. On our first date, my husband suggested I bring my son with me so I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a sitter. He was 6 months at the time and such an easy baby, so of course my husband fell instantly in love with both of us.

He has been the only dad my son has known, and that’s all I would want for him. He plays with him every night even after long days of work and finds new and creative ways to entertain him. He encourages him to be himself and challenges him to try new things.

When we wanted to grow our family, we had a very hard time getting pregnant and found out my husband has fertility issues. We underwent two rounds of egg retrievals and had four embryo transfers that ended in miscarriages, but I eventually got pregnant with our now almost-one-year-old.

My husband is my boys’ favorite parent, although he would tell you differently. He makes them both laugh regularly and is a great role model. I’m so happy my sons and I have him.”

– Veronica Albecker

Want to share a story about fatherhood? Email [email protected]

Bandit’s Best Dad Moments in ‘Bluey’ Season 2

After months of waiting, Bluey Season 2 is now on Disney+!  It has been pretty nice to be able to finally watch some new content, after watching the first season in its entirety 7200 times.  My family and I went ballistic, binge-watching the 50+ new episodes in a weekend.  It’s top-notch stuff and once again, Bluey’s dad Bandit is a standout character.  The writers for this show just get dad life and I can appreciate that.  It makes me wonder if I’m the one watching Bluey with my kids or if they’re the ones watching it with me.

There are plenty of hilarious moments with this new season, but there are also a surprising amount of emotional story beats as well.  The kids laughed, my wife and I almost cried a few times.  It was awesome.  I’d be writing all day about Bluey if I didn’t restrain myself, so we’re only going to be talking about a select few episodes.

Here are some of my absolute favorite Bandit dad moments from Bluey Season 2.

Dance Mode

Bluey Dance Mode Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

When Bandit unintentionally eats Bingo’s last chip at a restaurant, he makes it up to her by giving her the power of “Dance Mode”.  This gives her the ability to make her family members burst into dance at any place or time.  She only has 4 chances to use it, so she wants to pick the right moment.  Bingo wants them to dance in the middle of a crowded plaza, but Bandit and Chilli are hesitant.  Bandit bribes her with money but it’s not what she wants.  Ultimately, they finally give in and end up back at the plaza.  Bandit shouts “Attention everyone!  I’m doing this for my kids!” and The Heeler family bust a move in front of everyone.  Whatever it takes to make your kid happy right?

Sleepy Time

Bluey Sleepy Time Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

Sharing a bed with your child always seems nice in principle, but you’ll quickly find yourself fighting for the blanket… and space… and your entire bed.  The same goes for The Heeler’s.  At bedtime, Bingo is determined to sleep for the whole night in her own bed.  After reading a story about outer space, Bingo is propelled into an intergalactic dreamscape.  While this is happening, Bluey asks her mom for a glass of water to help her fall asleep.  When Chilli returns, Bluey is sleeping in her spot.  Chilli has to sleep in Bluey’s bed and somehow Bingo finds herself in bed with Bandit and Bluey.  Sharing a bed with their dad, Bluey and Bingo believe they’re running through space when in reality they’re kicking the absolute crap out of their father.  After enduring the beatdown, he finds himself sleeping on the floor using a slipper as a pillow and his underpants as a blanket.  Can’t say I’ve used my underpants as a blanket, but I’ve come close.

Rug Island

Bluey Rug Island Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

In this episode, Bandit learns how to be a kid again.  This is something we should all try to do, especially when we have kids of our own.  Bluey and Bingo set up the imaginative “Rug Island” in the backyard, repurposing their play mat and felt-tip pens, pretending they’re bananas or a campfire.  While adults are not typically allowed on the island, Bandit (who should be off to work) suddenly finds himself in this imaginative world with the girls. He is tempted to stay and rediscover his inner child, as he learns about the routines and customs of the land.  Bandit ends up, unfortunately, having to leave Rug Island to go to work, but Bingo gives him a “present” which is just a yellow pen.  In their imaginary world though, it could be so much more.  When Chilli asks what Bingo gave him, Bandit replies with “Everything.”


Bluey Cafe Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

As a parent, it can always feel pretty awkward when meeting other parents.  When your children start to play with other children, you almost feel obliged to talk to their parents.  In the case of this episode, Bluey makes a new friend at the park.  Bluey immediately wants to invite Winnie and her dad Fido over for breakfast, but Bandit wants to take things slow.  That’s the thing with kids, they’ll just make new friends right away and they’re best friends for life and they want to hang out every day.  As you get older, you make friends at your own pace.  After multiple hangouts at the park, Bluey and Bandit are excited to see Winnie and Fido, but they aren’t there.  Bandit and Bluey are a little bummed out because they were looking forward to hanging out with them, so they decide to leave, but Winnie and Fido were running late and they bump into each other on the way out.  So excited to see one another, Bandit decides to go outside of his comfort zone for his daughter and invites Fido and Winnie over to their house for breakfast.

Bin Night

Bluey Bin Night Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

This episode is light-on story, but it is extremely relatable.  Each garbage night, Bandit, Bluey, & Bingo take the bins to the curb.  Bandit is able to catch up on daily events with his daughters, and he even encourages them to help out their neighbor with her bins too.  It’s just a wholesome dad episode.  I always ask my kids to help me take out the trash, and just like Bandit and his girls, I get to catch up on all the latest happenings in the world of TikTok.

Burger Shop

Bluey Burger Shop Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

After reading a parenting book, Bandit decides to allow his children to make their own decisions.  It’s a fun and absolutely terrible idea.  Bluey and Bingo want to play Burger Shop while in the bathtub, and he gently encourages them to finish their game and go to bed.  Ultimately, Bandit realizes that a more authoritarian approach sometimes is required to make the children listen.  You can’t be the fun dad all the time.

Duck Cake

Bluey Duck Cake Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

Trying to get my kids to clean up is a nightmare.  If I’m feeling a little too relaxed and want to burn myself out and feel exhausted, I just ask my kids to clean.  It stresses me out every time.  In “Duck Cake”, Bandit sets out to prepare a famous duck cake for Bingo’s birthday, which proves to be more difficult than he anticipated.  Concurrently, he implores Bluey to clean up her toys, but she struggles to find the motivation to do so. When she sees her father become dispirited while baking, Bluey begins to understand the value of assisting others.  It actually works so well, that Bluey cleans up her mess and Bingo’s mess.  She also proceeds to go on a cleaning spree.  Nice one Dad.  I wish it was that easy with my kids.


Bluey Octopus Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

This episode is all about inspiring other dads to try something and make it their own.  Chloe is exhilarated while playing a game called “Octopus” at Bluey’s house.  She tries to replicate the experience at home with her own father but becomes disheartened when her father struggles to play the game with the same zest as Bluey’s father.  This leads Chloe’s father to research the octopus, which helps the duo to improvise and reinvent the activity in their own way.  Instead of bringing each other down, we can inspire other dads with our actions.  Bandit has definitely made an impression on me after watching the show.


Bluey Grandad Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

Okay, this last one is more geared towards Chilli and her relationship with her father.  Bandit isn’t in this episode, but the reason I’m putting it here is that it’s just a great dad-centric episode.  I have a daughter and this hit real hard.  Chili, Bluey & Bingo are off to visit their Grandpa, but he’s just had heart surgery and should be recovering.  Instead, they arrive at his house and he’s trying to shovel a tree stump out of the ground.  Grandpa and the girls run off and Chilli chases after them, saying he needs to rest.  Dads can be pretty stubborn.  In the end, Chilli finally catches up to them and relaxes on the dock while the girls swim in the lake.  Chilli talks about how they used to swim in the lake together.  Chili says it was forever ago, but her father says it feels like yesterday and a time-lapse takes them back to where she is just a little girl sitting beside her dad on the dock.

Michigan Dad Organizes Community-Wide ‘Juneteenth Family Reunion’ Celebration

Juneteenth has been celebrated for over 150 years, but it wasn’t until Thursday that the important day officially became a federal holiday. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which declared that all slaves should be freed. For southern states, however, it took until the end of the Civil War in 1985 for the proclamation to be enforced. Even so, some chose not to inform their slaves of their independence. On June 19, 1865, Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas with an important message. Two months after the end of the Civil War, the last slaves on U.S. soil were freed.

A Michigan dad named Shaun Dirden didn’t grow up celebrating Juneteenth. In fact, he and his wife Nikki only learned about the significance of the date about a decade ago. Now that they have children of their own, the couple wants to ensure that the next generation both remembers and celebrates the day that changed American history.

“I remember asking my dad and he said, ‘oh, I know about Juneteenth.’ And I said, ‘then why did we never celebrate it?’” Dirden recalled in an interview with Click On Detroit. “So he knew about it, but we never celebrated – that’s why I want to do something different with my daughters. So they can actually celebrate Juneteenth.”

Juneteenth is known by many names including Emancipation Day, Freedom Day, and Jubilee Day – each one signifying the incredible joy associated with liberation from slavery. Rather than celebrating Juneteenth as a family, the Dirdens decided to make Freedom Day an occasion their entire community would remember.

In an effort to both educate their community and celebrate the momentous day, the Dirdens began organizing an event called the Juneteenth Family Reunion. Everyone is welcome at this particular family reunion – in fact, over 1,200 attendees are expected at the third annual event.

The first year the Dirdens organized their Juneteenth Family Reunion, several hundred people joined in the festivities. This year, nearly 30 vendors will bring food, music, entertainment, and so much more to the Dakota County residents. The annual celebration has grown every single year, with multiple organizers now coming together to make the powerful and joyous event a success.

“It all started with an idea…” the Juneteenth Family Reunion Website explains. “An idea to create a safe space for our community to come together to recognize and celebrate Black people, history, and freedom. Our vision was simple. Organize in the name of our ancestors.”