Dad Fills Daughter With Pride and Self-Love Through Music

Dakota and Dad Duo

There are certain things we know about raising kids. We know roughly how much to feed them (one million snacks per day), how much they need to sleep, we know to take them to the doctor when they get sick – but there is so much about raising kids that we genuinely don’t know. Sure, we can do our best to set good examples, but there is no textbook way to help kids grow into strong, resilient, confident, kind, adults. Since there is no one concrete way to empower kids, we have to experiment. One dad named Daniel Johnson found a brilliant and unique way to instill his daughter with a sense of pride – he’s doing it through music.

Johnson, a 25-year-old dad, is no stranger to the incredible power of music. He’s a musician himself, and now he’s using his musical talents to fill his 5-year-old daughter Dakota with self-love. The adorable pair recently went viral when an Instagram video of the two singing together spread across the internet. This was no ordinary song, though – with lyrics like “I love my black so much, so much” and “My black is beautiful, and no one can tell me I’m not beautiful”, it’s immediately evident why the world opened their arms to this powerful duo. Daniel leads, playing a beautiful tune on the piano and softly singing the moving lyrics. Smiley Dakota isn’t letting her dad take the spotlight though – not only does she sing along, but she dances to the music in the adorable, carefree way only a little kid can.

Daniel Johnson is teaching Dakota one of the most important lessons of all, one that we can all stand to remember. No matter who we are or what we look like, “we are strong, and we are powerful”. Daniel is teaching his daughter to embrace her blackness, and to be proud of who she is. Dakota will grow up with this lesson at the forefront of her mind, which will help her be resilient during times of adversity.

The bond between Daniel and Dakota is evident. Daniel’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of his family, demonstrating just how central his role as a father is in his life. This dedicated dad even posted a video of Dakota on her birthday, Daniel decked out in a tiara as Dakota paints his face pink (he pretends to be grumpy, but we all know he was absolutely eating it up).

With these meaningful melodies as the soundtrack to her life and a supportive dad by her side, Dakota will always remember just how beautiful, strong, and powerful she is. That is, Daniel won’t let her forget.