70% of Dog Owners Say They’d Put Themselves in Harm’s Way To Protect Pup

Man’s best friend, sure. They are definitely worthy of awesome treats and even a dog beer for an at-home yappy hour. But how far would you go to keep your dog safe? That’s the true test of a pet owner and new research indicates more than 70 percent of dog owners would put themselves in harm’s way to protect their pup.

Whether it’s running into traffic, a snake attack, diving into a pool, or making a daring rescue from a dangerous construction site, people are willing to go to the extremes to save their canine buddies.

A survey of 2,000 dog owners participated in an extensive study by OnePoll and three in five said they actually prefer their dog to someone they know (that’s easy). 80% of dog owners said they consider their dog a family member, and 72$ said they would gladly put themselves in harm’s way to save their dog.

That’s the type of attitude you like to see from dog owners that may talk a good game, but don’t always walk it (especially when it’s cold out). More than half also said they are better at scheduling vet appointments than following up on their own medical care and 65% said they’ve been accused of spoiling their dog but don’t care.

That’s how a true bromance forms. When you’re willing to do whatever it takes to protect the other one, and when you don’t care about how other people view your treatment of them, regardless of how over the top you get.

47% of dog owners said they know the names of other dogs in the neighborhood more than they know the names of their owners (fair), and also that they had canceled plans to stay home with their dogs (rude).

Nearly half let their dog sleep in bed with them.

So while a lot of people throw out platitudes about dogs being man’s best friend, it’s nice to see some research and data that actually backs it up and proves it’s not just an empty cliché.

Alex Trebek’s Daughter Remembers Dad on First Father’s Day Without Him

Father’s Day is the greatest holiday of the year, clearly. A day for Dads, what more can you ask? But for families going through their first Father’s Day without Dad, the day takes a different tone. Legendary game show host Alex Trebek passed away in the fall, and his daughter paid tribute to the lesser-known side of the icon, as a dad.

Trebek’s oldest daughter, Nicky, shared a picture on Instagram of a touching family moment of her famous dad with all three of his children (Nicky is 55, Matthew is 31 and Emily is 28).

“Seems like a minute ago,” she wrote, along with the hashtags “missingyou”, “trebekgang”, and “dadlove”.


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Trebek loved being a dad to Nicky (who he adopted in 1981) and Matthew and Emily (who he had with his second wife). His kids have said previously he was a great dad who was generous to everyone and persistent in fighting challenges.


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His ‘Never Give Up’ spirit was on display during his courageous battle with pancreatic cancer, as he continued to film new episodes of Jeopardy during treatment.

It’s definitely a hard first Father’s Day for the Trebek gang without him, but they won’t be the only ones who never forget him.

Father Figures: He’s a Natural

“My husband is a natural – even if he’s not my son’s natural father.’

5 1/2 years ago I found out I was pregnant with my then-boyfriend’s child. He decided to not be a part of our lives from then forward, which at the time seemed devastating but ended up being the best thing possible.

My son was born in July and I raised him as a single mother always hoping for more for him. On our first date, my husband suggested I bring my son with me so I wouldn’t have to worry about finding a sitter. He was 6 months at the time and such an easy baby, so of course my husband fell instantly in love with both of us.

He has been the only dad my son has known, and that’s all I would want for him. He plays with him every night even after long days of work and finds new and creative ways to entertain him. He encourages him to be himself and challenges him to try new things.

When we wanted to grow our family, we had a very hard time getting pregnant and found out my husband has fertility issues. We underwent two rounds of egg retrievals and had four embryo transfers that ended in miscarriages, but I eventually got pregnant with our now almost-one-year-old.

My husband is my boys’ favorite parent, although he would tell you differently. He makes them both laugh regularly and is a great role model. I’m so happy my sons and I have him.”

– Veronica Albecker

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Bandit’s Best Dad Moments in ‘Bluey’ Season 2

After months of waiting, Bluey Season 2 is now on Disney+!  It has been pretty nice to be able to finally watch some new content, after watching the first season in its entirety 7200 times.  My family and I went ballistic, binge-watching the 50+ new episodes in a weekend.  It’s top-notch stuff and once again, Bluey’s dad Bandit is a standout character.  The writers for this show just get dad life and I can appreciate that.  It makes me wonder if I’m the one watching Bluey with my kids or if they’re the ones watching it with me.

There are plenty of hilarious moments with this new season, but there are also a surprising amount of emotional story beats as well.  The kids laughed, my wife and I almost cried a few times.  It was awesome.  I’d be writing all day about Bluey if I didn’t restrain myself, so we’re only going to be talking about a select few episodes.

Here are some of my absolute favorite Bandit dad moments from Bluey Season 2.

Dance Mode

Bluey Dance Mode Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

When Bandit unintentionally eats Bingo’s last chip at a restaurant, he makes it up to her by giving her the power of “Dance Mode”.  This gives her the ability to make her family members burst into dance at any place or time.  She only has 4 chances to use it, so she wants to pick the right moment.  Bingo wants them to dance in the middle of a crowded plaza, but Bandit and Chilli are hesitant.  Bandit bribes her with money but it’s not what she wants.  Ultimately, they finally give in and end up back at the plaza.  Bandit shouts “Attention everyone!  I’m doing this for my kids!” and The Heeler family bust a move in front of everyone.  Whatever it takes to make your kid happy right?

Sleepy Time

Bluey Sleepy Time Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

Sharing a bed with your child always seems nice in principle, but you’ll quickly find yourself fighting for the blanket… and space… and your entire bed.  The same goes for The Heeler’s.  At bedtime, Bingo is determined to sleep for the whole night in her own bed.  After reading a story about outer space, Bingo is propelled into an intergalactic dreamscape.  While this is happening, Bluey asks her mom for a glass of water to help her fall asleep.  When Chilli returns, Bluey is sleeping in her spot.  Chilli has to sleep in Bluey’s bed and somehow Bingo finds herself in bed with Bandit and Bluey.  Sharing a bed with their dad, Bluey and Bingo believe they’re running through space when in reality they’re kicking the absolute crap out of their father.  After enduring the beatdown, he finds himself sleeping on the floor using a slipper as a pillow and his underpants as a blanket.  Can’t say I’ve used my underpants as a blanket, but I’ve come close.

Rug Island

Bluey Rug Island Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

In this episode, Bandit learns how to be a kid again.  This is something we should all try to do, especially when we have kids of our own.  Bluey and Bingo set up the imaginative “Rug Island” in the backyard, repurposing their play mat and felt-tip pens, pretending they’re bananas or a campfire.  While adults are not typically allowed on the island, Bandit (who should be off to work) suddenly finds himself in this imaginative world with the girls. He is tempted to stay and rediscover his inner child, as he learns about the routines and customs of the land.  Bandit ends up, unfortunately, having to leave Rug Island to go to work, but Bingo gives him a “present” which is just a yellow pen.  In their imaginary world though, it could be so much more.  When Chilli asks what Bingo gave him, Bandit replies with “Everything.”


Bluey Cafe Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

As a parent, it can always feel pretty awkward when meeting other parents.  When your children start to play with other children, you almost feel obliged to talk to their parents.  In the case of this episode, Bluey makes a new friend at the park.  Bluey immediately wants to invite Winnie and her dad Fido over for breakfast, but Bandit wants to take things slow.  That’s the thing with kids, they’ll just make new friends right away and they’re best friends for life and they want to hang out every day.  As you get older, you make friends at your own pace.  After multiple hangouts at the park, Bluey and Bandit are excited to see Winnie and Fido, but they aren’t there.  Bandit and Bluey are a little bummed out because they were looking forward to hanging out with them, so they decide to leave, but Winnie and Fido were running late and they bump into each other on the way out.  So excited to see one another, Bandit decides to go outside of his comfort zone for his daughter and invites Fido and Winnie over to their house for breakfast.

Bin Night

Bluey Bin Night Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

This episode is light-on story, but it is extremely relatable.  Each garbage night, Bandit, Bluey, & Bingo take the bins to the curb.  Bandit is able to catch up on daily events with his daughters, and he even encourages them to help out their neighbor with her bins too.  It’s just a wholesome dad episode.  I always ask my kids to help me take out the trash, and just like Bandit and his girls, I get to catch up on all the latest happenings in the world of TikTok.

Burger Shop

Bluey Burger Shop Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

After reading a parenting book, Bandit decides to allow his children to make their own decisions.  It’s a fun and absolutely terrible idea.  Bluey and Bingo want to play Burger Shop while in the bathtub, and he gently encourages them to finish their game and go to bed.  Ultimately, Bandit realizes that a more authoritarian approach sometimes is required to make the children listen.  You can’t be the fun dad all the time.

Duck Cake

Bluey Duck Cake Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

Trying to get my kids to clean up is a nightmare.  If I’m feeling a little too relaxed and want to burn myself out and feel exhausted, I just ask my kids to clean.  It stresses me out every time.  In “Duck Cake”, Bandit sets out to prepare a famous duck cake for Bingo’s birthday, which proves to be more difficult than he anticipated.  Concurrently, he implores Bluey to clean up her toys, but she struggles to find the motivation to do so. When she sees her father become dispirited while baking, Bluey begins to understand the value of assisting others.  It actually works so well, that Bluey cleans up her mess and Bingo’s mess.  She also proceeds to go on a cleaning spree.  Nice one Dad.  I wish it was that easy with my kids.


Bluey Octopus Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

This episode is all about inspiring other dads to try something and make it their own.  Chloe is exhilarated while playing a game called “Octopus” at Bluey’s house.  She tries to replicate the experience at home with her own father but becomes disheartened when her father struggles to play the game with the same zest as Bluey’s father.  This leads Chloe’s father to research the octopus, which helps the duo to improvise and reinvent the activity in their own way.  Instead of bringing each other down, we can inspire other dads with our actions.  Bandit has definitely made an impression on me after watching the show.


Bluey Grandad Episode
(Credit: Ludo Studio)

Okay, this last one is more geared towards Chilli and her relationship with her father.  Bandit isn’t in this episode, but the reason I’m putting it here is that it’s just a great dad-centric episode.  I have a daughter and this hit real hard.  Chili, Bluey & Bingo are off to visit their Grandpa, but he’s just had heart surgery and should be recovering.  Instead, they arrive at his house and he’s trying to shovel a tree stump out of the ground.  Grandpa and the girls run off and Chilli chases after them, saying he needs to rest.  Dads can be pretty stubborn.  In the end, Chilli finally catches up to them and relaxes on the dock while the girls swim in the lake.  Chilli talks about how they used to swim in the lake together.  Chili says it was forever ago, but her father says it feels like yesterday and a time-lapse takes them back to where she is just a little girl sitting beside her dad on the dock.

Michigan Dad Organizes Community-Wide ‘Juneteenth Family Reunion’ Celebration

Juneteenth has been celebrated for over 150 years, but it wasn’t until Thursday that the important day officially became a federal holiday. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which declared that all slaves should be freed. For southern states, however, it took until the end of the Civil War in 1985 for the proclamation to be enforced. Even so, some chose not to inform their slaves of their independence. On June 19, 1865, Major General Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas with an important message. Two months after the end of the Civil War, the last slaves on U.S. soil were freed.

A Michigan dad named Shaun Dirden didn’t grow up celebrating Juneteenth. In fact, he and his wife Nikki only learned about the significance of the date about a decade ago. Now that they have children of their own, the couple wants to ensure that the next generation both remembers and celebrates the day that changed American history.

“I remember asking my dad and he said, ‘oh, I know about Juneteenth.’ And I said, ‘then why did we never celebrate it?’” Dirden recalled in an interview with Click On Detroit. “So he knew about it, but we never celebrated – that’s why I want to do something different with my daughters. So they can actually celebrate Juneteenth.”

Juneteenth is known by many names including Emancipation Day, Freedom Day, and Jubilee Day – each one signifying the incredible joy associated with liberation from slavery. Rather than celebrating Juneteenth as a family, the Dirdens decided to make Freedom Day an occasion their entire community would remember.

In an effort to both educate their community and celebrate the momentous day, the Dirdens began organizing an event called the Juneteenth Family Reunion. Everyone is welcome at this particular family reunion – in fact, over 1,200 attendees are expected at the third annual event.

The first year the Dirdens organized their Juneteenth Family Reunion, several hundred people joined in the festivities. This year, nearly 30 vendors will bring food, music, entertainment, and so much more to the Dakota County residents. The annual celebration has grown every single year, with multiple organizers now coming together to make the powerful and joyous event a success.

“It all started with an idea…” the Juneteenth Family Reunion Website explains. “An idea to create a safe space for our community to come together to recognize and celebrate Black people, history, and freedom. Our vision was simple. Organize in the name of our ancestors.”

Do We Really Want Them To #ReleaseTheSchumacherCut of ‘Batman Forever’?!

What hath the Snydercut wrought?

Ever since fans successfully clamored to have Warner Bros and HBO Max release Zack Snyder’s version of Justice League, fandom everywhere has been inspired. Truthfully, fans were on their bullshit long before the #releasethesnydercut movement actually resulted in the release of the Snyder cut – they were rallying for re-dos of Game of Thrones’ final seasons and The Last Jedi and more. Some of those efforts are more worthwhile than others, but none of them seemed to have a chance until the four-hour Justice League actually premiered back in March.

Now fans are more emboldened than ever. How else can you explain the #releasetheschumachercut hashtag that has been trending on Twitter lately?

Joel Schumacher, who passed away last year, was a well-respected director with Grisham adaptations (A Time to Kill, The Client), 80s classics (The Lost Boys, St. Elmo’s Fire, Flatliners), and even a few bona fide good movies (Falling Down) under his belt. But he also directed the last two Batman movies before Christopher Nolan took over.

Batman Forever and Batman and Robin are not well-respected films, and Schumacher’s campy approach is pretty much single-handedly responsible for the gritty, “realistic” take Nolan brought to the Dark Knight trilogy. When the main takeaway from your films is the fact that the Batsuit had nipples on it, “gritty” is not what people think of. But it turns out that Schumacher actually wanted to go darker, and fans want to see it.

A longer, darker director’s cut has been rumored for years, and according to Film Stories, screenwriter Akiva Goldsman confirmed its existence last week, and shed some light on what it was like.

“Batman Forever still has a renaissance coming. I really am interested to see whether the original cut of Batman Forever comes out because I got to see it, recently, the very very first one, which was Preview Cut: One. It was really dark, it was a pretty psychological exploration of guilt and shame.”

Forever, if you can’t remember, was the one with Val Kilmer (Clooney came after), Jim Carrey, and Tommy Lee Jones. Jones’s Two-Face has since been revisited by Nolan, and Carrey’s Riddler is getting a massive makeover in next year’s The Batman, which also promises yet another dark and psychological take on the superhero.

Would Schumacher’s original vision have held up? It was supposedly meant to explore Bruce Wayne’s trauma and mental health. But it also had a scene like this, so maybe it’s best we stick with what we got:

Father Figures: A Great Example

“This is my dad. He also known as ‘Papa’ to his 13 grandkids.

This weekend, Papa officiated the wedding of his first grandchild to get married. My dad is a minister. This may cause many to assume things about him based on negative experiences with church, God, and all things spiritual, but my dad is an exceptional example.

He has served in ministry for more than 40 years and I can attest that he doesn’t just practice what he preaches, he embodies what he teaches. He is a great example of a humble, kind servant.

He is selfless, loving, and tender. He is also bold, intelligent and strong!

I am 46 years old and I know no greater hero than my dad.”

– Shawn Kirkley

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Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd Reunite for ‘The Shrink Next Door’

These days, it’s not easy to sneak projects in below the radar. With the internet and social media, someone is always watching for news, and someone is always leaking rumors. It’s nearly impossible to keep projects under wraps or prevent spoilers from emerging, especially when there are high-profile stars involved.

Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd are pretty high-profile, so it’s an accomplishment that this is just about the first time we’ve heard about their new project. It’s called The Shrink Next Door, and it’s a new miniseries for Apple TV+.

It’s based on a podcast of the same name, and it stars Rudd as a psychiatrist who starts to insert himself into the life of one of his patients, played by Ferrell. Sounds sort of like What About Bob? in reverse, and, judging by the trailer, much, much darker.

Ferell and Rudd aren’t exactly looking their best, and they’ve got Kathryn Hahn and Casey Wilson along for the ride. The Shrink Next Door hits Apple TV+ in November.

Check out the trailer, which lacks the absurdist hijinks Ferrell and Rudd typically get up to together, but at least there are a lot of enormous glasses!

George R.R. Martin Is Finally Finished His… Video Game?

George R.R. Martin’s long-awaited fantasy story FINALLY has a release date! OK, so maybe this isn’t *the* fantasy story everyone’s waiting on, because it’s not the next book in the Song of Ice and Fire saga, so we don’t know how he’s going to land the Game of Thrones plane, but it IS the much-hyped game he was helping produce, Elden Ring.

We got a surprise trailer for the dark fantasy game at E3, and we have a release date. Elden Ring is coming in January 2022, and the trailer looks like everything you’d want, without tipping too much. There’s a player doing lots of sword stuff and magic stuff, there are monsters and a generally dark aesthetic.

It’s a combo effort from Dark Souls creator Hidetaka Miyazaki and George R.R. Martin, who is a pro at building fantasy worlds. And, this is the perfect vehicle to showcase his skills, because George R.R. Martin is a *master* at world-building and decidedly *not* at ending his stories. With a video game, of course, YOU control the ending (I mean, in a general sense at least).

OK, so yeah, games do need endings, but there was a time fans expected this project, announced a few years back, could go the way of Martin’s other projects and never quite make it over the finish line. So now that we have one with a definitive release date, maybe Martin can get back to writing that fantasy series he started. In the meantime, this game does look pretty badass.

Elden Ring gets released for Playstation, Xbox, and PC on January 21, 2022.

Toddler’s Over-the-Top Excitement About Dad’s Return Home Is Contagious

Dogs get most of the attention when it comes to enthusiastically welcoming their people home. Whether you were gone for five minutes or five hours, dogs don’t really know, nor do they care – they can’t freaking contain themselves when they hear your footsteps approaching. Speaking of adorable welcoming committees with very little understanding of time, toddlers are giving dogs a run for their money.

TikTok user devinaleese captured pure joy on camera in early May, sharing a video starring her young son Nixon. Nixon stands eagerly in front of his home, clearly waiting for something important. As a car enters the frame, Nixon shoots a wide-eyed glance at his mom as if to say, “are you seeing this shit right now??

@devinaleese@nixondean19 @michaelcollon ##nixondean ##babiesoftiktok ##toddlersoftiktok ##mondaysbelike ##mondaysucks

♬ original sound – devinaleese

After a slightly wobbly start, Nixon is off and running. He laughs and shrieks with overflowing excitement, yelling “da! Da!” as he toddles towards his dad’s slowly approaching car. Nixon’s dad honks a hello to his gleeful little boy, which nearly makes the toddler topple over with laughter.

Nixon has seemingly been waiting for his dad’s return all day, and when the moment finally arrives, he can’t contain his excitement. He adorably jumps up and down, giggling as his dad pulls up in front of him.

Nixon’s dad stops his car briefly to ensure his tiny greeter is safely out of the way before pulling forward, keeping his eyes on his enthusiastic young son the entire time. The video cuts off before the reunion, but fortunately, Nixon’s mom was kind enough to post a follow-up where we see the heartwarming duo embrace.

Finally, some closure

@devinaleeseReply to @dodobirdnotfound ##nixondean ##toddlersoftiktok ##babiesoftiktok ##thursday ##weekendvibes ##part2 ##fyp ##foryoupage

♬ original sound – devinaleese

One of the many amazing things about little kids is that they’re (sometimes brutally) honest. Nixon acts like his dad’s arrival is the best moment of his life, but not to make his dad feel good. To the toddler, seeing his dad return home every day genuinely is the best thing in the world.