The Best Dad Movies to Watch on Father’s Day

Best Dad Movies for Father's Day
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Father’s day is upon us so we’ve been thinking about our favorite movies about fatherhood. These are all great options for the big day, even if you’ve seen them before, and if you haven’t, right that wrong immediately! We’ve even sorted them into categories for you. 




Perhaps an obvious one to start with but it remains an entertaining and humorous look at the ups and downs of parenting. A fantastic cast too: Steve Martin, Rick Moranis, Keanu Reeves, and Joaquin Phoenix showing just what a fine actor he was.

Where to watch: Buy or rent on Youtube

Mr. Mom

(Meta critic)

After losing his job, Michael Keaton becomes a stay-at-home Dad, a role he belatedly realizes is the hardest job there is. Ok, maybe except rocket scientist. Or brain surgery. Anyway, the plot may be predictable but this could have been trite and forgettable – but John Hughes’s script is excellent and Keaton shines, resulting in a great, funny, and very quotable family movie.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

3 Men and a Baby


Imagine a very different nativity and you basically have the plot of this movie – a baby miraculously appears surrounded by 3 unwise men. Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson’s bachelor-lifestyle is turned upside down when they suddenly have to raise a baby girl between them; essentially, it could have been called Clueless. As it was the 80s, it naturally involves a car chase, an odd subplot about drug smuggling, and a dubious mustache. But it’s entertaining and fun, and a nice ode to the joys of fatherhood. 

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon


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Dads don’t get much dadder than Clark Griswold. The goofy demeanor, the khaki shorts, the elbow protruding from their station wagon’s driver side window. This is a man hellbent on showing his family a good time, one who’ll stop at nothing short of punching an anthropomorphic moose in the nose to make that happen. All hail Poppa Grizz. 

Where to watch: Buy or rent on Amazon

Father of the Bride 

(Buena Vista)

It’s tough watching your kids grow up, and there’s no greater gut-punch reality check in that regard than watching them fall in love. Anyone who’s ever been involved in a wedding will quickly identify with George Banks’ compounding frustrations here. Martin Short delivers one of the most memorable performances of his career as Franck Eggelhoffer, the flamboyant, potentially unhinged wedding planner. A super funny and touching flick.

Where to watch: Buy or rent on Amazon

Mrs. Doubtfire

(20th Century Fox)

Sure, we all love our kids. But do we “moonlight as a British nanny to circumvent a custody ruling” love them? Daniel Hillard certainly does. It is so fun watching Robin Williams leaf through his Rolodex of silly voices, slyly antagonize Pierce Brosnan, and extinguish the all-too-common rubber boob fire. 

Where to watch: Stream on HBO Max

Big Daddy

(Sony Pictures)

Big Daddy is a hilarious, heartwarming reminder that fatherhood truly transcends biology. Anyone can be a dad, whether you filmed the childbirth, cut through the red tape of adoption, or simply misrepresented yourself to a social worker so that you could teach a kid with the self-applied nickname “Frankenstein” to hock viscous loogies and injure rollerbladers. We salute you, Sonny Koufax.

Where to watch: Buy or rent on Amazon

Daddy’s Home

(The National)

A great watch with older children, with Will Ferrell inserting his unique humor into a family movie. Mark Wahlberg is excellent too, and his chemistry with Ferrell (first seen together in The Other Guys) is perfect here, as they both battle it out to discover who is the best dad in a blended family. Undemanding, feel-good fun.

Where to watch: Rent on Youtube


Finding Nemo


Perhaps the best movie about fatherhood you can watch with young kids. Let’s quickly gloss over the fact that Marlin loses Nemo in the first place, and focus on the dedication of a father finding his son. He might only be a fish but Marlin’s love for his son really resonates, and it’s a whole lot of fun along the way too.

Where to watch: Disney+

The Lion King

(Wallpaper cave)

Last year’s remake was good, but I prefer the 1994 classic. A lion cub prince is tricked into running away by his treacherous uncle, but it’s this very act that allows him to learn his identity and responsibilities. Featuring classic songs, and in many ways, it’s a classic coming of age story, with lots of roar emotion. Sorry. I couldn’t resist. R.I.P. Mufasa

Where to Watch: Disney+


To Kill a Mockingbird

(Hollywood Reporter)

Widely regarded as one of the all-time great movies, based on the iconic novel by Harper Lee. Expertly dealing with difficult and complex issues around racism and prejudice, mostly from a child’s perspective, it feels even more relevant today. Timeless, compelling, and unmissable. 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

The Godfather 

(Paramount Pictures)

Coppola’s 1972 masterpiece serves as a reminder to dads everywhere that, regardless of circumstance, whether it’s your daughter’s wedding day or you’re simply seeking ten minutes of solace on the toilet, someone’s bound to barge in and beg for favors at the most inconvenient times.

Where to watch: Buy or rent on Amazon

The Pursuit of Happyness


An emotional story about a father looking after his son as one hardship happens after another. Based on a true story, and with Will Smith alongside his real-life son Jaden Smith, it’s a powerful and uplifting movie, and the ending might make you cry. I didn’t. I just had something in my eye. For like, 5 minutes.

Where to watch: Netflix

It’s A Wonderful Life


I know. It’s a Christmas movie. But some movies transcend the seasons. And if you’re looking for an inspiring, joyful movie about a devoted family man realizing what life would be like without him that happens to star Jimmy Stewart, this should be in your top one.

Where to watch: Rent on Youtube


(Play It Again Dan)

Spanning three generations, this father-son drama involves learning lessons about what it means to be a son and a father after they are suddenly brought back into each other’s lives and spend time together. A stellar cast – Jack Lemmon, Ted Danson, and Ethan Hawke – give the poignant story real meaning and depth.

Where to watch: Rent on Youtube

Big Fish

(Now Very Bad)

Tim Burton can be an acquired taste but this might be his most accessible movie: it’s a captivating and heart-wrenching story of a son reconciling with his dying father, and trying to untangle fact from fiction after his father has told imaginative and fantasized stories about his life. A comedic and dramatic story about storytelling, it also intricately captures the impact your father has on you.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon


Die Hard 

(20th Century Fox)

What can we say about Die Hard that hasn’t already been said, agreed with, and then obnoxiously pivoted towards a conversation about the legitimacy of a Christmas movie? Exciting, endlessly quotable, a master course in movie pyrotechnics. Iconic in every regard. There’s a reason we say “it’s Die Hard in a ____” to describe other movies. And every dad knows that when you try to spend a little time with your kids during the holidays, mayhem follows. We feel you John McClane. 

Where to watch: Stream on HBO Max

Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade


All Indiana Jones movies could be classed as perfect Dad movies, and in some parts of the world, it’s probably illegal to say this is better than Raiders of the Lost Ark. So before I get arrested, this is better than Raiders of the Lost Ark. Not only because it is a perfect blend of escapism, adventure, and action (and comfortably the funniest Indy movie), the father-son rivalry between Harrison Ford and Sean Connery is pitch-perfect.

Where to watch: Netflix



Wolverine’s previous standalone movies were fairly underwhelming, but for Huge Jackman’s final outing as the clawed and flawed superhero, this was a resounding triumph. Logan, now elderly and weary, belatedly discovers his fatherly instincts as he must get Laura, a mutant child mercilessly pursued by scientists, to safety. Epic, brutal, and emotional, this was a perfect send-off. 

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon

No Escape


You know what to expect from an Owen Wilson movie: broad humor, a wonky nose, and Vince Vaughn. But not in this one: it slipped under the radar a little, which is a shame because it is a tense, fraught, and compelling action thriller about a man protecting his family during a violent uprising. “Wow” indeed.

Where to watch: Netflix


Catch Me If You Can


This is the fascinating and true tale of Frank Abagnale Jr., an incredible con artist (posing as a pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer), and the eager pursuit of him by the FBI agent played by Tom Hanks. All of Frank’s actions are motivated by his father, and the scenes with Christopher Walkin have genuine warmth. Frank’s relationship with the FBI agent, a classic game of cat and mouse, also evolves into something akin to father and son.

Where to watch: Netflix



I will look for you, I will find you and I will eat you. I was looking for a Twix but Liam Neeson copied my words when searching for his daughter after she was…well, taken. It’s a violent, unrelenting thriller, and it’s great to see a Dad doing anything for his family while being such a badass.

Where to watch: Starz


Return of the Jedi

Darth and Luke, Father Son

You’d have to have been frozen in carbonite not to have seen this movie but it rewards endless re-watches. It’s got the lot: Han and Leia reunited, Ewoks, Luke defeating the emperor, Darth finally taking his mask off just as we put ours on. And the final triumphant victory over the dark side, all while you sit on the couch like Jabba The Hut. Perfect.

Where to Watch: Disney+



Talk about Chis Nolan movies, and you think of ambitious themes, mind-bending plots, audacious action, and Michael Caine. And this one is no different, except at its heart, it’s all about fatherhood. Matthew McConaughey’s character’s relationship with his daughter involves exploring themes about fatherly sacrifice and a fear of disappointing his children.

And without getting too technical, there’s lots of cool space stuff too.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon

About Time


I would guess if you’re thinking about a time travel movie about parents, the obvious choice would be Back To The Future. This smaller, personal story though is a nice tribute to fatherhood, as a dad tells his son he can Quantum Leap to any point in his own lifetime. This is a different and interesting movie about family and love. And if that’s not enough, it’s got Bill Nighy in it too.

Where to watch: Netflix


The Natural

(Movie House Memories)

Robert Redford and Robert Duvall are the leads. Go and watch it. What, you need more? Glenn Close and Kim Basinger. Still need more? Wow ok. Of all the sports, baseball is perhaps the one that best translates to the big screen. It somehow captures all the drama, the tension, and the magic. This is a perfect example: it’s actually a fantasy movie, a fairy tale even, when an unknown batter with a mysterious past appears out of nowhere and transforms the fortunes of a 1930s baseball team. Now go and watch it.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

He Got Game

(Buena Vista)

Seriously under-appreciated sports flick. Denzel stars as Jake Shuttlesworth, a convicted murderer who’s offered a reduced prison sentence if he can convince his son Jesus (NBA all-star Ray Allen) to play basketball for the governor’s alma mater. It’s riveting stuff, and you’ll be positively floored by how good of an actor Ray Allen is.

Where to watch: Buy or rent on Amazon

The Sandlot


A timeless coming of age story about friends, childhood, the biggest dog in the world, and baseball. And if you ever wondered why your dad says “you’re killing me, smalls”, now it will all make sense.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon


(Golf Digest)

Funny, silly, entertaining. Not only the job description of a dad, but a good summary of this movie. Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, and a devilish gopher make this the funniest golf movie since….well, ever.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon




Based on the 1950s TV show, this features Mel Gibson as the charming, handsome, and sly Maverick. While there is drama, tension, and twists, it’s much more of a comedy than a western, and an incredibly entertaining one too. A perfect escape movie.

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon

Hell Or High Water

(EU Citizen Times)

I could tell you this is about a divorced father and his ex-con older brother resorting to robbing a bank in order to save their family’s ranch in West Texas. I could tell you it’s gritty, funny, and entertaining, with a great plot and characters. Or I could just say it’s a western/crime drama with Jeff Bridges. That’s all you should need to know.

Where to watch: Netflix


The Shining 

(Warner Bros)

Probably the last film you want to watch while self-isolating, but a classic worth revisiting nonetheless. Brilliantly crafted and scary as hell. Especially for Jack Torrance’s kid. We’ll also recommend seeking out any and all behind the scenes footage, which is often as intense as the movie itself.

Where to watch: Buy or rent on Amazon


(The Dissolve)

I know. You’ve seen it a hundred times. It doesn’t matter; it’s one of the few movies that never loses its magic however many times you watch it. Roy Schneider’s Brody is the sheriff, the devoted dad, and the heart of this movie, and watching him hunt down that shark remains as thrilling and triumphant as ever.  

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

The Omen

(Den Of Geek)

If you want something dark and unsettling on father’s day, may I just ask: why? But anyway if you do, this is a perfect choice. Many fathers might occasionally think their son is the devil, but in Gregory Peck’s case, he was right. Watch out for church spires and sheets of glass. 

Where to watch: Behind the couch or Starz



Television blaring, a child screaming, furniture destroyed, a general atmosphere of dread, and a whispered voice saying “they’re here”. But enough about my kid’s birthday party, this movie centers around a family home invaded by an evil spirit who drags the daughter into another dimension. It’s a horror classic; intense, engaging, and particularly horrifying for Dads, as the family has to leave the TV on even though no one is watching it. 

Where to watch: Rent on Amazon

Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare


Surprisingly, Wes Craven didn’t direct any of the Nightmare of Elm Street sequels before returning for this one, and it was a welcome and much-needed return to form. Admittedly, it is pretty crazy and silly, but when you’re watching a burned dream-haunting demon with a knifed glove and a fedora, you can’t really complain about realism. It’s fun and inventive, and an entertaining finale to an iconic series.

Where to Watch: Shudder


(Lions Gate)

One of the most underrated horror movies this side of the millennium. Bill Paxton (rest in peace!) directs and stars in this bone-chilling tale of a single dad who thinks he’s been commanded by God to kill demons masquerading as humans. It’s every bit as harrowing as its premise leads you to believe. A definite must-see for fans of psychological thrillers.

Where to watch: Buy or rent on Amazon

Expectant Dads

Nine Months

(The Movie DB)

After the success of 4 Weddings and a Funeral, Hugh Grant’s next movie choice was perhaps a surprising one. Although, while it’s not a classic, it’s a funny and heartwarming rom-com. A superb cast turns this into a light-hearted and feel-good movie about the worries of becoming a father. Plus, Robin Williams. Need we say more? 

Where to watch: Amazon Prime



No, don’t worry, this isn’t a biography of George W. Bush. Instead, the premise sounds like the result of a long drinking session – imagine if the Terminator was pregnant? But, if you’re prepared to suspend reality for a couple of hours, it actually works well – Schwarzenegger isn’t really suited to comedy but this is his best attempt, and sometimes the more ridiculous the plot and premise, the better. Emma Thompson and Danny De Vito provide excellent support to make it undemanding and feel-good fun.

Where to watch: Starz

She’s Having a Baby

(Fan Pix)

A lesser-known John Hughes movie; after his exploration of teenage life, this is his ode to “growing up”, about a young newlywed couple adjusting to deal with marriage and parenthood. In particular, it focuses on Kevin Bacon as he gradually adapts to becoming a responsible family man. It has funny moments and it is a sweet, sometimes sad, and charming tale.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

Knocked Up

(Romcom Addict)

Ok not one to watch with younger kids but this raucous funny movie, with a superb supporting cast (watch out for the red-eye!), has heart and warmth too, dealing with the fears and worries we all share when expecting our first child. The drive home from the hospital at less than 10 mph really hits home too!

Where to watch: Netflix


(Hollywood Reporter)

This coming of age comedy-drama attracted huge acclaim on its release and with good reason; dealing with an unplanned teenage pregnancy with humor, realism, and nuance. Ellen Page is expertly cast as the independently-minded mother-to-be, while Micheal Cera’s natural awkwardness has never found a better home. Add Jennifer Garner and the consistently excellent Jason Bateman, and you have a refreshingly honest, smart, and entertaining story.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime

GoT Prequel ‘House of the Dragon’ Is Set to Begin Production

GoT Prequel Starts Filming

HBO is sitting pretty right now. Sure, some of their shows have been delayed due to COVID (come back, Succession!), but with the launch of HBO Max and the news that 2021 will be filled with movie premieres – from Wonder Woman to Dune to The Matrix 4 and more – they shouldn’t be wanting for new content.

And then there’s this: more Game of Thrones is coming.

Maybe not in 2021, but soon, especially now that we know the much-anticipated prequel is ready to begin in production!

Yesterday, the official Game of Thrones Twitter account tweeted out the news that House of the Dragon, the Westeros set prequel that takes place centuries before the original series and focuses on the reign of the Targaryen family, will actually get rolling in 2021.

Not much is known about the show yet – we’ve covered the tidbits here and there, including some casting calls that gave hints about potential characters – but anyone who’s read George R.R. Martin’s books knows that there’s plenty of exciting material to mine.

We do know that Paddy Considine (Hot Fuzz, The Bourne Ultimatum, recently seen on HBO’s limited series The Third Day and The Outsider) landed the lead role of King Viserys I, the father of Rhaenyra and Aegon II and the ruler of House Targaryen some 300 years before Daenerys arrived.

He’s described as “a warm, kind, and decent man” who “only wishes to carry forward his grandfather’s legacy.” As we know, “good men do not necessarily make for great kings.” Just ask Ned Stark.

Shooting should begin very soon. Pray to the gods that we get this show before the end of 2021!

12 Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week 12/04/20

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week 12/04/20
(Getty/sarahwolfephotography Twitter/simoncholland)

COVID or not, the festive season is upon us. The temperature’s dropping, tiny lights brighten even the darkest streets, and honestly, it feels good. As with any event involving gifts and/or sweets, kids pick up the scent like a bloodhound hot on the tail of their prey. They’re amped up, as they should be. Despite the countless curveballs this year has thrown, the holidays are a time for celebration – not even a pandemic is getting in the way of that. Fortunately, the parents of Twitter are here once again with their most hilarious takes to dampen the pre-holiday stress, and we’ve rounded up 12 of our favorites just for you.


Just imagining it did the trick

We’re hovering around 10% festive

It’s a beautiful thing

At least once they’re asleep, it’ll be a good 3-4 hours before they need a glass of water

Progress is progress

Well why did you tell her if she already knew

There’s no coming back from that

Wise beyond their years

To be fair, this would also work on me

The hunter and its prey

Works every time

Peppa is over 7 ft tall, that’s honestly incredible

Did you miss last week’s funniest parenting tweets?

Father Figures: Daddy Snuggles

“I’m an ER Nurse… my job is exhausting most times.

My patients show up on the worst day of their life, sometimes it is the beginning of one’s life and the end of another’s. Sometimes I worry that when I’m at work, my son Keagan isn’t getting enough nurturing, enough snuggles.

I’m upset that I miss bedtime, our snuggle time, but then, I log in to the Nest cam when I have a minute at work and see this… my son deserves snuggle time from his daddy too… it makes work a bit easier knowing he gets this no matter who puts him to bed.

My husband is a US Marine. He literally gives 100% at work and for his country, and 100% at home to his family and me. There will never be enough words, enough thank you’s from me to him.

I’m lucky, I’m grateful, and I’m happy… even when he drives me nuts!”

– Ainne McAllister

Want to share a story about fatherhood? Email [email protected]

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Donate $500,000 To Help at-Risk Youth in Canada

Ryan and Blake Donate

We’ll never grow tired of watching celebrities use their fame and fortune for good. If there’s anyone who’s fully embodied the spirit of giving back, it’s Deadpool star and all-around sweetheart, Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds is generous with his financial donations, and his generosity with his time further demonstrates his compassion for others. Reynolds uses his privileged position to brighten the lives of his fans, his crew, and anyone lucky enough to cross his path.

This time, giving back is a family affair for Ryan Reynolds and his wife of eight years, Blake Lively. Canadian-born Reynolds has always had a soft spot for his home country, supporting a number of Canadian charities over the years. Most recently, Reynolds and Lively made a generous donation to Covenant House, an organization that supports homeless, at-risk, and trafficked youth. In total, the couple donated $500,000 to the incredible organization – $250,000 to Covenant House Vancouver, and $250,000 to the center’s Toronto location.

“Ryan and Blake truly understand that young people who are facing homelessness deserve unconditional love and absolute respect,” Krista Thompson, CEO of Covenant House Vancouver said in a press release. “Their generous donation and compassionate support mean so much to Covenant House and we are truly grateful for their continued friendship. Just like Ryan and Blake, we hope this gift highlights the value of each and every youth; and inspires others to open their hearts to those struggling with the crisis of homelessness.”

In normal times, the work Covenant House does is extremely taxing. Taking in youth who have fled unsafe situations, who often come in with severe trauma, is a monumental feat. Without safe havens like Covenant House, those who walk through their doors would have little chance at the security and support it takes to recover from their trauma. Reynolds and Lively encourage others to donate as well, and an Instagram post by the organization explains that donations will be matched through the month of December.

According to the Covenant House website, the services they provide are extensive. While Covenant House operates as a crisis shelter with transitional housing, they also provide counseling, health care, education, job training, and so much more to 16-24-year-olds regardless of their backgrounds. Ultimately, Covenant House provides every individual they serve with a much-needed sense of security, and perhaps more importantly, a sense of hope.

“They do the work of heroes,” Reynolds said. “For us, helping Covenant House this way isn’t a donation, but an investment in compassion and empathy; something the world needs more of. The young people who pass through the doors of Covenant House more often than not have a story marked by extraordinary trauma. They are so much more than that trauma. They have so much to offer the world. Matching this gift is saying you believe in them. You believe in the power of compassion to transform the trajectory of a human being.”

Every 2021 Warner Bros Movie Will Hit Theaters and HBO Max on the Same Day

The Matrix 4 What We Know So Far
(Warner Bros)

It seems the tide has finally turned.

After a year of trying to figure out what to do with their blockbusters during the pandemic, which resulted in a mixed bag of approaches from various studios, including some movies being released into theaters, some movies being available on streaming for a fee, and many movies being pushed to 2021, Wonder Woman changed everything.

Last month, Warner Bros made the decision to release Wonder Woman to both theaters and HBO Max on the same day, and apparently, they’ve decided to move forward with that approach for every other movie they’re releasing in 2021.

This means that Dune, Matrix 4, and everything else on their 2021 slate (which, as of now, includes “The Little Things,” “Judas and the Black Messiah,” “Tom & Jerry,” “Godzilla vs. Kong,” “Mortal Kombat,” “Those Who Wish Me Dead,” “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It,” “In The Heights,” “Space Jam: A New Legacy,” “The Suicide Squad,” “Reminiscence,” “Malignant,” “The Many Saints of Newark,” “King Richard,” and “Cry Macho”) will hit theaters and HBO Max on the day of their release. No specific release dates have been made available as of yet.

“We’re living in unprecedented times which call for creative solutions, including this new initiative for the Warner Bros. Pictures Group,” WarnerMedia Chair and CEO Ann Sarnoff said in a statement statement “No one wants films back on the big screen more than we do. We know new content is the lifeblood of theatrical exhibition, but we have to balance this with the reality that most theaters in the U.S. will likely operate at reduced capacity throughout 2021.”

This news is a double-edged sword for movie fans. On one hand, it will be amazing, convenient, and cheap to have access to these films in their living rooms, especially for those who already have an HBO Max subscription. On the other hand, this is terrible news for those who enjoy the movie theater experience, – especially for huge superhero movies like Wonder Woman 1984 and The Suicide Squad, and big sci-fi action flicks like the Matrix sequel and Dune – as it’s likely to further reduce revenue for an industry that has already been flattened by the pandemic.

They’re trying to spin this as good news for theaters, which, if they’re even open in 2021, may face audiences reluctant to gather inside them.

“With this unique one-year plan, we can support our partners in exhibition with a steady pipeline of world-class films, while also giving moviegoers who may not have access to theaters or aren’t quite ready to go back to the movies the chance to see our amazing 2021 films,” Sarnoff continued. “We see it as a win-win for film lovers and exhibitors, and we’re extremely grateful to our filmmaking partners for working with us on this innovative response to these circumstances.”

So far this hybrid model is exclusive to Warner Bros; no word on whether other studios will do something similar (not every studio has its own streaming service). 2021 is going to be an interesting year for movies, and could well set the course for a future of in-home entertainment from which the multiplex experience never recovers. But as 2020 has shown us, life is unpredictable.

At least we’ll have some exciting movies to watch while we wait to see how it shakes out.

The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Make Their Fortnite Debut in Season 5

Mandalorian and Baby Yoda Fortnite
(Epic Games)

Fortnite’s Chapter 2: Season 5 kicked off this week and with it has arrived one of the most beloved bounty hunter dads in the galaxy.  Sorry, no, it’s not ‘Jeans Guy’ (but maybe he’ll show up at some point).

Disney +’s insanely popular The Mandalorian made his debut and he looks very slick.  The good news is you’ll unlock him immediately with the purchase of the new Zero Point Battle Pass.  The bad news is if you want to unlock The Child (aka Baby Yoda) to follow you around, you’re going to have to hit level 100 in the Battle Pass.  That’s gonna take some time.

With this new bounty hunter themed Fortnite season, there comes an additional six original characters to unlock in the Battle Pass, new areas to explore on the island, weapons to use (like Mandos Sniper Rifle), and quests and bounties to complete for rewards.

My kids and I go through Fortnite “phases” where certain seasons of the game hold our attention while others don’t, but so far we’re having a blast with this new one.  The squad is back together, we’re working on our first Season 5 Victory Royale, and things are looking promising.  If it doesn’t hold their attention for as long as it takes me to unlock that adorable little Yoda lookalike though, well, I’m just gonna have to fly solo as Mando does.  This is the way.

You can download it here and if don’t want to fly solo, definitely be sure to check out The Dad Gaming and The Dad Gaming – Fortnite on Facebook to join up with others!

Just a heads up, if you buy stuff using the provided links, The Dad may collect a small commission.

Forget the Monolith, Germany’s 7-Foot Woody Has Vanished

Germany's Penis is Missing
(Getty/picture alliance)

2020 is the gift that keeps on giving… and taking away.

We had murder hornets until we didn’t (seriously, when was the last time someone mentioned them?). We had a parallel universe until we didn’t. We even had a mysterious monolith, until we didn’t.

Today we bring you news of a disappearing monolith of another kind, and hopefully, this one won’t be coming (back) anytime soon.

Fresh on the heels of the silver monolith showing up in Utah, then vanishing, only for a similar one to appear in Romania, and then California, a different erection has made the news. This one was in Germany.

Four years ago, someone inexplicably planted a 6-foot wooden penis on Grünten Mountain in Bavaria, Germany. It became a landmark for tourists and hikers and perverts (probably?); it even appeared on Google Maps! At least it did, until earlier this week when it vanished.

According to the German paper, Allgäuer Zeitung police are attempting to locate the lost erection.

This isn’t the first time there have been shenanigans with the shaft; apparently, it was knocked over back in November, but maybe it had just gotten old and tired.

Many think the enormous wang was placed there as a prank by college students, but what was once a funny joke has now become an actual beloved photo opportunity, and everyone wants it back.

May I suggest sprinkling some Viagra on the ground?

A Third Monolith Appears in California

California Monolith

It’s baaa-aaack!

For the past week or so, many of us have been captivated by the saga of the silver monolith. It first appeared in Utah, this strange silver structure that was just sticking out of the ground. People hardly had a chance to compare it to the black monolith in Kubrick’s sci-fi classic 2001 before it suddenly disappeared. (The New York Times learned that some guys just took it down, though it seems like they were not involved in erecting it.)

Then, it suddenly reappeared. At least, a monolith just like it did, emerging on a hillside in Romania.

Speculation was rampant. Was it an art installation? An alien message? A prank like the giant woody in Germany? No one came forward to admit it was a Banksy-style guerilla art project, and no UFOs descended to claim ownership of this strange piece of metal.

And now there’s a third monolith. This time, in California!

A hiker on Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California stumbled upon it on Wednesday morning. It’s ten-feet tall and looks just like the other two: stainless steel, about 10 feet tall. Also, like the other two, there are no clues as to who or what put it there.

Unlike the other two, this one is merely standing on the ground, as opposed to being dug into it, according to Atascadero News perhaps the aliens were interrupted before they could finish installing it.

The world will be watching to see if – and when? – this one disappears, and we’ll all be waiting to see if we get an explanation for these bizarre monoliths that are sprouting up across the globe.

One cynical tweeter already has a guess:

I’m not sure if I’d be annoyed or relieved to learn this is all promotion for 2001 Part 3: The Monolith’s Revenge!

The Dad Of The Month, November 2020: John Kay

(Photos courtesy of Heather Kay)

We are honored to announce The Dad of the Month for November 2020: John Kay. Since becoming a dad, John has exhibited a tangible excitement for fatherhood and a willingness to go above and beyond, even during a worldwide pandemic. His wife, Heather, couldn’t help gushing about him in her nomination:

“A good dad is hard to come by – John is the glue that holds it all together. He’s a one-of-a-kind dad. He was born for this. He embodies what every young boy needs in a father.

“We have a 2.5-year-old son named Hudson, who, thanks to his Dada, knows how to use mustard as a binder for meats when they BBQ on the Traeger. Hudson loves to read along to the book ‘Your Baby’s First Word Will Be Dada’ by Jimmy Fallon thanks to John’s wonderful impressions of animals! (Hudson’s dad also does a very good impression of Grover from Sesame Street.)

“John has worked throughout the pandemic. He manages transportation services and has been essential on the front lines, ensuring the public gets the goods they need. He comes home every day to help around the house, help with dinner, or pick up anything that’s needed. He volunteers to bathe our son every night and read him goodnight stories.

“He’s also a wrestling coach for a local high school and has taught our young son how to wrestle – he’s very good at it! The day we brought Hudson home from the hospital, John put pool noodles around every single hard surface in our home to make sure our new baby was totally safe! Looking back, it’s funny because now they wrestle and play WWE all the time!

“John has taken Hudson to every sporting event (pre-covid) and has also waited in lines for VIP meet and greets so that our son can meet famous hockey and baseball players! He’s is a wonderful dad and does it all with a smile on his face. He’s an excellent role model for our son and I am forever grateful that Hudson gets to have such an awesome father like John!”

To honor John and exuberance for fatherhood despite an incredibly difficult year, we’re giving him $500 and some special edition dad gear. John’s unfailing optimism, creativity, and excitement for life are exceptional attributes that we should all strive for. Cheers!

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