The 6 Best Doorbell Cameras and Funniest Ring Doorbell Videos


Video doorbells offer plenty of advantages, such as being able to see who is at the door when you aren’t home and protecting your Amazon packages from porch pirates. The best doorbell camera is a key component in creating a smart home.

But we know their true purpose: To give us f***ing hilarious videos we can share on social media. Whether we want to watch a kid use the doorbell cam to call dad for help with the TV or a dad putting his daughter’s date through the ringer while he waits outside the front door, funny Ring doorbell videos are well worth the cost of a WiFi doorbell camera.

We’ll help you find the best doorbell camera for your needs, so you can keep your home safe. But before we do, we’ll share some videos that show you the more laugh out loud purpose of these cameras.

6 Funny Ring Doorbell Videos

6 Best Doorbell Camera Products

Ring Video Doorbell 2

The king when it comes to the best doorbell camera is the Ring brand, and this is the latest version. It has a 160-degree field of view with motion detection and infrared for night vision. It also integrates with most smart home systems.

It has a rechargeable battery, which is handy if you don’t want to hardwire it into your home’s electrical system.

This model enables two-way conversations, which makes it so much more convenient to create funny Ring doorbell videos. Plus the system records video in full 1080p HD video, so you’ll have the excellent quality you’ll need for receiving the most possible likes on social media when your delivery person does something crazy.

Buy for $169 on Amazon

Eufy Security WiFi Doorbell Camera

When you want the best video doorbell, no subscription needed, this Eufy doorbell is an excellent option. Eufy gives users a few different items for free that other companies charge extra for, so you won’t have hidden costs.

You can have two-way conversations with visitors at the door. The Eufy stores videos in its internal memory for up to 30 days each time the motion detector senses human movement in the field of vision of the lens.

We do have to mention the Eufy has an extensive artificial intelligence algorithm installed. (Sounds fancy.) The AI only enables the motion detector when it senses a human, rather than a random bird or cat, which preserves the internal storage space, but which cuts down significantly on your chance to capture a hilarious video. Trade-offs are a bitch.

Buy for $160 on Amazon

Amcrest Video Doorbell Camera Pro

If you want a cheaper alternative when picking a WiFi doorbell camera, this Amcrest model costs quite a bit less than some other models.

With a 140-degree field of view, two-way audio, night vision, and a full 1080p HD video recording, the Amcrest has plenty of great features, despite its low price.

You will need to have some know-how to wire this device into your home’s electrical system, as it does not have a battery backup option. Just be sure someone is filming you trying to do the installation, just in case something funny happens. Might as well get your funny video doorbell videos started before the unit is even installed.

Buy for $100 on Amazon

August Home Video Doorbell Camera Pro

If you (or your wife) hates the look of the typical best doorbell camera, this model from August has a squarish design that looks less like a skinny iPod and more like a … well, a squarish, bigger iPod. But at least it looks a bit different than the usual model.

The August video doorbell excels at night, using a floodlight to create full-color HD video, rather than relying on a grainy infrared image.

For a video doorbell, no subscription needed, this model provides basic video storage for 24 hours without a fee. You also can upgrade to a premium subscription package for up to 30 days of video storage.

If you pair this with smart door locks from August, you can use the combination to see who’s at the door and then let them in, all from your smartphone. God knows what your toddler will be able to do with that combination, once he or she starts pressing random buttons on your smartphone, but we’re sure that hilarity will ensue.

Buy for $198 on Amazon

Arlo Video Doorbell

If you have tried WiFi doorbell camera hardware in the past, but you hated the constant alerts on your smartphone every time a bird flew within 30 feet of it, this Arlo model is made with you in mind. It is able to ignore items that it doesn’t detect as human, so you don’t receive as many false alerts.

You will need a video doorbell subscription with Arlo to achieve the more precise monitoring and motion detecting, but at least it’s a low priced subscription.

It has a 180 degree field of view, which minimizes blind spots. Another aspect of the Arlo WiFi doorbell camera that sets it apart is that it records video in a square format at 1536×1536 pixels.

Yeah, we also find it weird that the Arlo has rounded edges yet records square video. Somehow it all works, though. It’s almost soothing. Kind of like how a particular restaurant places square hamburger patties onto round buns. Looks weird as hell, but it’s oddly comforting. (And, yes, this is a shameless attempt to see if Wendy’s infamous Twitter account is paying attention.)

Buy for $130 on Amazon

Ring Video Doorbell

When you want the best doorbell camera brand — it’s Ring, in case you haven’t figured it out yet — but you can’t stomach shelling out the cash for the latest version, the original Ring is still being sold … and at a bargain price.

The video quality is limited to 720p HD, but if you have an older smartphone (that’s covered in scratches and fingerprints from letting your kids play with it regularly), you probably won’t notice the difference.

You can see what is happening outside your door with Live View.

We do have to make one thing clear. Sometimes having old tech becomes cool, like an original Nintendo NES or a handheld electronic football game. At this point, having an old Ring is not considered cool. But once Ring Doorbell versions 5 or 6 are out, the original Ring may become a collector item, so consider it a good investment.

Buy for $100 on Amazon

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Skydiver’s Lost Prosthetic Leg is Returned by a Local Farmer

Skydiver’s Lost Prosthetic Leg is Returned by a Local Farmer
(Facebook/Chris Marckres)

There’s a lot to think about (read: worry about) when going skydiving. Is your parachute going to open, or did you somehow accidentally grab a random backpack instead? Did you eat too much beforehand? Are all of your limbs going to stay attached while you’re flailing around in free fall? For most of us, maybe that last one is nothing more than a flash of irrational panic as your brain scans through every horrible possibility while coming to terms with the fact that you’re about to jump out of a moving plane. But for Chris Marckres of Vermont, being a double amputee meant that he was just slightly more likely than the rest of us to lose track of a limb mid-air. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened during his very first jump last Saturday.

Marckres was tandem skydiving, which means he was safely strapped to an instructor to ensure that his first jump went (mostly) as planned. Even the most experienced instructor probably wouldn’t have imagined that one of Chris’s prosthetic legs would have detached during the jump – in fact, Chris himself didn’t even realize that his leg was missing until he landed.

Prosthetics are expensive and take time to replace, so with fading hope, Chris put out a social media post explaining his peculiar predicament in the hopes that someone might stumble upon his missing leg. In a shocking turn of events, a farmer named Joe Marszalkowski messaged Chris with some incredible news – the missing leg had been found, New Balance sneaker and all.

In a Facebook post, Chris shared his good fortune. The post read, “Just got a message from Joe Marszalkowski that he found my leg. 9500 foot drop and it’s 100% intact. I can not even begin thank everyone enough that has been involved with the search. You all have shown me there are still so many good people. Thank you all again, especially Joe.”

Chris Leg
(Facebook/Chris Marckres)

Nobody was more surprised than Chris that, against all odds, his leg had been safely recovered. “About the time Joe messaged me saying he had located my prosthetic, I had been coming to terms with the fact it was most likely not going to be found,” Chris told The Dad. “I was beyond excited to have it returned, and equally surprised it wasn’t damaged at all.”

After seeing Chris’s post on Facebook, Joe discovered the lonely leg in his soybean field. Fortunately, he had diligently kept an eye out – had any machine come in contact with it, the leg surely would have been destroyed.

This experience hasn’t turned Chris off of skydiving. In fact, he told The Dad that he anticipates completing more jumps in the future. And if anything like this ever happens again, the people on social media are always willing to lend a hand – or in this case, a leg.

Ben Stiller, Jon Cryer Auditioned for a Very Different Back to the Future

Alternate Back to the Future
(Universal Pictures)

Near-miss casting decisions are a fascinating experiment in alternative history. What if Tom Selleck had been able to get away from Magnum P.I. and play Indiana Jones? What if Robert Redford had starred in the Graduate? What if Eric Stoltz had played Marty McFly.

Well, Stoltz actually did play Marty McFly for about three weeks, before the people behind Back to the Future realized it wasn’t working and Michael J. Fox stepped in.

Turns out that Stoltz wasn’t the only future star to miss out on one of the biggest movies of the 80s. The 35th anniversary of Robert Zemeckis’s time-travel-sci-fi comedy is approaching, and with it comes a Blu-Ray box set complete with deleted scenes and auditions from a variety of well-known actors, including Jon Cryer (Pretty in Pink, and Two and a Half Men) and Ben Stiller (of half of the biggest comedies of the past 20 years.

Amblin Road, a website dedicated to Steven Spielberg (who produced BttF), tweeted out the news about the box set and those auditions.

Stiller responded, having apparently forgotten about his audition, which came a few years before he broke out on Fox with The Ben Stiller Show.

Jon Cryer, who made his name in 80s teen comedies before having a hugely successful run on Two and a Half Men, also chimed in about his audition, which apparently also wasn’t great:

Cryer also divulged some info about the original script of the movie, it originally opened with Marty playing something different with his guitar and closed differently too. It also didn’t yet feature the iconic DeLorean but did feature a sequence that Spielberg later repurposed, to much notoriety, in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Dad Shares 14-Yr-Old’s Comics and the Internet Loves Them

Dad Shares 14-Year-Old’s Comics and the Internet Loves Them

It’s a proud moment for parents when kids develop a passion for their hobbies and work hard to improve their skills. Hanging their pictures around the house or sharing poems with family and friends is a great way to encourage and support them, but it’s not often that thousands of strangers also take an active role in cheering on a kid’s creativity. When 14-year-old Jake started drawing impressive and hysterical comics on the whiteboard on his bedroom door every night, Jake’s dad David thought that others might enjoy them too. David began sharing Jake’s comics online, and anyone who has ever thrown content into the abyss that is the internet knows it’s not easy to win over the self-proclaimed content connoisseurs – but Jake’s comics clearly struck a chord.

With nearly 15,000 Instagram followers and counting, Jake’s comics are a hit. The 14-year-old initially used his whiteboard to share a “word of the day” with his family, but soon grew tired of searching for interesting vocabulary. Jake’s whiteboard soon became a place for doodles and comics, which caught his dad’s attention. These comics were not the scribbles and questionable jokes one might expect from a teen – they were delightfully funny, impressively drawn, and highly entertaining.

Jake told Bored Panda about the origins of his Instagram page. He recalled, “My dad took pictures of them, and once we got around 50, my dad asked for permission to put them on an Instagram page. I was reluctant at first, but I gave my dad the green light to put the comics up. The page got 10,000 followers in two days, and I drew comics on the whiteboard more frequently. And that’s how it all began!”

The comics are entirely products of Jake’s active imagination, and while the drawing process is quick, the ideas themselves take time to develop. Jake explains, “I’ll have an idea for a comic, think, ‘Hey that’s actually a good idea,’ and write it down on a sticky note for future use.”

Jake’s dad has posted over 150 of his comics so far, and his daily drawings are added frequently. Check out Jake’s Instagram for his full catalog of work, and enjoy some of our favorites below!

On wishful thinking

Jake comic 3

Finding loopholes

Jake comic 2

Incredible advertising

Jake Comic 1

And questionable decisions

Jake comic 4

Netflix Has a New Jurassic World Animated Show and Unsurprisingly, Dinos Escape

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

The Jurassic World movies, much like its predecessors, may not be the easiest entry point for kids into dinosaurs. But Netflix is producing a new animated show aimed for the younger demographic that’s premiering this fall. “Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous” drops in mid-September but we have a trailer now. That trailer is…pretty badass, actually.

So maybe not aimed for the littlest of kids, as even the trailer seems pretty intense. But if you have tweens, this could be right up their alley. According to the Netflix release, JW:CC will follow a group of “six teenagers chosen for a once-in-a-lifetime experience at a new adventure camp on the opposite side of Isla Nublar.” And natch, because it’s Jurassic World, the dinosaurs that were very controlled became less so, and take over.

The formula may be a little standard but guess what, it’s worked for a whole bunch of movies so far, so there’s no reason it can’t work here. Let’s all forget the obvious shortcomings of the parents who would send their kids to an “adventure camp” that is not only full of dinosaurs, but that has also never been run before and only has a total of six attendees (so many red flags there you have to really hate your kids to ignore them).

Netflix is planning for 8 episodes of Camp Cretaceous and, supposedly, they are aimed at ages of all users. The show is set during the same time period as the Jurassic World movie and it marks the first TV series in the Jurassic franchise.

Father Figures: Best Dada

“My husband has been such an amazing source of support through our pregnancy and the first three months with our son.

Things haven’t been the easiest for us. Don’t get me wrong, lots of people have it worse, but I’m a big believer that one persons problems do not negate another’s.

After a miscarriage, we were lucky to get pregnant again after a few months. He helped me so much with all my anxiety during that first trimester. Then, I was on bed-rest for the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy and ultimately induced at 37 weeks due to gestational hypertension.

My husband did everything for me during that time and never complained. When our son was born at the start of this pandemic, knowing he was the only support person I could have in the hospital, he really stepped up and woke up with me for every feeding, washed pump parts, and got me cookies from the cafeteria whenever I asked.

He’s helped with everything from day 1. Just this week I tested positive for Covid-19 after going back to work in a high risk environment. Going back to work was hard enough, but this has been my biggest nightmare come true with a three-month-old at home. Thankfully, my husband tested negative and he has been doing everything to care for our little man and me as safely as possible.

I feel so blessed to have him to get through these hard times together, and as much as I hate having to social distance from my own family, it’s been a joy to see them bond even more during this time. He’s an amazing husband and the best ‘Dada’ our little man could ever have.”

– Alyssa Johnson

Want to share a story about fatherhood? Email [email protected]

Check out the previous editions of Father Figures here.

NASA Dads’ SpaceX Mission Was a Splashing Success

NASA Dads’ SpaceX Mission Was a Splashing Success

If ever there was a time to take a vacation from Earth, now would be ideal. For nearly two months, astronauts and dads Robert L. Behnken and Douglas G. Hurley have been soaking up the atmosphere in the International Space station after being the first astronauts in history to travel to space in a commercially-built capsule. NASA hired both Boeing and SpaceX to build spacecrafts that can transport astronauts between Earth and the International space station, and SpaceX’s first mission was a success.

Not only was SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule the first privately-built capsule NASA sent to orbit, but it was the first time since 1975 that any American space crew had utilized a water landing, otherwise known as a splashdown. NASA and SpaceX staff weren’t the only ones counting down the minutes until the Dragon Endeavour’s return.

“I’m happy you went into space, but I’m even happier that you’re coming back home,” Hurley’s son Jack told him early Sunday morning.

“Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, Daddy, wake up! Don’t worry, you can sleep in tomorrow. Hurry home so we can go get my dog!” Behnken’s son Theo exclaimed, which just goes to show that if you promise your kid a dog, even going to space for a while isn’t going to make them forget.

On Sunday, after a 21-hour voyage from the International Space Station, the two Astronaut dads splashed down safely in the Gulf of Mexico. The landing went mostly as planned, with the capsule deploying four large parachutes to slow its descent to 15 miles per hour for landing. There was a small delay caused by toxic nitrogen tetroxide fumes around the exterior of the capsule, which was caused by one of the spacecraft’s fuels – fortunately, the crew was able to clean the fuel tanks without much trouble. The capsule was pulled from the water by a crane and set down on a boat nearby where staff was waiting to help the astronauts out of the spacecraft.

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine was thrilled by the success of the mission. He explained that the Crew Dragon endeavor signified “a new era of human spaceflight where NASA is no longer the purchaser, owner and operator of all the hardware. We are going to be a customer, one customer of many customers in a very robust commercial marketplace for human spaceflight to low Earth orbit.”

That’s one small step for dads, one giant leap for dadkind.

You’ll Relish This Limited Edition Mustard Beer Collaboration

Mustard Beer

Beer culture has exploded over the past decade, with countless breweries springing up, and all sorts of different varieties of beers becoming available. I had a friend who made a Habanero beer – but he took the heat out of the pepper so it just kept the flavor. It was… not my favorite, but I was impressed at his ability to turn anything into beer, even if that anything wasn’t always my favorite thing.

The people at French’s Mustard would have been impressed too, judging by the fact that they recently did something similar.

On August 1, aka National Mustard Day, the people at French’s released a beer they’d made in collaboration with Oskar Blues Brewing. And yes, it’s a mustard beer, flavored with everyone’s favorite condiment (for real, I even put mustard on my BLTs don’t @ me).

The Oskar Blues website describes the beer as “a semi-tart tropical wheat beer infused with citrus fruits to compliment French’s Classic Yellow Mustard. The flavor includes hints of key lime, lemon, tangerine and passionfruit to create a tart, refreshing match for the spice and zip of the mustard.”

Per the press release, Oskar Blues head brewer Juice Drapeau recommends pairing the ale with a “loaded hot dog on the hottest day of the year.” Perhaps while watching a baseball game from the comfort of your living room – while the games last! Of course, if you’d rather eat your mustard, French’s is also offering some recipes in which your limited edition beers can be employed, like Mustard Beer Basted Sausages with Onions.

If you’re brave enough to give it a shot, this limited edition beer is available in cans via CraftShack, or in person at select Oskar Blues Brewery taprooms in Colorado (Boulder and Longmont) and North Carolina (Brevard) while supplies last.

HBO Doc Explores Mental Health Struggles of Olympic Athletes

Weight of Gold Trailer

The Olympics was supposed to be this August, but like so many things, COVID-19 put the kibosh on the summer games. Men and woman all over the world dedicate their lives to qualifying and performing in the Olympic Games, and now they’ll have to wait for them to resume.

They’ll surely spend the additional time training, as they’ve bee doing for years. It’s not an easy road, it requires extreme physical conditioning and intense mental stamina. For many, especially those competing in the lesser-known, less commercial sports, the Olympics are their one shot at and brush with fame. The experience takes its toll.

A new HBO documentary, The Weight of Gold, explores the mental toll the Olympics take on many of the athletes, with a focus on the red-hot spotlight they are under during the games, and the sudden darkness in which they’re left when those two weeks are over.

Featuring interviews with Olympic legends Michael Phelps, Shaun White, Bode Miller, and more, in which they discuss the depression that comes with the abrupt transition out of the spotlight, the documentary is now available on HBO and HBO Max.

Check out the trailer:

Dad Helps His Daughter With Her Tricks