Sealed Copy of Super Mario Bros 3. Breaks World Record by Selling for $156,000

Collectors and fans of nostalgia alike clamor for unique pieces of memorabilia and rare consoles to fill their shelves and their hearts. I mean, there’s a reason that collectibles exist – we simply cannot get enough of the things we love.

The Super Mario franchise is one of many that has not only withstood the test of time but grown exponentially throughout the years. Though the franchise is undoubtedly excellent, a big part of what makes Super Mario so great is the nostalgia that comes with it. It reminds us of simpler times, and of the games, we fell in love with as kids. The people at Nintendo know just how much nostalgia plays into the love of the game, and even re-released a celebratory Super Mario Game & Watch for the franchise’s 35th anniversary.

On November 20th, the price of nostalgia was steep – so steep, in fact, that it set a world record. A sealed copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 went up for auction and sold for a staggering $156,000. Prior to the sale of this spectacular piece of history, the record price of a video game sold at an auction was $114,000. Surprisingly, the previous record was set earlier this year. Somewhat unsurprisingly, given the popularity of the franchise, the record-setting game was yet another of the Super Mario variety.

It’s fitting, really, that the same record was broken multiple times with games from the Super Mario franchise. Over 330 million copies of Super Mario games have been sold over the years, making it one of the top three best-selling video game franchises in history. The characters are iconic, and even 35 years after the original Super Mario hit shelves, new versions are still being released.

In the sale orchestrated by Heritage Auctions, multiple records were broken. With the bidding starting at $62,500 and 20 bidders duking it out for a chance to take home the prize, not only did this pristine copy of Super Mario Bros. 3 sell for a record-breaking price, but the bidding war led to the first-ever million-dollar video game auction.

“While the condition of the game is remarkable, what makes this copy even more singular is the layout of the packaging itself: Exceedingly rare are sealed copies with the word ‘Bros.’ formatted to the left, covering one of Mario’s signature white gloves,” A press release from Heritage Auctions stated. “Collectors have spent years looking for such a version — the earliest in the Super Mario Bros. 3 production history – and usually come up empty-handed.”

Dad’s Reaction To Holding His Newborn Baby Is Giving Us Heartwarming Flashbacks

You can read books, take classes, and talk to dozens of other parents, but nothing can prepare you for the feelings that emerge when you hold your newborn baby for the very first time. It’s something that sticks with you forever, keeping you going when things feel impossible. After months of imagining that very moment, it feels almost dream-like. That fragile little human in your arms, those enormous eyes looking into yours, it changes something inside of you forever.

In a TikTok posted by Addy Shiloh, viewers are invited to share a touching moment with a dad named Matt Foster. Immediately following the birth of his son, Matt anxiously waits for a nurse to finish swaddling the infant. He stares down at his tiny baby boy, his eyes filled with a mix of intense love and joy.

@addyshiloh“You just changed my whole life.”😭💗 ##foryoupage ##foryou ##dad ##baby

♬ You Are My Sunshine – Music Travel Love

The nurse finishes wrapping the baby and places him into his dad’s arms, the arms that will hold and protect him for decades to come. Matt begins to tear up, overwhelmed and overjoyed. He looks around briefly, both laughing and crying as if he can’t quite believe it’s really happening.

Matt looks down at his son with his tear-filled eyes, taking in the incredible moment. He rocks gently back and forth, putting his infant son completely at peace.

“You just changed my whole life,” Matt utters almost inaudibly.

The video in its entirety is under a minute long, but it’s overflowing with emotion that touched parents and non-parents around the world. “I cried when my little one was born too,” commented one viewer. “We all did bro… we all felt like this. I hadn’t cried in over 10 years before my daughter was born. Cried like a baby that day,” recalled another.

Kids change us. They change who we are, what we value, how we live. We spend less time watching football and more time watching Bluey, we happily do things that would’ve made our prior selves roll our eyes. And honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Chris Hemsworth Trolls Chris Evans Amid Many 40th Birthday Messages

It’s been over two years since Chris Evans appeared in a Marvel movie. While his Captain America did not die at the end of Endgame, he was definitely done being Captain America, given that he’d gone back to live a normal life with the love of his life, and when Endgame ended, he was finally a senior citizen in body as well as age.

In real life, of course, Chris Evans is hardly a senior citizen. But he’s no spring chicken either! Especially not after last weekend, when the Massachusetts native and MCU legend turned 40. That’s nowhere near Steve Roger’s impressive 103 years of age, but it’s one year closer!

The internet wasn’t about to let Evans’s birthday go unnoticed. Birthday wishes abounded all over social media.

From Marvel itself:

To famous friends:

To adoring fans:

To co-stars:

One famous friend decided to have some fun with his co-star and mix him up with another MCU Chris. Chris Hemsworth, aka Thor, shared happy birthday wishes for Chris Evans, only he posted a photo of Chris Pratt, aka Star-Lord.


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It was all in good fun, of course. I’m sure none of the Chrises involved took offense. Except maybe Chris Pine. But he’s in DC so who cares.

Father Figures: Different World

“My husband became a father when our sons were 5 and 7. He was stationed in Afghanistan when we first started talking and from the first time he Skyped my boys, I knew I was going to marry him.

It was a completely different world for him. Going from a bachelor living the Army life to father figure for two little boys was a challenge but one he never gave up on.

Almost overnight he went from all-nighters with his friends, no responsibilities, and fully accepting death was always around the corner as he dodged bullets in the dessert to coaching t-ball games, telling bedtime stories and fixing boo boos.

It was a massive adjustment and it wasn’t always easy, but he chose to grow up and pick this life.

He is a man of many hats including police officer, National Guard Sergeant, and wood worker, but he found his true calling when he became a father to two little boys who desperately needed him. He and his family never once treated them like anything other than his own.

We got married in 2014 and, without hesitation, he adopted our boys only a year and a half after meeting them. We’ve been married 7 years now and welcomed our third son three years ago.

Our family is his driving force daily and making sure our boys have the support and guidance they need to become great men is his purpose in this life. I am forever grateful for the man our boys get to call Dad.”

– Kim Copeland

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Big-Hearted 8-Year-Old Donates Over 300 Stuffed Animals for His Birthday

Birthdays as a kid are like your own personal Christmas. A party themed to your specifications, a day of activities tailored to you, and of course, the highly-anticipated presents. But for two years in a row, 8-year-old Hunter from Kenosha made an unusual request on his birthday wish list. He wanted stuffed animals, loads of them – but none of the stuffies were for him.

Last year on his birthday, Hunter wanted to do something to help kids in need. He settled on donating stuffed animals to the Kenosha Police Department, toys that would be given away to kids coping with frightening and distressing situations. Last year, Hunter impressively collected 111 of them – each one making an impact on kids who needed comfort.

This year, Hunter aimed higher. With the help of his mom, Melissa Peterson, Hunter held a drive-by parade where donors could drop off stuffed animals for the 8-year-old’s birthday project. Hunter’s giving spirit and humble selflessness roused his community, gaining enough attention to almost triple his last donation.

Hunter’s mom proudly shared photos of the 8-year-old with his massive pile of stuffed toys before donating them. Hunter smiles adorably, clearly satisfied with his handiwork. Hunter blew his previous donation out of the water, collecting a whopping 308 stuffies.

“It is just something he came up with last year on his own a week before his birthday and I just ran with it,” Hunter’s mom told CBS 58. “He loves [to] give back and helping others and he loves the police department and wants to be a police officer when he is older.”

A Conversation About Fatherhood With President Barack Obama – June 17th at 8pm EST

On June 17th at 8pm EST, The Dad is partnering with Fatherly to co-host a conversation about fatherhood with President Barack Obama and five other dads on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, or TikTok. The Panel discussion will be moderated by comedian (and dad) Roy Wood Jr., with a special appearance from Kevin Hart.

This event is a celebration of modern fatherhood. President Obama will join five dads from all walks of life to dig into the shared experience of striving to raise good children.

“Fatherhood is the great unifier. Whether you’re President, a comedian in LA, or a photographer in North Carolina… we’re all part of the same club. I’m excited to see the former president bond with other dads,” says Editor-in-Chief of The Dad, Joel Willis.

In his recent memoir, A Promised Land,  the former president showcases how committed fatherhood has been a guiding principle throughout his meteoric career as a lawyer, activist, and politician. 

“As fathers, we need to be involved in our children’s lives not just when it’s convenient or easy, and not just when they’re doing well — but when it’s difficult and thankless, and they’re struggling. That is when they need us most.” – President Obama

“President Obama saw America through a devastating recession, ongoing war, unfolding climate crisis, and growing partisan rancor, and still he was a present, engaged, and by all accounts great dad,” adds Fatherly’s Editor-in-Chief, Tyghe Trimble.

Join us for a look at the humor, humility, and wisdom that goes into modern fatherhood with a group of average dads… one of whom happens to be a former president.

Tune in LIVE at 8pm EST on the following channels:

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Nintendo Reveals New Breath of the Wild 2 Gameplay Trailer

Nintendo keeps drip feeding us Legend of Zelda:Breath of the Wild 2 details, but it’s better than nothing I suppose.

Originally announced back in 2019, Zelda fans have been waiting for any sort of update regarding the sequel to one of the greatest games of all-time.  It seems like we’re still going to have to wait a while to play it, but Nintendo was kind enough to show off some new gameplay footage for Breath of the Wild 2 during their E3 2021 Nintendo Direct.

The new trailer depicts Link gliding (skydiving?) through the skies of Hyrule.  There are some familiar exploration elements on ground level, with Rune abilities factoring into attacks and puzzles just like the original.  What’s really interesting about this new footage though is there appear to be floating islands that Link can visit as well.  Will the entire game take place in the sky?  That’s anyone’s guess, but you have to admit it does look great.  This trailer definitely feels tonally different from the first one we saw in 2019.  That one was creepy and filled with doom and gloom.  The adventure aspect of the series is much more on display here.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have an official release date and plot details remain scarce.  We just know that it will be releasing sometime in 2022.  In the meantime, I will patiently wait for the sequel and start a fresh Breath of the Wild save file to relive it all over again.

Metroid Dread Announced for Nintendo Switch

While fans will have to wait a little while longer for Metroid Prime 4, Metroid Dread will harken back to the old school days of Metroid.

Revealed during Nintendo‘s E3 Livestream today, Metroid Dread is the 5th mainline game in the side-scrolling action series, but seems like it’ll take a darker turn.  It just looks like classic Metroid to me, so I’m in.

According to the game’s producer Yoshio Sakamoto, Metroid Dread is a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion on Game Boy Advance. “The series has chronicled the uncanny relationship between these Metroids and the heroine Samus, but this game will mark an end to that story arc.”  As for whether Samus’ story will continue after this or go in a entirely different direction, we’ll just have to wait and see.

There will also be a Metroid Dread Amiibo set releasing alongside the game, but the details on what those Amiibo will do exactly haven’t been revealed just yet.

Metroid Dread Amiibo
(Credit: Nintendo)

I’ve always been a big fan of the Metroid games.  Discovering all of their secrets and exploring each area is always such a satisfying experience.  The Metroid Prime series was able to bring those elements to first-person extremely well, but I’m a sucker for 2D gameplay.  What’s also great is we won’t have to wait long either because Metroid Dread will be launching later this year.

Metroid Dread will release for Nintendo Switch on October 8th, 2021.  You can pre-order now.

Absolute Legend Dresses up as Crash Test Dummy For His Daughter’s First Drive

Taking your kids for their very first drive stirs up a lot of feelings. It can leave you nostalgic for the days when they not only needed you but wanted to be around you constantly. You may be hit with the jarring reminder of how much they’ve grown, the fact that they’re one step closer to leaving the little world you built together. But most of all, you’re probably freaking terrified.

Cars are essentially large metal death machines, with one small slip-up leading to countless disasters. And now, the kid who once casually tossed their iPad in the pool “so it could play too” is behind the wheel. One dad faced the danger of driving with his daughter for the first time head-on and brought a little levity to the situation with a dad-level troll.

Maria (@ariiiiibaaby) shared the video of her crash test dad on TikTok, but the teen looks less than amused. With over 5.5 million views, this dad’s antics has clearly made an abrupt impact on the TikTok community.

@ariiiiibaabyNever asking him again 😐. ##ConjuringHorror ##TeamUSATryout ##Dad ##Driving ##Newdriver ##teens ##Dadsoftiktok

♬ Vacation – Dirty Heads

As the new driver buckles her seatbelt, the passenger side door opens. Immediately, Maria’s side-eye alerts viewers that something isn’t quite right. Before we have too much time to process, Maria’s dad steps into the car. Showing his daughter just how much he trusts her driving abilities, Maria’s dad dressed in a full-body crash test dummy costume.

He buckles his seatbelt, preparing for what’s to come as Maria glares in his general direction. He turns to face her, his morphsuit-covered face seemingly saying, “we going or what?”

Crash Test Dad checks his seatbelt and faces forward, glancing occasionally at his daughter who hasn’t yet broken her glare. Summing up the situation, Maria takes the keys out of the ignition and unbuckles her seatbelt. “You play too much,” she says as she leaves the car.

As it turns out, the scene itself is scripted – but that doesn’t take away from the hilarity of it all. The fact that this creative father-daughter duo poke fun at the admittedly difficult milestone is truly brilliant. Their close relationship is even more apparent in the bloopers Maria later shared, giving us yet another dose of much-needed laughter.

@ariiiiibaabyReply to @tripste WELCOME TO BLOOPERS! we hope you guys enjoy because we loved making it💕 @fw._rissaa ##Trending ##Crashdummy ##Bloopers ##dadsoftiktok

♬ Relaxed everyday loop BGM – Milk

Halo Infinite Multiplayer Revealed in New Trailer, Will Be Free To Play

Halo Infinite had a rough reveal last year, to say the least.  What was supposed to be the Xbox Series S/X killer app, ultimately became a joke.  The infamous Brute “Craig” (he looked like he came from the Xbox 360 era) was born from that first gameplay trailer and became a meme sensation.  Really, that’s the only thing people took from the reveal was that the graphics weren’t up to snuff.

Microsoft and developer 343 Industries would end up making the painful decision of delaying Halo Infinite a whole year to make sure it was up to the quality fans could expect from a next-gen Halo title.  While we haven’t got a really good look at the single-player campaign since then, we did just get our first look at multiplayer, and man, does it look awesome.  It’s releasing Holiday 2021 on Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X & PC and it’s going to be free-to-play too.

Literally everything from previous Halo games and the kitchen sink are coming to this multiplayer experience.  Energy Swords, Gravity Hammers, Grappling Hooks, you name it.  It looks like it’s going to be an absolute riot.

The description on the Youtube trailer reads:

“Whether you’re a returning player ready to check out the Master Chief’s new campaign or brand new to the franchise, Halo Infinite builds on the legacy foundations of the series’ sandbox-driven gameplay, including Big Team Battle and Arena. Offering something that’s equal parts fresh and familiar, with a personalized Spartan journey that’s only just beginning at launch – Halo Infinite’s multiplayer will deliver continuous content releases, finely tuned combat, unique modes, and community-driven content for years to come.”

Since it’s going to be free, there will be the option to purchase Battle Passes (they gotta pay their staff somehow).  There won’t be loot boxes or microtransactions, but as long as Craig is a playable skin, I’ll be happy. What’s great though is this means we can expect this to be the future for Halo multiplayer, and if the trailer is any indication, that’s not going to be a bad thing.  Instead of new Halo multiplayer being implemented with each new game, we’ll just play this, and it’ll evolve over the years.  The multiplayer has always been the standout feature in each game, and now everyone will have access to it.  It’s all cross-platform too, so if your buddy only plays on PC and you’re on Xbox, you’ll be able to play together.

For the full deep dive into the Halo Infinite Multiplayer experience to get you hyped, you can check out the overview video down below.  I can’t wait.