Here’s Everything HBO Max Will Be Streaming (so far)


The streaming wars are upon us, folks. With Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon setting the standard for what video streaming should look like, we’ve got a couple of newcomers approaching who are ready to further shake things up.

We’ve already given you the lowdown when it comes to Disney+ and their massive lineup coming out on November 12th, but Warner Bros own streamer HBO Max is ready to drop some serious players of their own.

The service will cost $14.99 per month—the same price as HBO Now—and if you are already subscribed to HBO, HBO Now, or AT&T HBO, you’ll have full access with no additional charge.

HBO Max isn’t set to release until May 2020 but here’s the scoop as to what will be available as of right now.


In addition to the long list of original HBO series that will be available like Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, and Westworld, there are several new shows being debuted along with the new streaming service, too:

The Outsider from Stephen King

Lovecraft Country from Jordan Peele and J.J. Abrams

The Nevers from Joss Whedon

The Gilded Age from Downton Abbey’s Julian Fellowes

The Undoing from David E. Kelley

House of the Dragon, the Game of Thrones prequel following the rise of House Targaryen from author George R.R. Martin and screenwriter Ryan Condal.


Raised by Wolves, a sci-fi series from Ridley Scott about “two androids tasked with raising human children on a mysterious virgin planet.”

Rap Sh*t (current title), a half-hour comedy from Issa Rae about a female rap group in Miami. Executive produced by Issa Rae.

College Girls (current title), a half-hour comedy from Mindy Kaling, following a trio of freshman roommates at the fictional Evermore College in Vermont.

Bobbie Sue, a feature film starring Gina Rodriguez about a lawyer who seeks justice against her own firm and high-powered client after discovering wrongdoings.

Five stand-up specials from Conan O’Brien and Team Coco. Three of the specials will be hour-long sets featuring TBA comedians, while the other two specials will feature short sets from a number of up and coming comedians.

An hour-long stand-up special by James Veitch, also produced by Team Coco.



The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

The Big Bang Theory

Rick and Morty

The West Wing

South Park

Pretty Little Liars

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

The O.C.

The Bachelor

Robot Chicken

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

Impractical Jokesters

The Closer

Rizzoli and Isles

Major Crimes

The Alienist


Fans will have to wait until the contract between current CW-series like The Flash and Riverdale comes to an end before they arrive on HBO’s streamer, but there are two series that have been on the books since day 1:


Katy Keene (Riverdale spin-off)


Tokyo Vice, based on the book by Jake Adelstein, starring Ansel Elgort

The Flight Attendant, based on a novel by Chris Bohjalian.

Circe, based on Madeline Miller’s modern update of Homer’s Odyssey.

Anna K: A Love Story, based on Jenny Lee’s reinvention of Anna Karenina.

Made for Love, based on Alissa Nutting’s book, starring Ray Romano.

Station Eleven, based on the novel by Emily St. John Mandel.


Dune: The Sisterhood (tying into Denis Villeneuve’s big-screen Dune)

Rydell High (based on Grease)

Gossip Girl (a prequel to the CW series)

Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai (animated prequel series to the 1984 film)

Rules of Magic (prequel to Practical Magic)

The Boondocks, along with two new seasons from original series creator Aaron McGruder.


Doctor Who (2005 series and onward) with future seasons streaming after their BBC America run has ended airing original episodes.


Top Gear

The Office (U.K. version)

The Honourable Woman


Anime fans rejoice! If you haven’t already paid for access to the Studio Ghibli Library, all 21 films are leaving Disney for HBO Max:

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Castle in the Sky

My Neighbor Totoro

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Only Yesterday

Porco Rosso

Ocean Waves

Pom Poko

Whisper of the Heart

Princess Mononoke

My Neighbors the Yamadas

Spirited Away

The Cat Returns

Howl’s Moving Castle

Tales from Earthsea


The Secret World of Arrietty

From Up On Poppy Hill

The Wind Rises (coming Fall 2020)

The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

When Marnie Was There


Doom Patrol will stream on both DCU and HBO Max starting with season two.

DMZ, based on the Vertigo Comics title. This one will be produced by Ava DuVernay.

Strange Adventures, anthology series featuring characters across the DC canon, as well as a Green Lantern series. Both to be produced by Greg Berlanti.

DC Super Hero High, a half-hour comedy following teens as a superpowered boarding school who don’t realize they are being trained as future DC superheroes. Executive produced by Elizabeth Banks.

All the DC films released in the last decade, including Joker and Aquaman, as well as every single Batman and Superman film released in the last 40 years.


The Matrix

The Lord of the Rings

The Hobbit




New series:

Looney Tunes Cartoons, a new series starring the classic cartoon characters.

Jellystone, a new animated comedy featuring Yogi Bear, BooBoo, and the rest of the iconci residents of the titular town.

The Fungies!, a “prehistoric comedy” following the adventures of Seth, a student at Fungietown Elementary.

Tig N’ Seek, which is about an eight-year-old named Tiggy and his cat who explore the lost things of Wee Gee City.

Tooned Out, a live-action series from Robert Zemeckis, about a man who starts seeing cartoon characters who end up helping him during a rough time.

Classic shows:

Looney Tunes 

Merrie Melodies

The Flintstones

The Jetsons

Josie and the Pussycats


Scooby and Scrappy-Doo

Yogi Bear

Sesame Street and related Sesame Street content

Non-Scripted Shows

Legendary, about the modern-day ballroom/voguing scene, popularized in the dramatic series Pose.

The Greatest Space (working title), a design competition series.

Demimonde, a secret sci-fi project from J.J. Abrams.

Crime Farm, a “psychosexual love story” from Nicole Kidman.

New films from Paul Feig, Reese Witherspoon, and Meryl Streep debuting exclusively on HBO Max.

Teen With Autism Surprised With Visit From Polar Express Conductor

Teen with autism receives special visit
(Facebook/ Angie Swartout)

Autism can make things very difficult for those on the spectrum, as well as their family and friends. Public events and activities can present unique challenges that often require unique solutions. Thankfully, there are good people all around us who go the extra mile to ensure all people have the opportunity to enjoy life to their fullest. 

So when 18-year-old Ty Swartout was recently unable to attend a special event, staffers and volunteers came together in an incredible way to make his dream become a reality.

A huge fan of “The Polar Express”, Ty makes a point to watch the movie monthly and has read the book literally hundreds of times over. So when Ty’s grandparents found out that the Polar Express rolls down the tracks just four hours away from his home, the couple planned a visit for the family.

While the trip to get to The Grand Canyon Hotel’s Polar Express went as planned, upon arrival, Ty was simply too overwhelmed to actually board the infamous train he has loved for so many years. After overcoming two prior meltdowns, Ty and his family were unable to enjoy the ride. But that didn’t stop the train staff from refusing to leave without him. After his parents insisted they continue on, the train departed. “The staff of the Grand Canyon Railway tried so hard to help,” Ty’s mother Angie wrote in a Facebook post.

“They even held the train. Finally, I had to say let’s go back to the room. Angie admitting the initial disappointment was devastating. “I cried all the way back. My heart was shattered,” she says. “I wanted this so badly for my son.”

However, upon arriving back at the hotel, the family had a knock on their door. It was a hotel staffer popping by to check in on Ty. The hotel assisted the family in rebooking their visit with free special needs accommodations. But that was only the beginning, as moments later, another visitor came knocking. While angie and Ty were curled up reading the book, the real-life conductor from the train entered in full attire. “He sat next to Ty’s bed and chatted with him. Ty was star struck. He was so excited and happy. Then the conductor gave Ty his pocket watch! They said that they wanted everyone to experience something special and magical.”

“They succeeded,” she continued. “We may not have gotten to ride a train but we got something even more magical… We got the gift of human kindness!”

With the holidays just around the corner, this serves as a simple reminder of how a small gesture can truly have a massive impact on not only those involved directly but to anyone who encounters the act as well. 

No, a Joker Sequel Isn’t Happening Yet, But Let’s Be Serious

No Joker Sequel, Yet
(Warner Bros)

It probably isn’t going to surprise you, but remember that Joker movie that came out like two weeks ago and broke all sorts of box office records, toppling the two Deadpool movies to become the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time?

Well, guess what? It’s probably getting a sequel.

Shocking, I know. Usually, when something makes money, Hollywood gives it a round of applause and goes back to the drawing board to create original content, right? I kid, I kid. Everyone knew as soon as Joker made a mint on opening weekend that Hollywood was not only going to be making 50 different, increasingly bad versions of it over the next 5 years but that despite the director’s initial hesitations, there would be a sequel.

I’m not casting aspersions here. I enjoyed Joker just fine – though there’s absolutely zero chance we’d be having this discussion if it were a movie called “Arthur Fleck” or “Taxi Driver, Only Not” and had nothing to do with Batman. Besides if someone wanted to pay me millions of dollars to write a sequel to one of my The Dad articles, I’d sell out in about 3 seconds, especially if it was this one (DM me!).

Anyway, according to the Hollywood Reporter, director Todd Phillips (Hangover 3) and writer Scott Silver are in talks to bring the further adventures of Arthur Fleck to the big screen, though Deadline refutes it:

At this point there are no deals for a sequel, nor even any negotiations with director Todd Phillips or his co-writer Scott Silver to craft one.


Everyone knows this is going to happen, but what will it look like? Will Batman show up? Will it somehow tie into Matt Reeves’ The Batman? Who knows? But after a collection of hits and misses (mostly misses) with their DC comics characters, Warner Bros. has to at least be thinking about tying Fleck into the larger DCEU, right?

I personally prefer the idea of different directors taking one-off shots at various characters from the stable, without being beholden to continuity or uniting via one singular tone. You can’t out-Marvel Marvel! I say stick with the weird non-comic book movie comic book movie thing Phillips did with Joker. The Hollywood Reporter article even said that Phillips inititally pitched a series of origin stories for DC characters, but that has also been refuted. I say forget origin stories, just do standalone stories!

Can David Fincher direct a Zodiac-type movie in which Clark Kent investigates Lex Luthor’s ties to the corrupt government? Maybe Adrian Lyne can do something with Wonder Woman’s love life or Cronenberg can do a body-horror thing with Hawkman?

I’m just spit-balling here.

Walter-White-Wanna-Be Chemistry Professors Get Reaction From Police

Real Life Walter White
(AMC / Inside Edition)

Most of the time, when we worry about television being a bad influence, it’s about our kids repeating swear words, or taking up smoking. Adults should be old enough and mature enough to know the difference between fact and fiction, and to avoid emulating some of the behavior they see on TV.

Emphasis on “should be,” because there are a couple of guys in Arkansas who definitely didn’t get the memo. At least they have good taste?

Two college chemistry professors were busted by cops for following in the footsteps of one Walter White, the chemistry teacher turned meth kingpin in Breaking Bad. Bradley Allen Rowland, 40, and Terry Bateman, 45, both associate professors of chemistry at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, were arrested last week for manufacturing methamphetamine. One of them even was even known as “Henderson’s Heisenberg,” thanks to a mention in the college paper, in which he said he appreciated Breaking Bad for helping kids get interested in chemistry.

Not everything is the same, though. For one, they’re college professors, not high school. For another, they didn’t cook in an RV. No, these geniuses used a science lab AT THE COLLEGE WHERE THEY WORK.

That’s how they got caught, obviously. Someone reported an overwhelming odor emanating from the science lab on October 9th, when it was supposed to be closed. An environmental services company were the ones who knocked, presumably, when they came to campus to ventilate and clean the lab, shutting it down for nearly a month. Tests came back that the odor was caused by Benzyl chloride, which is one of the ingredients in meth.

Apparently it didn’t take the school long to figure it out as the two men were put on administrative leave on the 11th and are now awaiting their court appearances.

These guys may have taken inspiration from the show, but they clearly aren’t as smart as Bryan Cranston’s evil mastermind. I mean, they cooked where they worked. They might not even be as smart as Jesse!

Watch Tom Hanks Learn He’s Actually Related to Mister Rogers

Tom Hanks Related to Mister Rogers

Sometimes, you learn something that, at first, seems shocking and bizarre, but then you take a step back and realize that it actually makes perfect sense and you were crazy for not realizing it earlier.

This is one of those things.

If you don’t know, national treasure and America’s Dad Tom Hanks is starring in a new movie about national treasure and America’s Dad Mister Rogers. The movie, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, is about a reporter who is assigned to do a story on Fred Rogers, the children’s TV show host.

It’s based on the real-life experiences of writer Tom Junod, who was writing the story for Esquire magazine. He went into the project cynically and came away convinced, as anyone who grew up watching Mister Rogers already is, that the minister turned television star is the real deal.


View this post on Instagram


“The most heartfelt and uplifting film of the year.” #ABeautifulDayMovie in theaters November 22.

A post shared by A Beautiful Day Movie (@abeautifuldaymovie) on

If you go back far enough, we’re all related. But that doesn’t make this news any less exciting.

Tom Hanks isn’t actually Mr. Rogers, but he might as well be. He looks like him in the movie, and he seems to act like him in real life, evincing the same kindness to seemingly everyone he meets (check the social media receipts) that the cardigan-wearing host is famous for. Now, after a surprising revelation, we have an actual genetic reason why!

It turns out Hanks and Rogers are actually related! The entertainment show ACCESS confronted the movie star, along with wife Rita Wilson, at the premiere of the film, with the incredible news. The reporter hands the couple a document from that shows that the two men are 6th cousins, much to Wilson’s astonishment.

The ever-humble Hanks takes it all in stride, saying “It all just comes together.”

The universe works in mysterious, and actually quite logical, ways!

Father Figures: Video Games

“I’m the single father of two handsome boys and a beautiful girl, the boys with one mom and the girl with another.

We’re apart most of the time so we have to find ways to keep in contact. They say video games are bad for kids and that they need to get outside more but I think we keep missing all the good that they bring.

Me and my kiddos play video games together often – both when they’re with me and when they’re away. All 3 kids are growing up to be very intelligent, they make good decisions, and they are well behaved. Yes, they play video games often, they hop on their phones and they are well connected with all their gadgets… but so am I.

And we share our passions so that they’re not just my kids, but they are my favorite people to be around.

They get along well, they play online together, and when good grades come in, I don’t hesitate to take them to go get that new game.”

– Benjamin Salcedo

Want to share a story about fatherhood? Email [email protected]

Check out the previous editions of Father Figures here.

Twitter Remembers the Most Embarrassing Things Their Parents Did

(Twitter/JessicaRS; Getty/PhotoAlto/Sigrid Olsson)

Parents are embarrassing. It’s a fact of nature.

As you get older, you become more and more secure in who you are and simply stop worrying about some of those silly social norms that used to mean so much. And yes, sometimes this results in the absolute mortification of one’s kids.

Many will even remember these moments for the rest of their lives, which is exactly what Nick Harvey hoped when he posed the question, “What is the most embarrassing thing your parents have ever done in front of you?”

He shared his own to get the conversation rolling:

Nick’s mom strolled down to a bar and dragged him and his hardcore, punk rock persona right out of there in the middle of a show.

While definitely humiliating, others had stories that were even worse, or at least, equally bad. Admittedly, most of them involve fathers.

Some stories initially framed themselves as being embarrassing, but actually turned out to be remarkably sweet.

Do you have a particularly humiliating story from your childhood involving your parents? Have you already gifted your own kids with one?

Hero McDonald’s Worker Admits to Adding Extra Chicken Nugget to Every Box

Cody Bondarchuk Nugget Hero
(Facebook/Cody Bondarchuk & Getty/picture alliance)

Like a modern-day Robin Hood, an ex McDonald’s employee revealed he put an extra chicken nugget in boxes during his entire tenure at the fast-food chain.

Cody Bondarchuk of Alberta, Canada worked under the golden arches for two-and-a-half years. While not necessarily a noteworthy time, he admitted to willingly breaking company policy for the customers’ benefit, à la chicken nuggz.

Whether they assumed it was a simple mistake or a rebellious act of deep-fried generosity, the sight of an 11th warm, crispy nugget in that 10-piece would surely be enough to brighten anyone’s day.

The fast-food confession is on the verge of passing 80,000 retweets on Twitter and an astounding 900,000 likes, with countless people responding with various forms of praise and hero-worship.

When asked if he had ever received recognition for his acts while at the store, he responded, “The location was mostly drive-thru so not that I can remember, but I’d like to imagine they went home, saw the extra nug, and smiled a little.”

Other folks even chimed in to share their own generous acts of insubordination as employees in the food industry.

One person asked if there is a statute of limitations on ‘grand-theft-nuggets,’ to which Cody expertly responded, “I hope so because I calculated it and I would owe Ronald about $1,600.”

Well, here’s hoping the mighty clown never comes to collect. Cody, our professional nugg-napper, is truly an American, err… Canadian hero.

Toddler And Family Dog Excitedly Greet Dad At Door

‘Dad Bods & Rescue Dogs’ Celebrates Two Awesome Things in One Calendar

(Lucky Bulldogs Rescue)

Few things are as irresistible as puppies and dad bods, so it makes sense that there’s a calendar dedicated to the appreciation of both.

Lucky Bulldogs Rescue is a non-profit based in Council Bluffs, Iowa specifically focused on rescuing brachycephalic (short snout) dogs from the commercial breeding system, rehabilitating them, and then finding them forever homes.

This year, considering how crucial funding is to keep their mission going, they’ve decided to sell a sultry 12-month calendar featuring professional photos of French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Pugs along with volunteer models showing off their best dad bods.

(Lucky Bulldogs Rescue)

Lyndsey Wright, co-founder of Lucky Bulldogs Rescue and photographer responsible for the adorable shots in the calendar, told Scary Mommy that the ‘Dad Bods & Rescue Dogs 2020’ calendar was a collaborative effort only made possible thanks to co-founding board member Stacy Perkins and a handful of hunky, shapely dudes.

“We just launched it last week in hopes of raising funds to get our rescue going full speed ahead,” she said. “We already have a handful of foster dogs and the more funds we raise, the more dogs we can save.”

(Lucky Bulldogs Rescue)

“We focus on English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston Terriers, and other short-nosed breeds we like to call the smushie faces,” Wright continued.

“All our dogs are fostered in the homes of volunteers who work hard to gain the dogs’ trust and teach them that positive human interaction is possible while also maintaining medical care and sometimes dealing with dogs with special needs.”

(Lucky Bulldogs Rescue)

According to Blue Cross, short-snouted pups like bulldogs and pugs are susceptible to a variety of health issues, including respiratory, tooth, heart, and neurological problems, many of which are due to over-breeding.

Wright specified that Lucky Bulldogs Rescue is always aimed at finding these dogs a loving, permanent family where they “can experience the spoiled pet life after spending their first years being bred.”

One hundred percent of calendar sales go to the non-profit.

(Lucky Bulldogs Rescue)

So, if you’re interested in helping these wrinkly-faced pups find forever homes, you can pick up the dog-filled calendar for yourself on here for only $20 – the dad bods are just an extra Christmas treat.