New ‘F9’ Trailer Sends the Gang to Infinity and Beyond

F9 Trailer
(YouTube/The Fast Saga)

We were supposed to get Fast 9 last May. Then the pandemic happened and movie theaters were closed and movies were delayed. Many of them ended up, or will end up, on streaming services, but we all know that a streaming platform is no place for a Fast and Furious movie. Especially one that goes to outer space!

So, instead, it’s hitting theaters this summer, and now they’ve finally released a new trailer.

With every Fast movie, the stakes get higher and the spectacles get bigger. Last time they fought a submarine in Russia or some shit. None of it makes any sense and all of it is awesome! This time looks no different.

Not only is the once-presumed dead Han back – along with seemingly every person who has appeared in any of the previous movies (including Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren) because along with the bigger spectacle comes bigger casts – John Cena appears as Dom’s heretofore nonexistent brother. Dom has long put his makeshift family on a pedestal, and apparently, his brother is upset that he hasn’t been treated quite as well, and now they’re gonna fight about it for 2+ hours.

(Not fighting is Dwayne Johnson, who won’t appear in Fast 9, perhaps because he may or may not get along with Vin Diesel.)

Oh, and there’s stealth bombers and magnets and Ludacris and Tyrese may or may not go to space? Who knows, who cares, let’s do this!

Fast 9 hits theaters on June 25th. Here’s the trailer:

Ryan Reynolds Is Back in the Trailer for The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard

Ryan Reynolds has been in the news a bunch over the past year, for his hilarious social media hijinks, he and his wife’s repeated efforts to help during the pandemic, and for his work with his liquor brand, Aviation Gin.

Unfortunately, aside from his Netflix action movie 6 Underground, he hasn’t been on screens all that much.

Deadpool 3, which will be the MCU’s first (and only?) R-rated entry is still a ways off, and his involvement in the newly-launched ThunderCats project is nothing but a rumor at this point. Thankfully, though, he does have a new flick coming out soon, and today we finally get to see the trailer.

It’s called The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard. Reynolds stars as, well, the titular hitman’s wife’s bodyguard, and in the movie, he’s tasked with protecting Salma Hayek, who plays hitman Samuel L. Jackson’s wife, who is in danger from Antonio Banderas. The sequel to 2017’s action-comedy The Hitman’s Bodyguard hits theaters on June 16th, and it looks like a lot of fun. At the very least it will be nice to see Reynolds again!

Check out the trailer:

First Look: The Last Starfighter Sequel Sizzle Reel by Rogue One Co-Writer

SF Poster

1984‘s not-quite-hit space adventure, The Last Starfighter, never grew past the shadow of Star Wars, but it does have a couple of stand-out things going for it. For one thing, it was a pioneer in using CGI effects – one of the first to create space battles entirely through computer animation. Then there is the scene where an android takes off his own head that haunts my dreams to this day. And of course, it is the single best idea for a movie, ever.

Poster for the film "The Last Starfighter"

The story is simple but iconic: a kid from a trailer park spends his days dreaming of a more adventurous life while racking up the high score in an alien-blasting arcade game. Turns out this is no ordinary gaming cabinet, but a test to discover those skilled enough to join the Star League and defend the Frontier against Xur and the Ko-dan Armada! (Which he does.)

For 80s kids, this is the only plot of a movie that even needs to exist.  The film itself has its ups and downs – the CGI effects aged hilariously, but the practical sets and creatures? Awesome. The cast, including The Music Man himself,  Robert Preston?  Awesome. A side story about the aforementioned android replacing the main character on Earth while going on his own hero’s journey and introducing my 6-year-old ass to the damaging influences of body horror? Up for debate, but I’ll say awesome. As the late, great Gene Siskel noted,  it may be “a Star Wars rip-off, but the best one,” and it’s one of those 80’s movies that’s just stuck with people.

Well, the good news is Gary Whitta, one of the writers of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (as well as the underrated Book of Eli) is on a mission to see The Last Starfighter live up to the promise of the premise.  On Whitta’s Twitch stream Thursday he revealed that after years of trying to get a sequel greenlit, he and Jonathan R. Betuel, writer of the original film, are “right at the one yard line.” To drum up excitement, Whitta shared a sizzle reel featuring concept art for the proposed project, The Last Starfighters.

“That’s what we want the movie to sound like [and] that’s kind of what we want the movie to look like,” Whitta said after revealing the imagination-fuelling reel.  The art was designed by Rogue One concept artist Matt Allsopp and a new mix of the iconic score was put together by original composers Chris Tilton and Craig Safan.

Remakes, reboots, and sequels are the current anchors of pop culture these days, so it’s surprising that we haven’t already seen a Last Starfighter continuation. A few years back Earnest Cline’s second book Armada walked the line between rip-off and spiritual successor but wasn’t…well, let’s just say it didn’t capture the je ne sais quoi of the influence material. But according to Whitta, there’s a reason we’ve been left waiting for a return to the Frontier:

“The reason why The Last Starfighter is one of the only movies from the 1980s that hasn’t been remade yet is not because there’s no interest from Hollywood. There’s huge interest for it. The real reason is because Jon, through some crazy loophole of the way that his contract was written … still controls a small piece of the rights and no one can make it without his cooperation. That’s why he’s turned down all these offers to make the shitty straight-to-DVD version over the years because he’s holding out for the big version that we now want to make.”

The team is confident they’ll make it over the finish line but acknowledged that buzz will be a big factor in getting there. They are hoping this reel can get enough people excited that the suits in Hollywood are convinced we’re all on board for the next Star League adventure. “We weren’t interested in re-inventing or rebooting or remaking the movie,” says Whitta. “We wanted to do a sequel that kept the original in canon; which kept the original storyline and honored the original.”

It’s poetic that the original movie’s biggest strength was the imagination behind its concept, and now hope for the future of the franchise rests in a collection of concept art stirring our imagination once more. As star pilot Grig -and maybe Whitta himself – would say, “I’ve always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds.”

A Lone Starfighter gazes at his ship
(Mike Alsopp)

R-Rated Trailer for James Gunn’s ‘The Suicide Squad’ Looks Like a Good Time

Suicide Squad Trailer

It happens incredibly fast.

The trailer for James Gunn’s take on The Suicide Squad starts and within seconds it’s clear that this is going to be a better movie than David Ayer’s original.

For one thing, there is actual dialogue and banter among the strange collection of weird characters, which is exactly what you’d expect, and exactly what you want, from a James Gunn Suicide Squad movie. For another thing, it’s daytime.

I’m sure there were some daytime scenes last time, but already this one feels brighter, lighter, poppier, and fun in a way that the endlessly dark and violent original flick was not. This one looks zany and wacky and like it doesn’t take itself so seriously. Which is a good thing.

Plus, there’s no Jared Leto! Bonus!

Some of the same actors are back, notably Viola Davis’s and Joel Kinnaman’s feds and Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, (even Jai Courtney is back as Boomerang, for the real heads), but they might as well be new characters based on Gunn’s treatment. Joining the crew are Michael Rooker, Idris Elba, Jon Cena, Pete Davidson for some reason, an actual shark (okay, not an ACTUAL shark), and more. Together they make a motley crew, and that makes for what looks like a really fun time at the movie theater (provided we’re able to go one!).

Check it out, and catch The Suicide Squad on August 6th:

Netflix Is Releasing a Documentary on “The Last Blockbuster”

The Last Blockbuster Doc

Video stores are a relic of days gone by. We’d spend the better part of an hour wandering the rows, browsing categories, scanning VHS and DVD cases, looking for the perfect movie for Saturday night and often settling for something we’re lukewarm about.

It was a thing. We all had our own local stores with their own idiosyncrasies, but Blockbuster was the king of the video jungle. They were the Starbucks of video stores.

90s kids will know.

Nowadays, with countless channels, multiple streaming platforms, and entire libraries available at our fingertips, video stores are long gone. Who needs to drive to a building when we can recreate the same browsing experience on our couch, with our remote controls, scrolling endlessly while our wives yell at us to just pick a goddamn movie?

For everyone who wasn’t alive in the 20th century, the idea of Blockbuster dominating weekend entertainment may seem absurd. After all, it’s the age of Netflix!

Now, ironically, Netflix is releasing a documentary on the very industry it destroyed. The Last Blockbuster lands this Friday, and it’s about the last Blockbuster store standing, in Bend, Oregon. Now everyone will have a chance to learn about what life used to be like.

The description on the doc’s Facebook page reads:

“A lot of people know that Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix early on and they passed on the opportunity. In an ironic twist of fate, our movie The Last Blockbuster is coming to Netflix one week from today. We are beyond excited for people to get to see this tribute to era of home video on the world’s largest streaming service. Just don’t forget to rewind it when you’re done watching it and bring it back by noon on Wednesday.”

Check out the trailer:

Fan Recreates Top Gun: Maverick Trailer with LEGO Pieces

LEGO Top Gun Trailer

One of the downsides of the pandemic, and there are many, many, many downsides, has been the inability to see some of the most anticipated movies of the past year.

The MCU’s Black Widow and Inhumans movies were delayed until later this year (hopefully), Daniel Craig’s last James Bond flick, No Time To Die, is still waiting to be seen by eager audiences, and Tom Cruise’s return to the cockpit as hotshot pilot Maverick in the highly-anticipated sequel to his 80s blockbuster Top Gun, Top Gun: Maverick.

We’re still hoping to see all of those movies soon, but in the meantime, some enterprising soul has spent their downtime recreating the Top Gun: Maverick trailer in LEGO form that can only truly be enjoyed by adults.

He calls himself Onbeatman on YouTube, and in his description of the trailer, he briefly explains the project: “After months of painstaking work… I recreated the TOP GUN: MAVERICK trailer in Lego, one frame at a time. This was created 100% independently out of my love for Top Gun, cinema, and LEGO.”

He’s not lying, he totally recreated it, and looking at this thing it’s clear that it took months of painstaking work, even from the first shot of the snowy mountain range. It’s pretty awesome!

Take a look:

A Reluctant Gordon Bombay, a Group of Misfits, and a New Mighty Ducks Trailer

Mighty Ducks Full Trailer
(YouTube/Disney Plus)

The Mighty Ducks was one of the greatest trilogies in sports movie history (because honestly, how many were there really) and the beloved franchise is just weeks away from making its return. “Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” hits Disney+ on March 26 and we have our first full trailer for the series.

It starts by establishing one team in the area as a dominating powerhouse of hockey. One kid who is cut from the team, and a mom who just wants youth sports to BE FUN, tries to start their own team, but they need a coach. Enter a greatly reluctant Gordon Bombay (sound familiar?).

Only this time, The Mighty Ducks are the powerhouse, fun-draining youth hockey program. And Emilio Estevez gets dragged onto the ice this time by a mom, not by a judge.

Still, there’s a lot to like from the first trailer. If it sounds like the first movie, well, that formula rocked, and it was great. Plus, youth sports has only gotten vastly more ridiculous since the early 1990s, meaning there is a lot more to lampoon and play with. One of the parents in the trailer brought a trainer AND a sports psychologist to her kid’s hockey practice, which seems over the top but also not by that much.

Youth sports ARE supposed to be fun, a point Lauren Graham’s titular mom character makes repeatedly in the trailer. And seeing Gordon Bombay step back onto the ice is like seeing Luke Skywalker pick up a lightsaber again. The nostalgia alone is going to make it a must-watch.

Disney’s “Cruella” Trailer Has Serious Joker Vibes

Cruella Trailer

Disney has released the trailer for “Cruella” and oh boy, does it have some serious “Joker” vibes. The movie is an origin story for one of Disney’s most iconic villains, a memorable monster who basically wants to murder a bunch of puppies, so yeah, I guess it should be pretty dark. And the film, which is “inspired” by the original, not a direct adaption, does not seem like your typical Disney-fare.

Emma Stone is Cruella, who feels like she’s doing a subtly more deranged Joker (too many Jokers play the craziness over the top, where the real scary crazy is the kind that sort of oozes out like Stone’s Cruella here).

The film is set in 1970s London, and the trailer has plenty of foreboding shots of angry Dalmatians barking at Cruella. Stone is playing the villain or the woman before she was a *total* villain, who is an aspiring designer trying to get the upper class to take notice of her and her designs. And along the way, she becomes the Cruella de Vil you got to know in the original 101 Dalmatians.

Stone’s portrayal of Cruella, with her declaration to be a little bit “brilliant, bad and a little bit mad,” feels like a cross of the Joker and Harley Quinn. Disney live-action movies have given us some legit good movies, with the Jungle Book doing big business, and The Lion King (more eh in my book), and Aladdin (also just fine) making big box office scores.

The trailer makes it feel more like a Batman villain origin story than what we’ve seen from Disney before with movies like “Maleficent.” But it’s got some edge, and some danger to it, and Stone is an outstanding actress, so go ahead and sign me up for the movie about how a woman goes from a little bit crazy to dog-murdering insane.

First Official Trailer For Zack Snyder’s Justice League

Official Snydercut Trailer
(YouTube/Movie Trailer Source)

After years of waiting, and years of whining, and years of hashtagging, Zack Snyder stans are finally getting what they want: the Snydercut.

The long-rumored version of Justice League untainted by studio meddling or Joss Whedon’s brighter, quippy tweaks never actually existed. But last year, HBO Max ponied up some $20M to help Zack Snyder, who’d had to leave the production of his movie due to a family tragedy, realize his vision. He went back to the studio, edited scenes, added scenes, reshot scenes, changed the score, spruced up the CGI, and finished the movie he originally intended to make.

This time around there’s more of everything. More Cyborg, more Darkseid, more Jared Leto, more Lex Luthor, more swears, more gloom and doom, and a lot more movie.

The Snydercut lands on HBO Max on March 18th, in its full four hours of glory, and today, we get to see the first official trailer. The stakes certainly seem higher this time around, I’ll give him that:

Emilio Is Back on the Ice In New “The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” Trailer

Mighty Ducks Game Changers Trailer

Disney+ isn’t just in the Star Wars and Marvel business. They’re also mining their own properties for more content. We’re gonna get a new Honey I Shrunk the Kids movie, with Rick Moranis, and we’re also getting Emilio Estevez back as Gordon Bombay, the head coach of the Mighty Ducks, in the new Game Changers TV series.

Bombay seems to be a bit down on his luck, managing an ice rink, when a new group of misfits comes along in need of a hockey coach. Something tells me he’ll get his mojo back, and will help his new team find theirs as well.

The trailer doesn’t show us all that much, but anyone who’s seen the Mighty Ducks movies, or any sports movies of any kind at all, can probably hazard a few guesses as to what goes down. Lauren Graham co-stars as the single mom who pushes her son to form his own team, and probably finds a little love along the way.

The series premieres on Disney+ on March 26. Check out the trailer:

Giant Ape Finally Gets a Shot At Giant Lizard in Godzilla vs. Kong Trailer

King Kong vs Godzilla Trailer

With all of the real-world hullabaloo over the past few months, you may have forgotten that there is a Godzilla extended universe out there.

The modern-day Monsterverse started with Garth Edwards’ new Godzilla movie back in 2014, then there was Skull Island, featuring King Kong, which was a prequel that used a post-credits stinger to reveal its connection to the Godzilla movie, which got a sequel in Godzilla: King of the Monsters. In that one, the big lizard fought classic enemies Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidora, but now he’s facing his most formidable foe, the giant ape himself.

The two king monsters are coming head to head in the forthcoming Godzilla vs. Kong, directed by Adam Wingard (The Guest), in which Kong looks like the child-befriending gentle giant good guy, and the quiet, angry Godzilla is having none of it. The two go head to head while the almost-incidental humans in the story (including Alexander Skarsgaard, Rebecca Hall, and Coach Taylor) seek to uncover ancient mysteries surrounding the two behemoths.

I’m not convinced the pair won’t eventually team up to fight some larger foe, but there’s no real hint of that in the trailer, which focuses on their no-holds-barred brawl.

Check it out:

“Really Wish My Dad Was Around to See This,” The Rock Shares “Young Rock” Trailer

Young Rock Trailer

His dad was on his mind when Dwayne Johnson finally unveiled the trailer to the “Young Rock” show, along with announcing the February 16th premiere date for the new show. The Rock took to social media to share the trailer just one day after the one-year anniversary of his dad’s passing, writing “I really wish my dad was around to see this one. Maaaaan he would’ve been proud.”

His dad (on the show) makes a cameo in the trailer, telling young Dwayne “When you dream big the sky’s the limit,” which prompts little Rock to ask for a vodka martini, before asking for their finest tequila (a nod to his current tequila empire).


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The Rock joked about kicking puberty’s ass at 15 and having the tequila tycoon mindset even as a preteen, and said he “can’t wait to make you and your families laugh a little and share the life lessons I’ve learned along the way.”

His dad, the former WWE star, was obviously on his mind. He took to Instagram and talked about the influence his dad had and how he still hears his dad’s advice.


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He raised a toast to his old man, saying “when a loved one dies, it reminds us how we should live.” And concluded “this toast is to all of you out there and your loved ones who are no longer with us. Let’s live with all we got, all our passion, love, ambition, humor, empathy, humanity, all of it. As the show must go on.”

We can all drink to that.

Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy are Back in Coming 2 America Trailer

Coming 2 America Trailer
(YouTube/Amazon Prime Video)

The Eddie Murphy renaissance continues!

After years in the wilderness, making children’s movies and generally not being funny, the megastar has been making a comeback over the past few years. His Netflix movie about Dolemite was super entertaining, his appearance on Saturday Night Live was one of the best episodes in years, he’s reportedly working on Beverly Hills Cop 4, and hopes are high for the upcoming sequel to Coming to America.

Revolving around an American son he didn’t know he had, Coming 2 America sees the whole gang reuniting, including Eddie and Arsenio as Prince Azeem and his best friend, James Earl Jones as the King, Shari Headley as the Prince’s wife, and some new friends, like Wesley Snipes and Lesley Jones. The Prince returns to the States in pursuit of his son, and along the way is sure to have all sorts of fish-out-of-water hi-jinks!

There’s even an appearance by the barbershop crew from the first movie, with Murphy and Hall reprising multiple roles, and a return engagement from Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate hit the screen!

Check out the trailer for the movie, which hits Amazon Prime on March 5, then pray to the movie gods for that rumored Beverly Hills Cop Bad Boys crossover.