Sony Gives Netflix Rights to Future Movies, Back Catalog

Sony to Netflix

When the next Spider-Man movie comes out, it may feature all the Spider-men from days past. Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield, and Tom Holland may all share the screen and face off against villains from their various franchises, including Jaime Foxx’s Electro and Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock, and Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone might show up too. Because Spider-man: No Way Home may take place in the multiverse.

We don’t know any of that for sure just yet, but what we do know for sure is the next time you want to watch one of those Spider-Man movies, you’ll have to tune into Netflix.

On Thursday, news broke that Sony was handing all of its content over to Netflix for streaming. No Sony+ for that studio! Starting in 2022, new Sony movies will land exclusively on the big daddy of streaming services, once they leave theaters. This includes the next Spider flick as well as Spider-adjacent movies like the Venom sequel and Jared Leto’s Morbius, and forthcoming releases like Brad Pitt’s Bullet Train and more.

Sony will also be debuting more original content on Netflix, and offering the service more of their existing movies, like the Bad Boys and Jumanji franchises, which will help beef up Netflix’s library.

“Sony Pictures is a great partner and we are thrilled to expand our relationship through this forward-thinking agreement,” said Scott Stuber, Netflix head of global films. “This not only allows us to bring their impressive slate of beloved film franchises and new IP to Netflix in the U.S., but it also establishes a new source of first-run films for Netflix movie lovers worldwide.”

At the very least, this consolidation means we won’t have to worry about adding yet another streaming service with a stupid name to our increasingly long list of subscriptions!

We Have Some Serious Buddy Cop Vibes From the First Full “Loki” Trailer

Loki Trailer
(YouTube/Marvel Studios)

Marvel is finding some “Mandalorian”-esque success with their Disney+ spin-off shows, and now we have the first full trailer for the next, as Marvel dropped the “Loki” trailer today. Not only does it look awesome, but we officially get to welcome Owen Wilson to the MCU.

WandaVision” was terrific, for what it was, and currently Marvel is also having similar success with the “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” miniseries. Loki, though, may be the most anticipated of the trio. He was an underrated part of the Avengers movies (after the first, where he was appropriately rated), and the series will give him even more room to shine.

Loki, played by the outstanding Tom Hiddleston, is tasked with restoring the disturbance he caused to reality by using the Tesseract during the Infinity saga. So we get some more of Marvel’s love for alternate timelines and realities, as the Time Variance Authority tries to restore the proper flow of time.

And Loki gets a partner-in-crime for this task, a TVA official played by Owen Wilson. Wilson’s Mobius and Hiddleston’s Loki are practically a buddy cop duo, as Marvel continues to play with the genres in their spinoffs.

While the first two shows were great, Loki’s charm and wit, paired with Wilson, have this six-episode miniseries primed to be the biggest and best yet.

The god of mischief’s show debuts on June 11th, and will build on the Loki story from where we left it in “Avengers: Endgame.”

NFL Player Accidentally Leaks His New Contract During Wife’s Call of Duty Stream

Rashaad Coward Leaks Contract Details
(Getty/Icon Sportswire)

Over the years, Twitch has become a massive platform where you can watch some of your favorite streamers (like The Dad Gaming) play your favorite video games.  This past week though, it would seem that things have changed and it has now become a great platform for NFL contract leaks.

During a Call of Duty: Warzone match, Reddit user ‘ProbationOfficer2035‘ overheard an interesting conversation coming from one of their teammates.

“I was just playing warzone with randoms, ended up with a female teammate. She had her mic on and I could hear her husband talking in the background about a “deal”. The last thing I heard was that if no one else calls within the next 30 minutes he’s gonna sign a 3-year deal in order to facilitate the trade because he would love to be in Pittsburgh.”

Well, it turns out their teammate, who goes by the name ‘Oohtally‘ on Twitch, was Rashaad Coward’s wife.  Coward “was” offensive guard for the Chicago Bears, and that “deal” being discussed in the background was Coward’s now-confirmed move to the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Talk about being in the right place.

Apparently, Probation knew about Coward’s move to Pittsburgh a full two days before anyone else, but couldn’t figure out which player they had heard in the background. Now that the news is official, Oohtally addressed it during one of her Warzone streams, and Coward has been retweeting people making light of the leak.  Despite the mistake, it seems like they’re both being good sports about it.  Personally, I think the icing on the cake to this hilarious situation is that we now have breaking news being brought to us by people with usernames like “ProbationOfficer2035”.  What a time to be alive.

So, what did we all learn in the end?  Don’t talk about anything important, especially when your loved one is kicking butt while streaming Call of Duty.

While we’re on the subject, The Dad Gaming is hosting a Call of Duty: Warzone tournament on April 23rd.  If you’re interested in joining in on the fun and want to win some great prizes, sign up at The Dad!

Jar Jar Binks Actor Confirms Character Is Not Returning in Kenobi Series

Jar Jar Binks Not Returning

We got major news recently when Disney+ revealed the INCREDIBLE cast for “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi” and it’s bringing back some of our favorite parts of the prequels. There is one character, though, who has confirmed he will not be returning; Jar Jar Binks.

Everyone’s favorite Gungan politician was a frequent companion of Kenobi’s in the prequels, and there were some rumors swirling earlier this year that we might see him again. But the actor behind the loathed/loved character said it’s not happening.

“Thanks for the love, but I will not be in this series,” Best said. “As much as I would’ve loved to be a part of it. But I’m ecstatic to see folks who I love dearly back together doing great things.”

It’s understandable because Jar Jar Binks is almost certainly the most controversial character in all of Star Wars history. Yet, as most Dads know, things that were once considered “lame” have a way of coming back into style.

Look at Hayden Christensen, most people hated his work in the prequels at the time. Yet, when it was announced he’d be returning as Vader in the Kenobi miniseries, people were THRILLED. They were legit excited to see these two dueling their fates again.

So, could it work with Jar Jar Binks? Actually, yeah, it probably could’ve. I’m not saying you make him a main character, but with actual good material, a few Jar Jar appearances could’ve been done well. At the very least, bring him back to kill off the character in a hilarious way, which would also be cathartic for SW fans.

The Star Wars universe needs a proper end to the Jar Jar Binks story, and Disney is missing a huge opportunity to score some quick nostalgia points, and give prequel fans (and those who watched them but still wouldn’t call themselves “fans”) closure.

In any case, we were glad to see Ahmed hosting the Star Wars Jedi Temple game show.

Netflix Buying Two Knives Out Sequels For $400M+

Knives Out

Rian Johnson takes a lot of crap. Thanks to his role as the writer/director of The Last Jedi, perhaps the most divisive Star Wars movie of all, the internet is often yelling at him. Many people love what he did with the franchise, even if the franchise itself did not, systematically rolling back most of his changes with the (terrible) Rise of Skywalker capper to the new trilogy.

Despite the fact that there are petitions out there calling for Johnson’s head, he seems to be doing just fine. Not only is Disney still planning to make his Star Wars trilogy, his post-Last Jedi effort, Knives Out, a big commercial and critical hit that netted him an Oscar nomination, it’s also in line for multiple sequels. And now those sequels are (almost) officially moving forward, to the tune of some $400 million, at Netflix.

Deadline reported that the streaming giant is close to closing a deal for two sequels to the 2019 mystery that put a spin on the typical whodunit. Johnson has already written the two sequels, both of which will feature Daniel Craig reprising his role as ace detective Benoit Blanc.

Netflix looks to have won a bidding war for the movies, besting both Amazon and Apple for the rights to what has become the Knives Out franchise. It’s one of the biggest streaming deals of all time.

The first movie cost $40 million and earned more than $300, so it’s no wonder studios were interested in the sequels. The first movie featured a large cast of memorable characters, and it is as of yet unknown whether anyone besides Craig will be returning. The first sequel will film in Greece, and casting is set to begin ASAP, so we should find out pretty soon.

I hope Chris Evans comes back if only to wear that sweater and swear at more people.

“Chopped 420” Is the Spin-off That’s Stirring the Pot

Chopped 420
(Food Network)

Cooking TV shows are having a moment, and while there are many good ones (an obligatory nod to British people getting cute with baking), the GOAT is clearly “Chopped” on the Food Network. From the framework of the game, the judges, the contestants, it’s got it all. And now the network is doubling down on that recipe by moving the bar even HIGHER.

Chopped is getting a spin-off where at least one special basket ingredient will be known ahead of time; cannabis. “Chopped 420” is taking our favorite cooking show to new heights (it never stops!) as we get all the things we love about the show, with the added wrinkle of cooking with cannabis.

To do this show properly, you need the right host for the job, and here they knocked it out of the park by choosing comedian Ron Funches. Not only is he wildly hilarious, but he’s truly a delight of a person (and a great dad!).

The rest of the formula will look familiar, four chefs competing through an appetizer, main course and dessert round, the $10,000 grand prize, etc etc. The judges for the new show will include Esther Choi, Luke Reyes, Sam Talbot, and Tacarra Williams, among others.

The new series will be the “first time in Chopped history” that contestants will “utilize cannabis to enhance their dishes,” Food Network president Courtney White said in a statement. “Viewers are in for a wild ride.”

The show will debut on Discovery+ (a super underrated contender in the streaming wars) on 4/20 because of course, it will.

Disney Announces Full Cast for “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi” and It Is Very Good

Obi Wan Cast

We finally have some long-anticipated news on the “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi” front, as Disney, has a couple of major announcements. The first is the show is set to begin production soon, and we now have a (brief) synopsis! The second is the full cast announcement, and it is FULL of stars.

If you’ve been under a “Mandalorian”-sized rock and aren’t aware, Disney+ is capitalizing on the standout Star Wars show by releasing a whooooole bunch more. But one project seems the most tantalizing, and that’s the “Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi” miniseries. Ewan McGregor is returning to the Jedi role he has been yearning for, and Hayden Christensen is returning as young Darth Vader.

In terms of other casting news, we already knew Game of Thrones alum Indira Varma was joining the show, but now we know it will also feature Kumail Nanjiani, the rising comedian who will be in Marvel’s “The Eternals.” His role will probably be more along those lines than the outstanding comedic performances we’re accustomed to (he was truly great in Silicon Valley on HBO).

Moses Ingram from “The Queen’s Gambit” was another big reveal, along with Rupert Friend, O’Shea Jackson Jr., Sung Kang, Simone Kessel, and Benny Safdie. Joel Edgerton is also returning, presumably as young Owen again.

Not only do we get some killer cast news, but we also have our first small snippet of plot detail; the series will be taking 10 years after the events in the Revenge of the Sith. A full decade after Kenobi and Anakin’s infamous duel, the duo will again come face to face (but not for the last time!).

“The new series will take place a decade after the “dramatic events of ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’ where Kenobi faced his greatest defeat, the downfall and corruption of his best friend and Jedi apprentice, Anakin Skywalker turned evil Sith Lord Darth Vader.”

So everyone will be a little older, a little more jaded, and a little bit closer to “A New Hope.” I cannot wait for this series, as everything “Star Wars” is better with Vader as a central figure.

This comes with just enough of the good parts of the prequels (McGregor) and will hopefully be balanced with all the good stuff we’ve seen from a Star Wars live-action TV show (The Mandalorian).

Fans have high hopes for this miniseries, and the force is definitely strong with a banger cast like this.

Keanu Bringing BRZRKR Comic To Netflix as Live-Action Movie and Anime Series

(Boom Studios)

Keanu Reeves never stops. My man has been working in Hollywood since the early 80s, skyrocketed to stardom with the first of three Bill and Ted’s movies, then became the go-to action movie star with Point Break, Speed, and The Matrix, before re-emerging this decade with the John Wick flicks. Like The Matrix, there’s a fourth Wick movie on the way, and now Reeves has lined up another badass project.

This one’s a little bit different though. This one is based on a comic book he wrote himself!

A few months back we told you about Brzrkr, the comic book Keanu was writing with Matt Kindt. It’s a “brutally epic saga about an immortal warrior’s 80,000 year fight through the ages. The man known only as ‘B’ (Reeves) is half-mortal and half-god, cursed and compelled to violence… even at the sacrifice of his sanity. But after wandering the earth for centuries, B may have finally found a refuge – working for the U.S. government to fight the battles too violent and too dangerous for anyone else. In exchange, B will be granted the one thing he desires – the truth about his endless blood-soaked existence…and how to end it.”

The comic is a limited 12-edition series, but that’s not going to be the end of the story. According to Variety, Reeves has landed a deal with Netflix to develop Brzrkr into two separate projects, first, a live-action movie he’ll star in, and an anime series to which Reeves will lend his voice.

The comic has been a big success since it launched in early March, and based on Keanu’s track record with action movies, Netflix surely has a good chance at a hit movie as well. It certainly sounds like a killer project well suited to the stoic star.

No word yet on when either BRZRKR project will hit Netflix, but Matrix 4 is due this fall, and John Wick 4 is set to begin filming soon.

Zack Snyder Added a Tribute to His Late Daughter in the Justice League

Snyder Song For Daughter
(HBO Max Twitter/ZackSnyder,)

The Snyder Cut started as a rumor and was thought to nothing more than fan-service. Now here we are, mere days after it dropped on HBO, with the general consensus being a positive change from the Joss Whedon version.  The four-hour darker take on our superhero smorgasbord has been well received.

But Zack Snyder’s most personal change is one all dads appreciate; he added his daughter’s favorite song.

It’s a poignant remembrance for Snyder, who had to step away from the film when his daughter Autumn passed away. The director’s second chance to see his vision through for the Justice League includes a nod to Autumn, as the personal inclusion of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”, performed by Allison Crowe, will be in the film.

Snyder told Vanity Fair about why he included his daughter’s favorite song.

“When you think about the catharsis of it, if I was a potter, I would’ve made some pottery to look for some way through this,” Snyder said. “But I’m a filmmaker, so you get this giant movie.”

“At the end of the movie, it says ‘For Autumn,'” he said. “Without her, this absolutely would not have happened.”

Crowe also performed the song at Autumn’s funeral. “Hallelujah” is reportedly used during the ending of the saga. Snyder’s vision of Batman, Wonder Woman Superman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg joining forces is already streaming on HBO Max.

A Kid Again & The Dad Gaming Host Mario Kart Charity Race With NASCAR’s Jesse Iwuji


On March 17th, 2021, one of the biggest events in Mario Kart history took place.

A raffle was held by The Dad Gaming and A Kid Again for a ‘Mario Kart Main Event’ featuring NASCAR driver (and all-around awesome guy) Jesse Iwuji.  Randomly chosen winners who donated to A Kid Again had the chance to race against Jesse.  How cool is that?  The goal was set at $1000 but the event helped reach well over that, with a grand total of $2,244 raised.

A Kid Again is an amazing organization that provides monthly cost-free and care-free outings, called Adventures, for over 2,500 families raising children with life-threatening conditions. Adventures are designed to provide a time out, allowing families to connect with their family and other families and to get the opportunity to be “a kid again.” Example Adventures include visits to theme parks, zoos, aquariums, sporting events, and have recently started providing eSports gaming Adventures.

The Dad Editor in Chief Joel Willis and The Dad Gaming Twitch Announcer Justin Hinchcliffe hosted the event, and there were 3 separate series that featured 4 races each. Each series raced against Jesse separately.

First up was the ‘A Kid Again Series’ and here’s a look at the all-star line-up.

Two of the racers from the ‘A Kid Again Series’ PJ and Remy are huge Mario fans and had been honing their drifting skills in preparation for the main event…

… and Ciarlo had a great time too!

Top 5 finishers for ‘A Kid Again Series’:

1. Bowser jr. (46 points)
2. PJ (34 points)
3. Ciarlo (31 points)
3. jayden (31 points)
5. cueball13 (22 points)

Up next was ‘The Dad Kids Series’, which featured kids from ‘The Dad Gaming’ community.

Look how cool these kids are. So much cooler than we’ll ever be. And they’re fast too!

Top 5 finishers for ‘The Dad Kids Series’:

1. Rayray (55 points)
2. Inkgirl7d7 (53 points)
3. Nabbit (38 points)
4. MarshMdnss (32 points)
5. jesseiwuji (26 points)

All of the kids from both A Kid Again and The Dad who participated in this event did a fantastic job. Many of them walked away being able to say that they bested a NASCAR driver in a race! They definitely showed Jesse and all of the Twitch viewers what pro Mario Kart racers look like.

Last, but certainly not least, was the ‘No Mercy Series’ featuring dads (and 12-year-old Mario Kart prodigy Sneakz) from The Dad Gaming community.

Top 5 finishers for ‘No Mercy Series’:

1. Sneakz (55 points)
2. HFPenguin (44 points)
3. IsItJosh? (39 points)
3. MickyWinz (39 points)
5. BuDhaSTANK (34 points)

Don’t let Joel’s charming smile up above fool you. Joel was Jesse’s cameraman and pace car for the whole event, but he had absolutely no problem blasting him with literally every single item in the game to keep him on his toes.

Jesse might have been up against some tough competition, but he showed true sportsmanship throughout the races. When Justin asked Jesse if he had any words of wisdom for the kids watching, here’s what he had to say.

Overall, the event was a big success and a ton of fun for everyone.  Bringing people together, making a difference, and having a positive impact is what The Dad is all about.

Joel had this to say:

“Giving back has always been an important part of The Dad and our community. The values, mission, and goals of A Kid Again are exactly in line with what we’re all about. They strive to provide opportunities for every child with a life-threatening condition to be A Kid Again. At The Dad Gaming we’re all about family, and using gaming to bond with our kids and create unforgettable memories and experiences. What better way to be a kid again? Proud to help raise money and awareness for this important organization.”

A big thank you to A Kid Again, Jesse Iwuji, and everyone who participated!!!

If you’d like to watch the entire Mario Kart Main Event feat. Jesse Iwuji, here’s the link to the video at The Dad Gaming – YouTube.

Here is a version of just the highlights:

If you want to find out more about A Kid Again or would like to donate, click here.

And as always, you can follow The Dad Gaming on Facebook, join The Dad Gaming community group, or join The Dad Gaming – Mario Kart group to make sure you don’t miss out on awesome events like this in the future.

Mighty Ducks Trilogy Drops on Hulu While Original Ducks Lace-up for Reboot

Mighty Ducks Trilogy Hulu

Ducks. Fly. Together. It was the mantra of the original Mighty Ducks trilogy of the 90s and that has never been more true with the new Mighty Ducks: Game Changers series about to hit Disney+. It’s been reported that most of the cast will be returning for an episode of the new show and, to get you in the hockey mood, the original trilogy is NOW STREAMING for the first time ever.

All three Mighty Ducks movies are streaming on Hulu and on ESPN+. Hulu is quickly establishing itself as a contender when it comes to nostalgia viewing, as it’s also the home for the quirky yet beloved King of the Hill.

Game Changers is a reunion of sorts as Steven Brill, who wrote the original trilogy, is writing the new show and producing it along with stars Emilio Estevez and Lauren Graham (she’s new this time around).

Much of the original cast will be back for a reunion arc in episode 6, according to Entertainment Weekly. The characters coming back include Adam Banks, Connie, Guy, Kenny Wu, Averman, and Fulton. Apparently, there is a “Spirit of the Ducks” gala, only Gordon Bombay isn’t invited because the Ducks are ultra-competitive now and he’s coaching the ragtag new bunch.

Estevez said he eventually reconnects with his old players and is reminded of the values he instilled in them that led them to become productive adults and that he forgot some of the lessons they didn’t.

“Maybe he wasn’t feeling like he was as valuable to their lives as he was, and he rediscovers that,” Estevez told the mag.

I’m there already. It’s not a tough sell to get me on board with Bombay and the Ducks legacy, and there’s no better way to get amped for the new show than with streaming the old trilogy. The first and second movies hold up best, although things do get shaky with the third. Still, nothing will make you want to buy a pair of rollerblades and start tearing it up in your neighborhood (if you don’t live in a place that can effectively have a frozen pond rink in the spring) than going back to some of the best hockey movies ever.

“Mighty Ducks: Game Changers” hits Disney+ later this month.

Netflix Pledges $100 Million To Improve Diversity in Their Programming

Netflix Diversity
(Getty/SOPA Images)

Over the past few years, America’s racial issues have been more prominent than ever, and the real world strife has bled into the entertainment industry, which can serve as both a reflection of and a catalyst for change.

A few years ago, after a glaring lack of black nominees at the Oscars, the Academy Awards made some changes to their membership in an effort to improve representation. Things have improved as a result but there is still a ways to go. This year, the Golden Globes were criticized for a similar issue among their nominees, and the fact that multiple black performers took home statues on Sunday night is a sign that they’re responding as well. But it’s not just award ceremonies that need to change, it’s Hollywood itself. And Netflix is making a push to bring more diversity to its productions.

Last week, in the aftermath of its first study of diversity and inclusion in its TV and film productions, Netflix announced that it will be spending $100 million to improve diversity in its programming.

According to Variety, the study analyzed the makeup of Netflix’s on-screen talent (based on gender, race/ethnicity, LGBTQ+ or disability identity) and storylines, as well as its creators, producers, writers, and directors, for 126 films and 180 series released during 2018-2019.

“The findings from this study show where Netflix has made substantial improvements for women on screen and behind the camera, for Black cast and crew and for women of color in leading roles,” said Dr. Stacy Smith who headed the study. “These are important gains. Notably, across 19 of 22 indicators, we included in this study, Netflix demonstrated improvement across film and series from 2018 to 2019.”

But the streaming giant is still behind in other areas, including the representation of LGBTQ+, Latinx, and disabled performers. Which led Netflix’s CEO to make a pledge to work harder, and to commit $100 million to make sure the changes they make stick.

“We believe these efforts will help accelerate the change that Dr. Smith has so long advocated for – creating a lasting legacy of inclusion in entertainment,” Sarandos wrote in a blog post. “We are still in the early stages of a major change in storytelling – where great stories can truly come from anywhere, be created by anyone, whatever their background, and be loved everywhere. And by better understanding how we are doing, we hope to stimulate change not just at Netflix but across our industry more broadly.”

Award show representation is all well and good, but without diversity in content, there won’t be anyone to nominate. It’s a great sign that Netflix, which is becoming increasingly powerful in the industry, is putting its money where its mouth is and leading the way.

Chadwick Boseman Earns Posthumous Oscar Nomination for Best Actor

Boseman Oscar Nom

Chadwick Boseman’s legacy will have one final feather in its cap, as the late actor was posthumously nominated for an Oscar in the Best Actor category. The Oscar nom is the very first for Boseman, a well-deserved tribute for the actor who managed to electrify audiences during his short time on this planet.

Boseman earned the best acting nod for his outstanding performance in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom”, the critically acclaimed Netflix movie. Viola Davis, his co-star, also scored an Oscar nomination for her performance in the movie, as she’s up for Best Actress.

Boseman will always be remembered as Black Panther, but he had a number of memorable roles in a career tragically cut short. It seems criminal he’s never been nominated before, especially for his magnetic performance as Jackie Robinson in ‘42’ or as James Brown in ‘Get Up.’ He was also great in Black Panther, but the Academy usually snubs the MCU.

Boseman died in 2020 after a very private four-year battle with colon cancer. His is the first posthumous nomination in more than a decade. Very few have won after passing, but Heath Ledger did win for his performance as the Joker in “The Dark Knight.” His family accepted the award a little more than a year after his passing, so there is some recent precedent for a posthumous winner.

It’s hard to argue he wouldn’t be worthy, as he was great in his role as an ambitious trumpeter in the film based in the 1920s. Boseman did win the Golden Globe for the same performance, so it could be the final piece of his acting legacy.