25 Fun Games to Play With a Gaggle of Kids and Grown-Ups

After two to three months of quarantine, lockdowns are being lifted (for the time being), but it still may not feel very safe to let your kids hang out with their friends. Now summer is creeping in. School is over. Many pools are still closed. Everything is different except for one thing: Your kids’ infinite ability to be “sooooo boooooored.” These fun games to play are perfect for keeping them busy and entertained. Bonus: If you ever get to have your friends and family over, again, they’re all perfect for playing with adults, too.

1. Saran Wrap Game

Pick a “prize” that’s easily held in one’s hand, like a box of candy, a small toy of a gift card in a small box. Wrap it tightly in multiple layers of plastic wrap until you have a giant ball. Repeat with various goodies until you have enough balls for one for each person. Whoever unwraps their first is the winner. For added difficulty, make players wear oven mitts.

2. The “Baby” Game

You probably remember this game from a baby shower. Each person gets a pacifier or a diaper pin to try to hold onto. No one should use the word “baby”. If you catch someone using the word, you get to steal their pin. Whoever gets the most pins is the winner. You can change the word to fit the occasion: like using “college” for a graduation party.

3. Sticker Stalking

Give each person a sheet of 5-10 stickers. As they go throughout the evening, they should try to stick their stickers on other people. If you’re caught placing a sticker, you have to accept a sticker from the person who caught you. Whoever unloads their stickers first is the winner.

4. Dancing Chain

Player one starts with a dance move — clapping for instance. Player two must start clapping and then add a new move (like head bobbing or hip wiggling). Each consecutive player continues to build on the dance.

5. Musical Chairs

You know how to play this! It’s actually even more fun with adults, contemporary music, and a few cocktails in hand.

6. Honey, If You Love Me…

Can you make another person smile? Good luck!

7. Who Am I? (Post-It note game)

On a stack of post-it notes, write the names of celebrities, Disney characters or anything else recognizable. Next, pop a note on each person’s forehead so they can’t see it but everyone else can. As they mingle, they can ask questions about the name on their forehead until they figure out who they are.

8. Would You Rather?/This or That

Use this giant list of questions to get to know each other. Everyone’s a winner when you’re properly bonded.

9. Charades

If you’re playing with a mixed age group, make sure you keep the choices in mind.

10. Likes/Dislikes

Have everyone write two a few things they like and dislike on sheets of paper. You’ll draw the lists from a hat, read them out loud and try to guess who the list belongs to.

11. Two Truths and a Lie

I’ve kissed a famous person.

Canada is my favorite place to visit.

I drove all the way to California.

Which one is the lie? Take turns until everyone in the room is given the chance to share two truths and a lie.

12. I’m Having A Party

Pick a theme (like the first letter of your name or the same color as your shirt), but don’t tell anyone the theme. Start the game by saying, “I’m having a party and I’m bringing…” and the list something that follows your rule. The next person will say, “I’m bringing…” and list something that hopefully follows the rules. If they get it right, tell them they’re invited. If they break the rule, tell them they can’t come because they aren’t invited.

13. Sardines

You need a lot of space to play this game that is basically the opposite on hide and seek. Only one person hides and then everyone splits up to go looking. If you find the person, you hide with them. Keep collecting people in your hiding spot until only one person remains.

14. Medusa

Have everyone sit or stand in a circle looking at the floor. On your mark, everyone looks up. If they make eye contact, they’re dead.

15. Secret Sounds

Using post-in notes like the “Who Am I?” game, give each person a “secret” word and a sheet of stickers. As they chit-chat, others will see what their secret word is, if they use it in conversation, the person who catches them must tag them with a sticker. Keep playing until everyone can guess their secret word.

16. Minute To Win It Games

There are tons of Minute To Win It games out there and very few of them require much prep. Which will your friends and family like best?

17. Sing Song Ping Pong

Remember this scene from Pitch Perfect? You probably won’t sound as good doing it, but it’s still a lot of fun.

18. Mail Call/A Mighty Wind Blows

Like musical chairs, with a theme. The chair-less person will say, “A mighty wind blows anyone with a red shirt.” Everyone with a red shirt must scramble to find a new seat, along with the person who was standing. The last person standing is the next to blow a mighty wind and pick a new theme.

19. Scavenger Hunt

Give everyone a list of things to find and check off as they party. Let them collect them (if there’s enough), snap pics with phones or tablets or just be able to tell you where each item is located once they’ve found everything.

20. Partners In Pen

Give half your friends/family gift bags with a secret item inside. Partner them with another person who doesn’t know what’s inside. Have partners sit back to back. While one person describes their item, their partner must try to guess what it is.

21. The Superlative Game

This works great for tweens, teens, and also as an ice breaker in large work setting. Divide into groups of over 9 and have the teams arrange themselves based on birth month, age, shoe size, whatever makes the most sense for your group. The team that finishes the fastest wins.

22. Capture The Flag

Seriously. Why don’t we play this once we leave behind grade school P.E.? It’s one of our favorite memories from school and it exerts a ton of energy. The more people you have playing, the bigger space you need, but that can be relatively easy to find.

23. Hula Hoop Race

Split your party into two or more teams and have the teams stand in a line with everyone holding hands. (You’ll need to wait until the days of social distancing are but a memory.) Give the first person in each team chain a hula hoop. The first team to get each player through the hula hoop and travel the hoop to the opposite end of their line is the winner. No letting go!

24. If It Were Me…

This can’t be played in too large of a group, but if you have around ten people (or less), it can be a ton of fun. There are no teams and no winners. It’s just a chance to be silly. Take turns telling a funny or embarrassing story from their lives. (Real is better, but made up is fine.) Then let others chime in with ridiculous ways they would have handled the same situation.

25. Truth or Dare

Listen, why reinvent the wheel here? Truth or dare is a classic game that can be kept clean for wholesome family fan or turned up a notch for a group of adults. Of course, if it’s just you and your bae you can throw some spice into game night and and play dirty truth or dare to really kick it up a notch. Either way, this party game is super popular for a reason.

Teaser for ‘Spider-Man Into the Sider-verse 2’ Brings Back Miles and the Gang

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for the next MCU Spider-Man movie. Spider-man: No Way Home hits theaters soon, and with it comes Marvel’s big-onscreen foray into the multiverse, with multiple Spider-mans (or so the rumors say), multiple villains from across different franchises, and far-reaching implications that will impact the future of the MCU.

It sounds awesome, and is going to be fun to watch, but for once, the MCU is playing catch-up. Because Into the Spider-verse did it first.

Back in 2019, Sony released Lord and Miller’s ambitious animated movie Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse, which brought Miles Morales to the big screen alongside various other incarnations of the beloved wall-crawler, including a Gwen Stacy version, a film-noir version (Nic Cage!), a pig-version (John Mulaney!), and more. The movie was a sensation; it immediately vaulted to the top of ”best superhero movies” lists and even won an Oscar. A sequel was inevitable, especially after the movie teased the introduction of Spider-man 2099.

Now we have our first look at that sequel. Sony released a teaser trailer, and Spidey 2099 (Oscar Isaac!) is front and center. It seems he plays a big role in the sequel, somehow pulling Miles and the others back into the multiverse. There isn’t much to this new teaser but it still has us pumped!

Spider-man: Across the Spider-verse hits theaters in December 2022. Check out the teaser:

Brother’s Emotional Obituary for “A Special Sister” Goes Viral

Few things are harder to write than an obituary. But the way a brother summed up the life of his “special sister” was moving and emotional in a way that few things are, and it quickly went viral. A writer at the LA Times was so moved by Erik’s obituary for his sister Karen that he shared it on Twitter.

Erik started it simply enough: “In memory of my sister who never had wants or misgivings.” He wrote she was born with cerebral palsy and could only say three words. Mom. Donalds (she loved McDonald’s) and Piano (she also loved music).

Erik wrote about how hard it was to see her during the pandemic. And the most poignant part was explaining to her how their mom passed away in the spring. On his last visit with his sister, she started saying “mom, mom.”

“I held her hand and told her mom isn’t here anymore,” he wrote. “Karen totally out of the norm put her head on my shoulder and tears ran down her cheek. Yes she understood.”

Karen passed away two weeks later, and Erik said he thinks it’s because she “wanted to be with mom.”

“Karen, I wish I could have made you laugh one more time. I needed you too.

Love, your brother Erik.”

The tribute went viral and was shared tens of thousands of times. Erik was able to tell more of Karen’s story on TV and in other interviews. And thousands of readers thanked him for sharing some of his sister with the world and shared how his story affected them.

The original tweet and the thousands of replies are full of similarly touching stories and tributes to others who have gone too soon, or who left us wanting one more laugh.

Chris: Complicated

“Growing up, the father figure situation was… complicated.

For years, I struggled with finding direction, a purpose. I went from living in a car to graduating nursing school.

I now have a wonderful wife, a house, a career and a purpose. I’ve been a dad for three years now, I have thousands of pictures on my iPhone, and I look forward to taking many more.

I will do my best to take in every moment, and never forget to say I love you.”

– Chris Riden

Big-Hearted Dad Spends 44 Thanksgivings Serving Free Dinners to People in Need

Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on gratitude. But for Marty Rogers, a dad and Bronx native, focusing on gratitude served as a call to action of sorts. As a life-long resident of the Bronx, Marty feels a deep connection to his community. He sees his neighbors, both strangers and friends, as family – and on Thanksgiving, no family member is turned away.

In 1977, Marty and several of his friends from church floated the idea of serving Thanksgiving dinner to residents of the church’s senior center. 44 years ago, a crew of volunteers came together to turn the idea into a reality. Ever since, Marty has continued the tradition – at first, Marty and his fellow volunteers served their free Thanksgiving dinner to seniors in the community. They eventually expanded their efforts, extending the offer to those experiencing homelessness.

“They come in the door, they get welcomed, they get a name tag,” Marty told TODAY. “And I get to play maitre d’. ‘How’s the food?’ ‘Is everything OK with you guys?’ And at the end, they come around with seconds of pies. I love to see people (say) ‘I can’t eat no more.'”

Marty’s two kids, Joe and Maria, grew up participating in their dad’s beloved tradition. Even as young children, the eager volunteers helped out in any way they could. They saw the value in building a better community, and felt the joy of watching people leave happier than they walked in. Even as adults, both Joe and Maria look forward to Thanksgiving with their dad, and roughly 250 of their extended family members.

Around his community, Marty goes by many names. Some refer to him as “Mayor Marty” or “Saint Marty,” both titles he’s more than earned. The 44-year-long Thanksgiving tradition is just one of Marty’s many projects, each one improving the lives of those around him. And by showing his kids how good it feels to give back, he’s passed those same values on to them.

“I would describe my father as someone who truly embodies the spirit of giving, in every aspect,” Maria said, “and just knows the importance of community, of treating people with dignity and respect.”

Shaun: Never Let Me Down

“My husband Shaun has been by my side 23 years and he has never let me down.

We met in 1998, when he was 19 and I was 18. He promised to call me at a certain time on a certain day and ever since that day, he has kept his promises to me.

He promised he would marry me, we got married in 2004. He promised we would own our own home; we purchased our home in 2013. He promised we would have a child; after 13 years of trying, we had our adored son Jesse in 2016. He promised to always be a good, honest, and loving man to us. He promised that nothing, no matter how difficult it was to overcome would break apart our family. He calls us “the triangle.”

2021 has been the most trying and heartbreaking year of our relationship. We lost both his mother and my stepdad on the same day (02-14-21); two separate places, two hours apart. In one day, he lost the unconditional love of a mother and the unwavering support of my stepdad (a friend and confidant). Just six months later, his father passed away (07-22-21).

Our immediate family went from a party of seven to a party of four. He lost his whole family in the matter of 6 months. Gone.

I know he hurts and misses them daily, but I can tell you this: he is amazingly strong and he does his family proud. He still gets up every day, puts his boots on, and goes to work and manages 10-15 guys that look to him for guidance and leadership. He comes home and always greets me with a kiss. He is always ready for a hug from our son and picks him up and kisses him on his head.

Thank you, Shaun, for being the kind of man our son can look up to, to strive to emulate. Thank you for being strong for our family in the worst of times. Thank you for loving us so much that you put us first before yourself. But thank you for making that promise to call me 23 years ago.

We love you to infinity, Shaun. I know our son will be a great man one day, he has to best example showing him the way.”

– Celeste

Want to share a story about fatherhood? Email [email protected]

New ‘1883’ Trailer Showcases Rough Road to Yellowstone

Yellowstone is huge.

Creator Taylor Sheridan’s tale of the intrigue and infighting among a family of cattle barons in Montana is one of TV’s most-watched shows. The season 4 premiere blew up, which has done nothing but stoke excitement for the forthcoming prequel series, which promises to show how the Dutton family first staked their claim way back in the late 1800s.

It’s called 1883 and stars actual living cowboy Sam Elliott, along with country stars Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, Angelina Jolie’s ex Billy Bob Thornton, Isabel May and LaMonica Garrett.

According to Deadline, “1883 follows the Dutton family as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America. It is a stark retelling of Western expansion, and an intense study of one family fleeing poverty to seek a better future in America’s promised land – Montana.”

We got a tease a little ways back, and now, just ahead of the series premiere on December 19th on Paramount+, we get a full trailer with all the drama you’d expect. Get hyped!

Cobra Kai Season 4 Poster Hypes Up All-Valley Conflict

Somehow, its almost 2022. It’s been a bumpy ride the last few years, but if there’s been one constant that’s kept us sane, or at least kept us distracted from all the insanity, it’s been streaming. And one of the gifts that streaming has given us is the unexpectedly great Cobra Kai series.

Bit of a spoiler alert if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon. If you don’t want to know about the tensions leading up to the new season, go back now.

It started on YouTube before moving to Netflix, and after season three’s intense developments and rollicking finale, we’ve been anxiously awaiting the next season, which promises a clash between the evil Sensai Kreese’s Cobra Kai and Daniel and Johnny’s newly united dojo at the All-Valley tournament, which is where it all began back in the 80s.

The cast is out there hyping everyone up with the new poster, with the tagline: “Fight for the soul of the valley.” The poster – shared across social media by Willam Zabka, Martin Cove, and more members of the cast and crew – highlights the warring factions of karate in the valley. They even and put Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith), who terrorized Daniel in the unintentionally hilarious Karate Kid III, in a prime spot before he’s even made an appearance on the show!

The poster does a good job of reminding us what side the kids are on – Hawk flipped back to the good guys, Johnny’s son remains under the sway of Kreese – and sets the table for what should be an exciting season, especially if it actually culminates in another classic Karate Kid tournament.

Can’t wait to watch and see what happens. Who else is wondering if Hillary Swank is going to show up?

November 2021: Phil Pinti

We are honored to announce The Dad of the Month for November 2021: Phil Pinti. Phil is a wonderful example of a father who goes above and beyond, even while suffering through grief and heartache. His good friend, Sara, wrote his nomination entry and if it doesn’t inspire you, too, we’ll be shocked:

“Phil and I have been besties since 2011. In that time, we have both experienced trauma, triumph, setbacks, and major wins. Specifically, Phil has been able to turn setbacks and trauma into resilience and tenacity.

“In 2016, Phil’s beloved wife, Jennifer, succumbed to stage-4 lung cancer. Losing Jenn meant Phil became a full-time single dad overnight. He has used this devastating loss to propel him into being the best dad to his two children. He has also motivated those around him through his story and his triumphs.

“Phil gives the world to his two children. Nothing—and I mean nothing—comes before them. His quiet battles, which are not easy as a single dad, inspire so many. Whether it’s a social media post, a funny story he tells, or some other anecdote, Phil sparks joy wherever he goes.

“No matter what is going on in the world, Phil makes sure his family traditions stand the test of time. While it’s simplistic in nature, ‘Red Robin Wednesdays’ are now a weekly thing. Every Wednesday, Phil takes his daughter and son to Red Robin for burgers and broccoli (yes, they really do order broccoli as their side!). It’s these small touches that I adore about Phil.

“Phil runs in his spare time. Phil isn’t just any runner- he is THE runner. This man runs 30+ mile races like it’s an easy Sunday stroll. The way he makes huge hurdles disappear amazes me daily. The way he motivates and inspires others is unlike anything I have ever witnessed.

“His dedication, his ability to bounce back, his humor, and his amazing way of handling everything makes me nominate him for dad of the month.”

To honor Phil, his commitment to family, and his inspirational lifestyle, we’re sending him $500. Phil’s tenacity and courage are amazing characteristics in and of themselves, but in light of such tragic losses, they are even more commendable. Cheers!

Click here to read more or nominate a special dad in your life.

Chicken Tenders Are the Latest Casualty From the Supply Chain Crisis

The “supply chain crisis” has been blamed for problems real and imagined. First, it affected things like mall Santa availability, and now it has come for the kid demographic even HARDER with the latest casualty; chicken tenders. Kid’s meals at restaurants everywhere shuddered at the news that chicken tenders were the latest item threatened by the supply chain crisis.

Sure, we should’ve seen it coming. After all, chicken wings were an early casualty, causing some to go to different parts of the chicken. And now, the tenders are at-risk. It especially hurts the picky eaters in your family, as some kids refuse to eat anything but chicken tenders. The mac-and-cheese crew is safe (for now), but surely they can sympathize with the predicament facing parents.

The problem here is two-fold. First, it’s getting more difficult to find tenders on the shelves and still on the menu at restaurants. Second, even if places have them, they are going to be more expensive. Typically, prices are up at least 30 percent or so from a year ago.

The problem has gotten so bad that some pretty big fast-food chains have dropped tenders from their promotions, given the uncertainty around them. The most notable of those includes KFC, a chain that clearly sells plenty of ‘em.

Tenders already cost more to process and package, which hurts the availability slash price even more.

A vice president from Hattie B’s Hot Chicken, the very popular chain based in Nashville, told NBC there is “no safe harbor” in the supply chain.

“We see it across the board, but certainly you feel the pain the most in tenders,” he said.

You feel that pain even more if it’s all your kid will eat.